A/N: Let's pretend the baseball run in with James was not before spring break but just around the end of Bella's junior year. Bella did the stunt for Charlie and fled to Phoenix. James lured her to the ballet studio and bit her, Edward saved her and sucked the venom out. This is when she wakes up after the event at the ballet studio. Ok? Read on then

A/N: Oh yeah, not mine I swear.


I was warm. Too warm. Did Charlie crank the heater full on again? I groaned and turned on my back, trying to get cool. Huh? Where is Edward? He's usually lying with me when I wake up.

I cranked one eye open only to be faced with a light yellow wall. Yellow? My room is purple. I closed my eye and opened the other one. Noop, still yellow.

Without moving I craned my head to look around. Yellow walls, large white window with a darker yellow window seat in front of it. I have one of those at home in Phoenix. I thought absently and continued looking around at the posters in the room. Window seat? Then it hit me! Window seat! I'm at home in Phoenix. Why am I at home in Phoenix?

I sat up properly as my brain caught up with me.


I remembered arriving late at night at the hotel with Jasper and Alice, James contacting me, choosing my mom over me, going to the dance studio, me being tricked by James, being thrown around like a rag doll, being bitten, Edward arriving and then it gets fuzzy. I remember Carlisle doing something to my leg and Edward sucking the venom out of my hand.

I kicked the light covers of me and looked at my right leg fully expecting to see a cast, probably a bright coloured one if it was picked by Alice. Instead I saw just my leg in dire need of shaving. What the? There was only a thin, silverish under the sun, scar right below by knee but that was it. Confused I turned my gaze to my right forearm. There was a bandage on the inside of my forearm right over my wrist. With a deep breath I uncovered it, not knowing what to expect. The most horrific image greeted me. A series of small straight lines with dots in their middle in a semi circle that seemed to be too deep and sparkled under the sunlight that was filtered in through my curtains. It looked alarmingly like the impression of teeth Renee's doctor had done in her last visit. I had A bite mark. So I didn't dream the whole thing, good to know.

The phone rang drawing my attention immediately. I answered it to find out that Charlie was less than pleased to find out that Renee hadn't come to fetch me (as i had lied to him she would when I fled Forks 2 days ago) and wanted me back since I had 1 more week of school before the term officially ended. I bit back both the retort that I just had a run-in with a dangerous vampire and the apology for shouting at him before I left so I agreed. We hung up soon after that and I picked up the envelope from the nightstand next to the phone.

Inside was a plane ticket back to Forks scheduled for tonight, instructions by Carlisle on how I shouldn't uncover my arm and keep it away from direct light for a few more days and one more note folded in two. With a weight on my chest I opened and read it.

'I'm sorry Bella, it's over. I can't do it anymore.'

Written in Edward's more than perfect script. I felt as if someone punched me and lost my breath. I read it again and again trying to decipher the words as if there was a deeper meaning behind them.

I felt like when I was 7 and drowning in the ocean. My chest hurt, my vision clouded and I felt the darkness consume me. I clutched the note in my hand and I allowed myself to welcome the abyss