So I am writing a new christmas fic and i would like some feed back. It is called The nutcracker. Of coursed baised off the ballet and movie. Here is the preview.

Ciel on the couch. The dark room was only lit by a dim candle, making the glossy window shine that illuminated the falling white cristles and the unlit christmas tree twinkle. Ciel's head was layed on a pillow, waiting to be over taken by the peaceful dark sleep. Ciel's deep blue eyes closed and as he was at the brink of sleep, the grand father clock went off in the living room. It was Christmas. But over the years, to ciel, it has lost the magic it had when he was a kid. He learned at a young age their was no such thing as a santa, as a father christmas. Indeed, the festive noel was just a day or two for famialy to get together in one small home, make lots of noise and then go home, secretly talking behind everyones backs. This exactly was why he was laying on the couch, since they lived in only a small town house. Ciel mentaly shook his head. Damn hollidays.

A few moments after that thought, wings were heard from the clock. Ciel's eyes blinked awake tirdly. The owl that popped its head out as the hours passed seemed to come to life. Ciel sat up slowly as he rubbed his eyes, making sure he wasnt imagining just his eyes playing tricks, as one might say.

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And im sorry for all of you who lost THE game.