Summary: A drabble about one of the best friendships on the NX-01 Enterprise. I know, I could elaborate by A LOT. But I've only got 100 words, as per definition of a simple drabble.

Spoilers: Coda "Shuttlepod One"

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek.


One black sheep in a flock of white sheep. That is how he is used to seeing himself in comparison to others. Yes, he knows that he is human, that he is similar to others in desires, hopes, love, comfort, happiness. But he cannot bring himself to share those things with others. At least, most others.

Some have pierced the armour he has painstakingly created. How on Earth he ever found such a friend in Trip is beyond him. They are complete opposites, which often leads to arguments. But it does not matter. Trip Tucker is Malcolm Reed's best friend.