Chapter sept

I reached my hand under the pillow to make sure Two-Bits blade was still there. It was. I put it in my pocket. I was almost ready. I had one thing to left to do.

I left the room. Casually wondered to the nurses station and asked the question I needed to. I walked to the room I wanted.

"Johnny?" His eyes were closed. I gulped, he couldn't be dead, he just can't. "Johnny?"

I heard a slight moan and released the breath I had been holding. I rushed to his side.

"Johnny?" I asked again.

"Dally?" He mumbled. He was on his stomach strapped to a weird machine.

"Johnny," I let relief flood my body and sound in my voice. "Johnny are you ok?"

"Been better," He mumbled. "Dally, I love you, don't forget it, ok?"

"I won't Johnny. I'm gonna go kick those Socs asses, and when I come back I'll tell you about it." I said, quickly.

"Dally, do... Bring Pony, too." I gently wrapped my arms around him.

"I will babe I will." I left, stopped at the door, looked back and said, "I love you, Johnny Cade, and don't you forget it."

I ran towards the lot the rumble would be starting soon. I saw the lot and saw Darry and some Soc circling each other under the street light.

I yelled, Darry turned and the Soc swung. I ran faster, soon I was next to Pony, and I jumped on one.

"I thought you were in the hospital," Pony yelled at me, before getting knocked to the ground.

"I was." I was having a hard time, there was a fucking cast on my arm from the fire. "I ain't now."

"How?" That was all Pony managed, the Soc he was fighting jumped on him.

"Talked the nurse into it with Two-Bit's switch. Don't you know a rumble ain't a rumble unless I'm in it?" I said just before the Soc slugged me hard in the stomach.

Darry dragged the Soc off Pony, and Pony helped me with the Soc I was fighting. He threw Pony off of him, Pony was back on him shortly though.

He slugged me several more times, I got some punches in too. I knocked him down, sending all three of us to the ground.

I kept hitting him, I vaguely noticed another Soc kicking Pony.

I heard Two-Bit yelling something. I stopped and saw that the Socs were running.

"We won," Darry said tiredly, "We beat the Socs."

I was trying to comprehend that, then it hit me. I reached down and grabbed Pony.

"Come on, we're going to see Johnny." I dragged down him down the street. "Hurry! He was getting worse when I left. He wants to see you."

We went to Pony's. I was gonna take Darry's truck, but I saw Buck's T-bird parked in front. I didn't know how it got there but I didn't care. I steered Pony towards it.

I didn't even have to hotwire it, we took off. I heard sirens, FUCK! Wait, maybe not.

"Look sick," I commanded to Pony. "I'll say I'm taking you to the hospital, which'll be truth enough."

The cop came up to the window, "All right, buddy, where's the fire?"

I was getting irritated, "The kid, he fell over on his motorcycle and I'm taking him to the hospital."

Pony groaned and the cop asked, "Is he real bad? Do you need an escort?"

I said something to the effect of yes. He got back in the car and hit the lights and sirens, escorted us to the hospital.

I started babbling, it wasn't making sense to me either. We got to the hospital and I dragged Pony inside. We got to Johnny's room and ran into the doctor, he said something.

I whipped out Two-Bits blade and threatened him. He let us in I put the blade away.

We stepped into Johnny's room, oh god! His eyes were closed, we were too late.

"Johnnycake? Johnny?" I begged him to not be dead yet.

He stirred, I told him we won, he said it was useless. I started babbling again, he smiled then he asked for Pony. Pony went to him, Johnny said something then he died.

I froze, then I started cussin'. I punched the wall and ran out. I ran, I got to Buck's T-bird and got in and drove for a while.

Johnny can't be dead. You just saw the only person you ever loved die. The plan came. I pulled into the nearest convience store, grabbed Buck's gun and emptied it.

I went in and robbed the place he didn't draw any weapon on me just let me rob the place. I ran out and dialed a number, the first one that came to my head.

Darry answered, I told them where I was, what I had just done, and that I would meet them in the lot. I hung up and I heard the sirens I let the cops see me then I ran towards the lot. I wasn't to far away.

I saw the gang coming in from the other side as I got to the lot. I stopped under the street lamp. I turned and pulled Buck's gun and aimed at the cops. They didn't even hesitate.

I smiled, the pain was unbearable.

Dallas Winston always gets what he wants.

I am a greaser, I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun!
Greaser... Greaser... Greaser... O victim of environment, underprivileged, rotten, no-count hood! Juvenile delinquent, you're no good.
'Get thee hence, white trash. I am a Soc. I am the privileged and the well-dress. I throw beer blast, drive fancy cars, break windows at fancy parties.'
What do you do for fun?
'I jump greasers!'

(thats it for Dally's Captor. Definitely gonna do a sequel. It's gonna be a cross-over and it's gonna be titled Now is After. Still not sure about the pov switching gonna start in Dally's pov, but I might change it to Draco's. Btw yeah dally's death, I'll explain that more in the sequel, vote on the pov switch.)
Ps. Diehardoutsider your opinion does count. That is why I asked for it.