Friday, December 18, Homeroom

Grades were being passed out left, right, and centre, and though Michael was keen to know his own scores, he was also thinking about Mia's.

So, he decided to take a trip to her locker and wait there for her, just to see how she'd done in Algebra. He wanted to make sure his preoccupation with his project(s) hadn't really affected her scores.

Michael was stood at her locker for five minutes before Lana Weinberger and Justin Baxendale showed up, talking about Josh Richter. Like Michael really wanted to hear any more about that tool, especially after what he had done to Mia.

He rolled his eyes at them and turned to look at Mia's locker. It was half-open.

Curious and frowning, Michael pulled the door open an inch. A yellow, long-stemmed flower fell into his waiting hand, and he wondered why Mia – the freaking princess – had a locker with no lock on it.

But...a yellow rose? Did he have something, or someone – besides Kenny, obviously – to worry about when it came to Mia and winning her affections?

He glanced up from the rose to see the girl in question looking at him like she had swallowed a bowling ball and then another one on top of that.

Why did his heart start beating ten times faster?