Lauren & Puck

This story was written by me and utahgirl91. The mistakes are ours, and we hope you enjoy it.

All the kids in Glee club could not believe that Lauren Zizes was the one to make the wild child, woman chasing Noah Puckerman settle down. They have been a couple for 6 months now and that shocked everyone. Rachel & Sam have been together for 4 months, Blaine and Kurt were going on their 9th month and Brittney, Santana and Artie have been together for 3 months. You would think that those three would be the one to shock everyone but no it had to be Puck & Lauren. No one really saw what Puck wanted with the wrestler, but they knew that she was good for him.

It was the last month of school when things started to change for Lauren and Puck. It also happens to be a week before Puck's 18th birthday. She started feeling sick and was moody, scared and really agitated. She and Rachel had become best of friends when she started dating Puck. Well on the Saturday before Puck's birthday Lauren called Rachel and told her to come over. Rachel came over as fast as she could. Lauren's mom told her to go up stairs to Lauren's room. When she got there she saw Lauren sitting on the bed holding a pregnancy test, and she was crying. "Are you?" Rachel looked at Lauren. "Yes." she cried. Lauren cell went off again. She couldn't answer it. Rachel picked it up and saw that there 10 missed calls. Lauren, you need to talk to him." Rachel said. "Not right now, later. I'll tell him later." Lauren started crying again. And Rachel just went over to Lauren and held her.

Next day at glee, Lauren and Rachel walked in together. No boyfriends by their side, which everyone thought was a little strange? "I don't want to talk about it." Lauren said. As soon as she said that Puck walked in. "Babe, what's wrong? I've been calling you all weekend." Puck said walking up to Lauren. He was really confused and worried. "Don't come near me, Puckerman. I'm not in a good mood." Lauren said. Quinn saw this reaction, and her mouth dropped. She did a loud gasp and everyone looked at her. Lauren knew that she knew. And gave her a look. "What?" Quinn said. Trying to hide the gasp. Everyone ignored her. "Come on, Lauren you know you can tell me anything." Lauren shook her head. "I said not right now! Geez! Leave me alone." And Lauren walked off crying. Puck just stood there in complete shock. Not knowing what to do, they all looked at Rachel and was hoping that she would be the one to tell them what was going with their quiet wrestler that only talked when she had to. She shook her head no and walked out the door followed by Quinn. Quinn knew what the problem was and she also knew that Lauren was going to need more friends then she already had.

Lauren couldn't believe she just yelled at Puck in front of everyone. Now she is crying in the girl's bathroom. Her emotions are up and down and she just can't handle it anymore. "Lauren?" Is that Quinn? "What could she possibly want, thought Lauren."

"Lauren, please come out. Let's talk." Quinn said. "I'm fine! I just want to be alone." Lauren said. "No, you're not. You need to talk to someone." Quinn said. Knowing full well what she is going through. "Fine." She opened the bathroom stall, and there was Quinn and Rachel and they were standing there looking down at her with a sad expression written all over their faces.

"See? I'm fine!" Lauren said. Rachel silently laughed. "Why are you laughing at me? I thought you were my friend?" Lauren said looking down.

Rachel didn't mean to upset her so she quietly said, "Lauren. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset." Lauren just smiled. "You're pregnant? Aren't you Lauren?" Quinn said. Lauren just nodded. "Please, tell Puck. It'll kill him if he doesn't know." Quinn said. "I can't. Not yet. I can't tell Noah now." Lauren said then she heard him coming into the bathroom. Not caring that the sign said girls. "Tell me what?" Puck said looking at his girlfriend, who is on the bathroom floor crying silently.

Quinn and Rachel just looked at each other. "Umm.. To tell you that she is sick and that she needs to go home." Rachel said. Quinn just nodded.

"Okay? Wait. Quinn why are you in here?" Puck was really confused. "Can't I just be nice and help out a friend, who needs more friends then she thinks she does?" Quinn said staring at Lauren and she just looked away. "Okay. I want to know what's up and I want to know right this minute!" Puck said looking at his girlfriend. "Please, baby. Tell me what's wrong?

You've been like this all weekend. I'm starting to worry." Puck said kneeling down on the cold bathroom floor. "Not here. Not now. I'll tell you soon." Puck just nodded. He helped his girlfriend up and wiped away her tears. He hugged her tight and kissed her slightly on the forehead. He walked her to class and for the rest of the day, he watched her closely to make sure that she was doing ok.

Later that night... (Lauren's house)

"Noah, sit down please." Lauren said. She was watching her boyfriend playing guitar hero. When she couldn't take the secrecy any longer she sat down by him. "Okay and sat by her and he took her hand."I have to tell you something. I am scared how you will react to what I am about to say. Please don't freak out." Lauren said. Puck remembers those exact words. Quinn had said those same words before she told him she was pregnant. His mouth just dropped, and he scooted away from her. Not realizing that he did. She started to cry. "I'm sorry. I'm pregnant, and well it's-it's- yours. I'm so sorry." Lauren said, sobbing into her hands. Puck just looked at the girl in front of him, she was crying uncontrollably and all he wanted to do was hold her. And comfort her and his heart was breaking because she thought he would be mad at her.

"It's okay baby, I'm here for you and I will be here every step of the way." Puck said taking her into his arms. Lauren just looked up at him and she softly smiled at him. "You don't have to be. I'm fine by myself. I can take care of myself and our baby." Lauren said getting her old self back. "But I want to be." Puck said. Lauren just shook her head. "I'm sorry. This was my mistake. So I need to fix it." Lauren said shaking her head. "No, baby this was both of our mistakes but now it is our miracle. It takes two people to make a baby last time I checked. And I am going to be there for you, whether you like it or not." Puck said holding her close. "Okay." Lauren said. She then started crying into his shoulder. "I want to keep it." Lauren said. "I just can't stand losing a child and if anything happens to this baby, I would be lost." Lauren was looking up into Puck's beautiful soulful eyes, and she could see them shimmer with hope. She knew that she said the right words to him. They sat there together for a few moments before he said, "we need to tell our parents". Lauren looked at him like he had lost his mind but deep down she knew he was right. It was around eleven when Puck left Lauren's house and he was smiling down deep inside. He would finally get his chance to prove to everyone that he would and could be an awesome dad. He knew what he had to do to make that happen and when he stepped into his house smiling, his mom saw the smile on his face and she just shook her head. She knew that he was love and she was very happy for him. Puck walked up to his mom and hugged her tight and before letting go he whispered, "night Mom" and kissed her on the head and walked up the stairs to his room. Once in his room he looked around it and made plans in his head to clean it this weekend after his party. He changed into his pjs and climbed into bed and took his cell and sent a text to Lauren.

Puck: Good night my angel and baby.

Once Lauren got the text she smiled at it and shook her head. She couldn't stop the feeling she had when she got a message from him.
She sent one back, saying good night and that they loved him and will see him at school tomorrow. She knew that after school she would have to go and pick his present up from the store. She got him something that she hoped he would love.

The next morning at her locker Puck was there with a hot chocolate and a killer smile for her. He kissed her cheek and whispered, "I love you both". That got her to smile and she took the cup from him and he took her bag, and they walked hand and hand down to the choir room. They walked into the choir room and everyone looked at them smiling. They were glad that the couple was back to normal or what normal is for them.

Santana, "everything ok with you two?" (smiling)

Puck looked at Lauren and she nodded her head. He made sure she was sitting down before he walked to the front of the room. He looked at Mr. Shue and asked if he could say something.

Mr. Shue, "go ahead Puck"

Puck," Lauren and I are having a baby. She doesn't want anyone to know yet. She is also quitting the wrestling team for now. We all want you to respect what she wants."
Finn, "how can you be such a dick" (pissed off)