HOME Part 7

"You can't be serious? Right?" I said rather calmly, even though I was yelling inside. "Yes, I am." I was shaking my head violently at this point. What a hypocrite? I thought to myself. "Dad!" I yelled suddenly I heard more footsteps coming up the stairs. "Noah stay downstairs!" I said. "Not a chance." I heard him by the door. My Dad suddenly looked at Noah. "Son, I suggest you go home." Noah shakes his head. "Fine, but don't speak." He just nods. " Mom wants me out!" I said staring at my Dad. "Now, Susan don't you think that's a little harsh?" My Father said. "No. She needs to learn, if she continues dating this, this." She starts to stutter. "Boy! She can no longer live under our roof." My Father starts nodding. "You agree! I thought you approved of us? You guys are such hypocrites!" I started to scream. "Lauren, I wouldn't go that far. And wait? What do you mean about- STEVE! You told!" My Dad was laughing at this point. Probably bringing back some memories that he enjoyed very much "Yes I did! I thought she had the right to know. If you want her out, fine. But just so you know your parents stayed with us." My Father said while he was walking out the door from my room. "I still want you out." My mom said and started for the door. "If you ever hurt my baby girl I will come and find you." My mom said. I just dropped my mouth. "Like you just hurt her? Never!" Noah said I just smiled. Man, I love him. I knew that the baby and I would be safe and loved by him and that made me smile the biggest smile, I have smiled in a long time.

I started throwing my clothes on top of my bed, and getting suitcases. "Babe, let's not worry. We've got the whole GLEE club behind us and your dad is there for us." Noah said. I started to cry. He came over and just held me and while I cried on his shoulder. "I love you, now I have some money saved up enough for an apartment. I was planning on getting out of Lima and I." I started shaking my head. "No! We are not using that money. I have money. I'll go find my own place." I said I started to pack. "We are doing this together. That's it." Noah said while helping me pack.

We finally finished packing. It started to get dark outside and Noah was holding my suitcases, full of clothes. And I've got all the stuff I wanted to keep. My parents were in the living room. "Bye Dad" I said giving him a hug, not even looking at my Mom. I started for the door. "Honey, wait. I love you and I" I started shaking my head. "No mom, you really don't Love me. Or else you wouldn't be kicking me out." My final words to my mom and I went out the door.

We got into Noah's Truck. He started to back out the driveway, while I just stared out the window. We drove for what seemed like an eternity. Rachel knew what was going on, so I'm staying at her place. Half way there I started crying. Noah pulled the truck over. "Babe, it's okay. We're going to be fine.

I love you so much." He said while pulling me into a hug. "I love you too." I said when I was capable of doing so.

For what seemed like an eternity we finally got to Rachel's house. Puck got my bags, and helped me to the door. I quietly knocked on the Berry's door. Their stood one of Rachel's fathers and I think his name was Hyrum. "Lauren, please come in you too Noah." Hyrum said with a little hint of protectiveness. I just smiled. "Thank you for letting me stay here, until I find a place." I said quickly. "It's no problem. And you don't need to find another place. You are like another daughter to us, and you can stay here as long as you'd like." Hyrum said. "Thank you." Was all

I can come up with. Suddenly I heard Rachel coming down the stairs. "Lauren!"

She screamed. I just laughed. Puck was laughing too. "Hello, Noah. Thanks for bringing her here." Rachel said with the same protective tone. "I'm not going to leave her!" Puck said with a frustrating tone. "Or hurt her for the matter, why is everyone thinking that?" Puck said I just put my arm around him and that seemed to calm him down a little bit. "It's not that we don't trust you Noah. It's just," Hyrum started to talk. "You think I'm like my dad? I'm not I can be a good father." Puck was starting to have a mental breakdown. "Honey, shh.. I know you won't leave me or hurt me. You love me too much to do that. Just because your dad walked out on you doesn't mean you will do it to our boy." Everyone's eyes went huge. Rachel looked at me with a huge smile and said, "You're having a boy." I nodded.

"Correction, WE'RE having a boy. I found out two days ago." Everyone started to get all excited. Rachel, planning a baby shower already in her head. Her dad's getting all nervous and it showed but that didn't bother Lauren or Puck. While Noah and I, just sat there in silence and stared into each other's eyes. Noah knew that he wasn't going to let her stay there long. He already had a plan running through his mind. He knew that he was doing what he thought was best for his family and that made him smile. Lauren saw that smile and she knew that he was up to something and she just let him be. She knew that he was going to do the right thing and make sure they were safe and happy. Puck stayed there hanging with Lauren and Rachel for two hours before he kissed Lauren and told her that he loved them both and that he would see them tomorrow. Lauren then realized that she didn't give him his other birthday present. She knew that he would love it and so she waited for him to leave before she called her dad and asked him to bring it to her at Rachel's. Twenty minutes later her dad showed up carrying a guitar case that was in midnight blue and she smiled. She knew that Noah was going to love it. She stood there in front of her dad for a few seconds before he pulled her into his arms and whispered, "it will be ok."

Lauren, 'How can it be ok?"

Steve, " I have a surprise that I want to give you and Noah tomorrow. Meet me at two and I will tell you both"

Lauren watched as her dad left and she had this feeling that things were finally looking up. She sat Noah's gift down in Rachel's room and looked at Rachel and said, "thank you for being my best friend and letting me stay here"
Rachel, " I am glad that we are friends also and I am glad that you are staying here with me also. Now lets talk about the baby shower and what you want at it.

That lasted until Lauren fell asleep and Rachel smiled at her friend before she too went to sleep. Rachel knew that she would always help her friends in any way that she could and she was a little sorry how she treated Noah and she would apologize to him first thing when she saw him.