I felt funny, like something was wrong.

Then I heard screams, for some strange fucking reason I decided to run towards them. Then I knew had to have been Johnny or Ponyboy, because I knew they were meant for the gang. I figured it was Ponyboy, because if it were Johnny none of they gang would know until after he was beat, Johnny didn't scream.

As I rounded the corner, I ran into Two-Bit and confirmed that it had been Ponyboy screaming. Four or five Socs saw us coming and started running, then Steve and Soda started yelling they had been right behind us. I could hear Darry stop as we leaped over Pony, we chased the Socs to their car, a tuff looking corvair.

The gang stopped chasing them, picked up some rocks and started throwing them at the Socs. The Socs sped out and the greasers headed back to Ponyboy.

Soda and Darry were trying to comfort him, he looked like he was trying to stop himself from crying. I think he was trying to stop because of the dark skinned, thickly greased, brown haired boy standing close to me. I felt the slightly uncomfortable but familiar tug on my pants as I thought about Johnny and realized just how close to me he was.

To prevent any embarrassment, I thought of Johnny's parents and how they beat him and didn't want him. The feeling faded quickly only to be replace by anger. Anger at the Socs and at Johnny's parents who currently seemed one in the same; they got drunk and beat up on the innocent.

Now the Socs had attack Pony, he wasn't hurt, just spooked, it probably didn't help that Darry was yelling at him. It pissed me off that Johnny and Pony had both been attacked by stupid Socs just looking for something to do.

It was weird that I felt when Johnny and Ponyboy were in trouble. I had seemed to know about the trouble and then I seemed to find them and said trouble, usually arriving just ahead of the gang. Any one else and I had to be told who was in trouble and the kind of trouble before I did anything about it, not that I usually did anything about it.

But it was different with Johnny and Ponyboy, with Ponyboy it was easiest to understand, he was the youngest and everyones kid brother. With Johnny though, at first I thought it was the gang's pet, but eventually I realized that it was more, way more then him just being the gang's pet. I mean how else could he be causing me to be aroused just by thinking of him.

Ponyboy looked at me and I had to focus on what he was saying "I didn't know you were out of the cooler yet, Dally."

"Good behavior, got off early," I lit a cig and passed it to Johnny, and noticed that when he took it he stepped back ever so slightly. I lit another for myself and Two-bit commented on Pony's bruise.

The conversation went on, I watched and listened as the conversation went to why Pony was by his lonesome and Darry started yelling at him again.

It seemed I had to say something then to keep them from fighting. "Speaking of movies, I'm walking over to the Nightly Double tomorrow night. Anybody wanna come and hunt some action?"

I didn't really care who came and who didn't. Soda, Steve, and Darry said they had other plans, so I turned to the others.

Pony spoke up for him and Johnny, and Two-bit said he might if he wasn't too wasted.

I noticed Steve was looking at my hand, my ring back on my finger. "You break up with Sylvia again," he asked.

I said yeah and told them why.

I was at Buck's not nearly drunk enough to be enjoying his selection of music. I wasn't really all that drunk at all. I got into a fight, it didn't last long but the other greaser and I were able to get it out of our systems. I left shortly after that and headed to my old man's house. He was out of town so I was fine with grabbing the key from it's hiding spot and walking in. I put the key back in the location that only the old man and the gang knew about. I locked the door behind me as I stepped inside, then went to my room. I pulled my shirt and shoes off and flopped on to my messy bed. Exhaustion took over and sleep enveloped me in complete darkness.

I woke up to a gentle kiss, I opened my eyes and realized that I was blindfolded! My hands and feet were bound by a soft fabric that gave me a limited range of movements. I started freaking out as I realized I was entirely exposed, my jeans were gone, and somebody was in my room, or at least I thought it was my room.

I felt warmth as the somebody leaned on my bed, hovering over me. I opened my mouth to protest and soft, warm lips closed on my own, the kiss was gentle just like before. I felt myself kissing back, whoever it was tasted good.

I wasn't entirely awake but still felt kinda close to being awake. I wanted to caress them and explore their body or at least have them explore me. As if hearing my thoughts they immediately started caressing me, removing their lips from mine only to explore with their lips as well as their hands and they started down my body.

I gasped as they started teasing me, nibbling my nipples, and following the curves of my muscles with their tongue. I briefly wondered who it was.

Though I was one to usually like it rough, they kept it gentle and not being able to see them or do anything back to them, it was fucking kinky and was driving me wild. They were getting further down my abdomen with their lips and their hand trailed down my side to my hip and then moved to my erection, seeming to never leave my skin.

I wondered again who they were and how experienced then were, because they were fucking amazing. I let out a groan as they pumped their hand, then shock flooded through me as they pulled their lips from my stomach and quickly wrapped themselves around the tip of my erection.

I groaned again when they started sucking just the tip. Their hand pumping closer to the base of my erection.

I was just about to blow when they stopped. They relocated their hand to my hole and slipped a finger in. I knew what they were doing, then I realized it was a guy who was tending to my every want without me telling them what I wanted.

It grossed me out but only for a second as the amazingly soft lips left my erection and met my lips still gentle as ever and all was forgiven of this wonderful guy who apparently knew exactly what he was doing as he fucked Dallas Winston.

He slipped another finger into my hole and started scissoring, then slipped another in and continued scissoring. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his fingers out. I moaned and realized the amazing lips were barely millimeters away. I lifted my head up and caught the lips in a quick kiss before the other pulled away.

I was not unsatisfied for long, as the guy slid his own erection slowly into my hole. Starting gently like the kisses he started to fuck me. I gasped then moaned in pleasure as he found my sweet spot almost instantly sending a thrilling feeling through my entire body.

He grabbed my still hard erection and started to pump and went faster, fucking me to the same speed he was pumping me.

I could feel I was cumming and I heard him mutter "Oh shit!" and I knew he was cumming too.

The release for both of us was simultaneous, when the release had finished he pulled out and collasped on top of me. He was breathing heavily.

I could smell his cologne, it smelled familiar, and it mixed great with the post sex aroma that filled the air.

I asked as lightly as I could "So do I get to meet the amazing guy who knows every detail of how I like it?"

I heard him stifle a small laugh and then his lips met mine passionately.

He then whispered in my ear "I love you, Dallas Winston, and don't you ever forget it."

He wrapped his arms around me, and they felt thin and frail. I tried to remember who I knew that was thin and frail. I tried to place his voice among my acquaintances. I drifted off to sleep before I could remember who he was. My last thought before sleep was I love you, Johnny.

I woke up on my side, sunlight coming in through my window. I had a blanket covering me, and realized that it had just been some amazing dream. I swung my legs over the side of my bed.

My legs were bare, I uncovered the rest of me. I was completely exposed, maybe it hadn't been a dream, but I still wasn't sure.

Then I saw the note.

-Dallas, I hope you realize that was the most amazing night of my life.
-I love you Dallas Winston, and don't you ever forget it.

It had been real! A shot of ecstacy ran through me! I got dressed, then shock flooded through me.

Only a few people knew where I lived, and of those people only the gang knew where the key was hid. Which meant that I had been pleasured by one of six people, four of which were to burly to fit the thin and frail figure that held me last night. That left two.

I groaned in frustration, and saw the clock. I had plenty of time to bum around town before meeting, god dammit, the boy who had pleasured me so well and the boy's best friend.

I would pretend nothing had happened until I could figure out which one it had been. And then only then...

I took a drag on my cigarette and saw the boys. Since it was still early we went to the mall and goofed around, hit on the waitresses and then pretended we were going to lift some stuff. The manager got wise and threw us out, he was too late though I already had two packages of Kools.

After that we went down Sutton and hung out at the Dingo, greeting people we knew. It was cool there until some idiot hitchhiker pulled a blade. We beat it before the fuzz showed.

We carried on towards the nightly double, Johnny a few steps to the right and Pony following behind. We were getting close to a field when a breeze came in from my right. It picked up the dark haired boy's cologne and sent it towards me, filling me with amazement.

The small dark kid who was forever innocent, made love to me last night and it felt great, amazing, and pleasurable. I would have to return the favor, if he would let me.

I saw some kids, nudged Johnny and Ponyboy, and we chased them across the field for a while. Then it was dark enough to sneak into the movie.