Spoilers though manga #535.
"Shibi" is another name for Aburame Gen, Shino's father. I believe that it was later changed to Gen.


Aburame Shibi's kikachuu were distressed, and he couldn't blame them. They'd tasted the Nine-Tail's chakra several years beforehand and it wasn't pleasant. Bitter, they'd hummed. Sharp. Full of hatred.

He didn't need to look up to feel Shino enter the room. His kikachuu were slightly agitated; the room buzzed in a pitch just above most ninja's perception. Not an Aburame's.

Shino was the one that spoke first. "You have been assigned to guard Uzumaki Naruto," he stated.

(Nothing was ever a question with Shino; he valued Information and Intel and Knowledge too much)

Shibi nodded. "You are year-mates with him. Is there anything that you believe I should know that would not be included in the mission dossier?"

He thought for several moments, weighing his answer carefully. "There is... one thing, I believe." A tinge of hesitation.

Shibi's brow wrinkled. "Say what you think."

His son turned to face him fully. "If he is allowed outside, and sees your group, you will be completely unable to bar him from joining the war."

Shibi's kikaichuu hummed, unsettled.

If Shibi was speaking to anyone else, he would have reminded them of the handpicked squad, the age of the target guarded, and the special connection of Iruka to Naruto as an ace in the hole. But of course, Shino had Intel. He would have known all of this before walking into the room and engaging in conversation.

He calmed his kikaichuu with an absent thought and looked at Shino.

"Why?" Shino voiced the unspoken question. "Because he is Uzumaki Naruto, and he is unstoppable."

Shibi simply nodded, acknowledging the advice and the bow Shino gave before he left.

It was because of that conversation that Shibi couldn't find it in himself to be surprised when Naruto blew past them all and ran headlong into war.

Instead, Shibi wondered if he was watching the back of the future Hokage fading into the distance, and how long his son had been pondering the same thing.