"Jake, let's go see the Penguin."

Elwood turned slightly to get out of the car before Jake spoke up, "No. And you can't make me."

Elwood chose his words carefully, knowing Jake's temper all too well. "I'm not turning the car back on until you have gone into that building and talked to the Penguin. You did promise her after all."

Jake nodded, remembering the promise but he still didn't seem to be in any hurry to visit the old nun who had raised him and Elwood from shortly after birth. He then finally dragged his body from the car.

Elwood had waited all day. Where Jake was, he didn't know, and he began to get angry, silently cursing his brother. He had always been on time to pick Jake up from whatever lockup he'd gotten himself into. Yet Jake couldn't do the same for him? He was going to punch Jake as soon as he saw him.

"Mr. Blues?" Elwood turned. The warden stood behind him.

"Yes, sir?"

The warden looked apologetic. "It's about your brother, Jake. Jake died in prison a week ago. We are very sorry."

Elwood cried, a rare event for the hardened criminal and bluesman.