Dust motes slowly revolved in their own little world above her in shafts of light from the open window. As she opened her eyes for the first time that morning, everything seemed a little hazy. But then it all shifted into view. She was in her room…Still.

With a sigh she rolled out of bed and stumbled to the window. After taking a few breaths of fresh air, she closed the window firmly and drew the white gauzy curtains.

She made her way out of her deep purple room to the bathroom, towels in hand. Reaching the bathroom at the end of the hallway, she shut the door just as one of her brothers came racing down the hall for it.

"My bathroom now. Stay out." She said bluntly."But-" The typical whine came from the other side of the door."Do your face paints later you childhood reject." She snapped impatiently, turning the shower on and stripping off, before slowly relaxing into the soothing warmth of the shower.

She spent a good fifteen minutes in there before she came out wrapped in her soft purple towels. He brother had disappeared. She frowned as she made her way to her room. Someone was watching her.

"Rude child." She muttered, knowing full well the watcher would hear her, slamming her bedroom door as she went inside.


She was ready. Well, almost. Turning about in her room, she slipped a twenty pound note into her bra and made sure her keys were in her pocket, before flipping open her phone to read her new text.

'Bitch, if ur not at the g8s in the nxt 5 mins, I will seriously have to mke sure tht u punch a pig in the face at least once 2day.

Much Love,


She grinned and made her way out of the door.

"Guys. We're on our way. Let's go." A voice said from in front of her as she shut the house door. She smiled at the red headed boy who stood a little ways in front of her, his arms folded.

"Uhh, Gaara…Where's Kankuro?" She asked, looking around impatiently. "BITCH. YOU LOCKED ME IN THE HOUSE. OPEN THE DOOR NOW YOU SAND-WITCH." A voice yelled from the inside of the house behind them. Her eye twitched.

"Just because I made you lunch…does not mean… I'm a sand-witch." She growled.


"That does it." Temari said suddenly, opening the door wide. She grabbed the arm of her brother and threw him down the steps leading to their house. She quickly re-locked the house as Kankuro lay there groaning on the concrete. He looked up groggily and suddenly yelped as she came towards him and put a hand on his ankle.

"What the-" He muttered. Temari seemed more aggravated than usual. Great.

"I'll DRAG you until you admit that I am NOT a sand-witch." She said angrily.

"But you ARE a-" He started to say something, but he saw a sudden darkness cloud over in her eyes, and he quickly back-pedalled.

"No, no, NO. You are SOOO not a sand-witch. I mean, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Tsch, sand-witch. What does it even mean? It's probably not in the di-"

"Shut up. Let's get moving." Gaara's voice suddenly cut through Kankuro's ramblings.

"Uhh…You can let go of my ankle now." Kankuro said cautiously, looking up at his sister as he shielded his eyes from the sun with one hand. Temari looked down at him in contempt and abruptly dropped his ankle, which landed on the floor with a painful thud.

"OW. Son of a bitch." Kankuro yelled as he clutched his ankle with a hiss.

"Kankuro. Move it." Gaara said, unfolding his arms as he and Temari walked off in the direction of their school. Kankuro stood up and ran over to join them, making an effort not to limp slightly.

"Tsch. I hate school anyway, it's a waste of time. They didn't even get the name right. We should all wear badges on the first day saying : 'Welcome to Konoha Hell High.'" Kankuro said with a humourless laugh.

Why humourless you ask?
Because it's pretty much true.

Ok, sorry. But I ALWAYS do a prologue. They're fun. =)

So yeah, I did a pick out of the hat on some new ideas, and this was the one that came up.

Anyway, the first FIVE chapters are coming soon. ;)

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