Ciels eyes widened slightly as he looked from the chess board and at the smirking butler sitting across from him.

For the first time, Ciel had lost.

Ciel sat bored in his study. Their was no meetings, paperwork or even assignments from the queen. The sun was high in the bright, cloudless sky. Wind blew softly through the green leaved trees. The temperature was very comfortable and calming. It was a every beautiful day. Birds chirping was the only thing that was audible in the peaceful outside world.

The young boy looked out of the window and glassed around the garden. He seen finny 'taking care' of the lawn and Sebastian cutting some white roses for a vase. A few moments passed and he didn't realize he was till watching his butler until said man glanced up at his master, snapping Ciel out of his daze and blushed as he sat back down, away from the window.

Minuets passed and Ciel stood and started to walk out of his study. Down the stairs and outside. He took a deep breath of the clean air and sat in a bench that was surrounded by tall rose bushes and instead of grass and dirt underneath the bench, it was grey stone. Ciel looked up at the sky and closed his eyes. He stayed like this for a while wind blowing through his blue-grey hair.

"My lord," Ciel heard the well known voice and opened his eyes to look up at a slightly smiling Sebastian. "its time for tea." Sebastian said looking down at the boy.

"Bring it here." Sebastian nodded, bowed then left. Moments later Sebastian came back with a silver cart with a tea pot, tea cup, and a slice of red velvet cake. Ciel looked up at Sebastian as he poured the tea boy took the cup when it was held out to him and sipped slowly. The cake was set in front of him.

Sebastian stood quietly in front of him after announcing the type of cake and tea and watched his master. Ciel glanced up at Sebastian who was smiling faintly. Ciel blushed lightly and looked away. Sebastian smirked and looked up at the sky. Birds flew through the sly filling the silence with chirping. Ciel closed his eye and sat down his cup. Sebastian glanced down at opened his eyes and looked at the cake, then closed them again as he are, savoring the taste. When he opened his eyes, he noticed Sebastian watching him. Ciel looked away, his cheeks warming and looked at the rose bushed as if suddenly amused by them.

When Ciel looked back at Sebastian, he was knelt down in front of him, leaning closer to him. Ciels eyes widened slightly and watched his butler his cheeks as red as the roses that surrounded him as he looked into Sebastian's eyes. Sebastian stopped a centimeter in front of his face and he started to retie Ciel's bow.

Ciel looked away and Sebastian took Ciel's chin and turned his masters head gently to look at him and rubbed his thumb on the corner of Ciel's lip, not moving the smallest distance away. Then Sebastian stood.

"You had crumbs on your lip bocchan." Sebastian stated and Ciel looked away, not saying anything. Sebastian looked at the quickly turning grey sky and sighed quietly. Ciel also looked up at the sky and stood and walked back outside.

Ciel sat alone in his study as he watched the sunny, happy and calming weather turn into a storm.

The peaceful winds turned in to harsh and powerful winds that blew leafs off of trees. /the bright blue and cloudless sky turned dark and grey covered with big storm clouds. Thunder and rain broke any silence their was and their lighting lighting the room with sudden bursts of bright silver and gold light. Ciel watched as the heavy rain fell from the sky in sheets and listened to the loud thunder in his study. Soon, their was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Ciel said, not moving his eyes away from the rain drop covered window. The door opened and Sebastian walked in with a bow and stopped a few feet away from the desk.

"Dinner is ready bocchan." Ciel turned around and looked up at his butler.

"Im not hungry." Ciel said simply then turned again looking back out of the window. Sebastian frowned slightly and looked at the boy then smirked slightly.

"My lord?" Ciel looked up at Sebastian.


"Wouldn't you rather do something other than standing and watching the storm?" Sebastian asked as Ciel looked at him questioningly.

"I suppose so, What are you suggesting?"

"Would you like to play a game, my lord? "

"Alright" Sebastian smiled lightly and looked down at Ciel.

"Chess bocchan?" After receiving a slight nod, both were walking down the hall.

They soon entered a room and Ciel sat down at a table as Sebastian started setting up the chess board. When he finished, He sat across from his master looked up at his butler.

"Bocchan, would you like to add something to this game?"

"Alright" Sebastian smirked.

"If I win," Ciel started, "I get all the sweets I want any time for a week." Sebastian smiled slightly.

"Alright bocchan. And if I win.." Sebastian paused and then smirked "I get to do what I want to you for a week." Sebastian finished looking at his master whom was blushing lightly and he nodded slightly.

"Lets begin then" The game started.



Ciels eyes widened slightly as he looked from the chess board and up at the smirking butler sitting across from him. For the first time, Ciel has lost a game. Ciel started to wonder when Sebastian was going to start what they agreed. He looked away, fighting a blush and yawned. It was already dark outside and the storm had stopped. Ciel was tired.

"I am going to bed." Ciel said as he stood and started walking toward the door. Suddenly, he was picked up bridal style and carried to his bedroom. Ciel looked up at Sebastian. And the butler looked back at his master and smiled slightly as he opened the door to the room and sat him on the bed and went to the wardrobe to get Ciel's night shirt then walked back to him.

Ciel looked up at him slightly as he was being changed out of his clothes. Sebastian glanced up at him as he finished and Ciel closed his eyes and layed down. He was covered by a smooth and warm blanket and was almost asleep when Sebastian knelt down on one knee beside the bed and cupped Ciel's cheek in his hand.

Ciel looked up at Sebastian as he blushed and Sebastian removed the eye patch and set it on the side table. Ciel watched him quietly until his eyes fell closed and he started to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

But before he was completely asleep, Sebastian kissed him gently and whispered in his bocchans ear.

"Good night, my dear Bocchan."

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