This is a story that involved scenes that loosely describe the act of pedophilia/ vividly describe the emotions of a victim. Yuki and Shuichi will not be getting together, they are just the stars. I'm not sure how to classify this as terms of characters, but I think this is the right way. Please enjoy and review. There will be no more author notes and the story will just continue from one chapter to the next. I do not own gravitation, the plot or any of the characters. This is a fanfiction. -Lelalemon

Shuichi, an eight year old little boy with thick pink hair, sparkling violet eyes, and the intelligence of someone five years older than him, but with the attention span of a goldfish, runs quietly through the house and up to his bedroom. He locks the door and dives into his closet without as much as the squeak of a floor board. He positions himself inside so that he can use the light coming in through the slants to read with.

His mother isn't home right now. He knew as soon as he saw that her car was missing but his car was there; she had left her boyfriend to babysit him. Just the thought of that makes Shuichi tremble. The man his mother was dating was a bad man. Shuichi could tell, even if his mother couldn't.

The man's eyes were dull and cold. They lingered on him longer than Shuichi thought they should. He had explained this to his mother once, but she laughed it off and told him not to be so sensitive.

It was true enough; the man had never laid his hands on Shuichi. He had greeted Shuichi but they had never held a conversation. It was his eyes that betrayed him.

"Shuichi, are you home?" He asks as he knocks on the door. Shuichi opens the closet door. "Yes, sir." Shuichi answers quietly. Hiding was okay. He could say, with honesty, that he had been home, but was just sitting somewhere quietly and reading. But lying was wrong, and he knew that.

"There is some food on the table for you. Can you come out here?" Shuichi sighs and hugs his book to his chest before opening the door. The man looks him up and down and smiles softly. "I made you a sandwich." Shuichi looks back down on the floor. "Thank you, sir."

The man doesn't move so Shuichi begins and heads toward the kitchen. After going down stairs, hearing the man's steps behind his, he walks to the table. He sees a sandwich and milk on the table. He sits down and the man sits across from him. "What are you holding?" The man asks. Shuichi sets his book on his lap.

"It's a book, sir." Shuichi answers. The man begins eating his own sandwich. "Is that what you were doing up there with your door locked?" Shuichi nods and takes a bite from his sandwich. The man puts his sandwich down and holds a hand out. Shuichi looks at him questioningly.

"May I see your book, Shuichi?" He asks. Shuichi hands him the book with care. The man looks at the cover and runs his hand along it. "Alice in Wonderland… I remember this book. Are you old enough to be reading it?" Shuichi swallows another bite of his sandwich. "I think so, sir." He answers.

The man puts the book down. "Normal kids don't lock their doors to read, Shuichi." He gets up and walks around the table and stands behind Shuichi's chair. "Normal kids only lock their doors when they're doing something… naughty." He puts his hand on Shuichi's trembling shoulder.

"I… I like to read in peace, sir." Shuichi answers. He knew what the man was referring to. He felt the man's hand on his shoulder and felt immediately uncomfortable. The man sits in the chair next to him; Shuichi has lost his appetite.

"Why do you read so much, kid?" The man's hand lowers to Shuichi's thigh. Shuichi sits straight up. "I just love reading, sir. " The man's hand travels up and Shuichi feels his stomach plummet. The man's fingers move to undo Shuichi's pants. He tries not to whimper and instead bites his lip. The man rubs Shuichi and moves his hand into Shuichi's underwear. Shuichi gasps and closes his eyes tight. The man moves his hand away to unzip is own pants and Shuichi takes the chance to run up the stairs to his bedroom. He hears the man following him, but he is faster. He locks the door and hides in the closet.

"Shuichi! Open this door!" The man yells. Shuichi doesn't make a sound. "If you tell your mom about this, I will kill you. She won't believe you, you know. You're just a kid. I'm an adult. Just keep your mouth shut." Shuichi wraps his arms around himself and sits in the closet until he hears his mother come home.

His mother smoothes his hair down while he lies in bed. He says nothing to her about what had happened earlier. "Honey, sir says you just stayed in your room all day. Is something wrong?" His mother asks softly. Shuichi shakes his head. "Shuichi, I really like sir, and he likes me. I don't know where you got your crazy ideas that he is a bad guy, but you need to behave around him! He likes you too, Shuichi. We could be a family. Wouldn't you like that?" She asks him. He doesn't want to cry, but it's hard not to. "Please Shuichi, just do this for mommy." She said. She had no idea how much she was truly asking for. She kisses his forehead and then leaves his room for the night.

The next morning he sees his mother's car, as well as sirs. He walks in carefully. "Shuichi, can you come in here?" He hears his mother call out from the living room. He walks into the living room and sees his mother sitting with sir on the couch. "Shuichi, I think we all need to have a talk." Shuichi sits on the chair opposite of them.

"Shuichi, sir asked me to marry him today." Shuichi closes his eyes. He knows this is a time for panic, but he can't show it. He can't upset his mother. "I said yes, Shuichi. I want you to be involved in the plans." Shuichi hangs his head. "Sir is going to be moving onto our house. He's going to be your papa. Isn't that wonderful?"

His mother asks, his voice sounding excited. Shuichi looks up at her, tears in his eyes, but says nothing.

Slowly sir begins to infiltrate. His things begin to enter the home. He begins to join them in meals and family time. One night Sir spends the night.

Shuichi gets out of bed late to use the bathroom. When he reaches the door Sir opens it and is a little surprised to see Shuichi standing there. "Hey kid." He says and walks away from Shuichi. He doesn't pay any more attention to Shuichi than he used to, and it has Shuichi confused. He notices that his eyes are still lingering, however.

One night eventually leads to every night. Shuichi tries to remain as distant and quiet as he can without causing his mother anguish. They exchange glances when his mother is away or is not looking. They sit across from each other at breakfast and at dinner and Sir always has his eyes on Shuichi. However, he doesn't communicate with him at all.

One night, as Shuichi lies in bed, he hears his mother's car leave. He gets up slowly and looks out his window to see that she is indeed gone. It wasn't very abnormal. His mother was a nurse and was sometimes called out at night to help if there was something amiss at the hospital.

He lies back down and yawns, only seven more hours until he had to be awake. He hears footsteps outside of his bedroom and stills his body. His door opens and he pretends to be asleep. Sir climbs into bed with him and wraps an arm around him. Shuichi tries to maintain normal breathing.

Sir leans up and whispers in his ear. "I know you're awake, Shuichi." Sir grabs him closer. "Your mom had to go to work." Shuichi nods, but tries not to move very much. He feels lips on his shoulder, as he is facing away from sir. Shuichi shivers and moves his shoulder away from the man. This causes him to move higher and begin kissing his neck.

Shuichi whimpers and the man grabs him to place him so that he is lying on his back. He holds the boy down and kisses him on the lips. Shuichi turns his head away and struggles against Sit's grip. "Please, Sir. Please stop doing this…" Shuichi cries. The man grabs his face and looks into his eyes. "Do you want to make your mom sad? She will think we don't get along and she will be upset with you." Shuichi is silent. He knows that the man is right. His mother had already asked him to just listen to Sir and do as he asked.

Sir kisses his neck again and pulls his nightshirt off. The man begins rocking against him, and he continues to whimper. The man grabs one of Shuichi's hands and uses it to finish himself. He releases Shuichi and lies flat on the bed. "Next time, you're going to use that mouth of yours."

Sir wipes his hands on his boxers and zips his pants back up. He pulls the blankets up and walks out of Shuichi's room, where he can still hear the boy sobbing.

Nothing happens for the next month. Shuichi's mother and Sir get married. Shuichi is the ring bearer, though he does not smile at all through the wedding. His mother doesn't notice.

He had already decided. He would give anything for his mother's happiness. If she wanted him to stop complaining about Sir, he would. If she wanted him to get along with Sir, he would. If she asked him to give his body… he did.

Sir seemed to ignore Shuichi after the wedding, much to Shuichi's relief. However, his mother does too. When he lies in bed at night, he can often hear them fighting. They yell and call each other names. Sir will storm out of the house and he will hear his mother crying until she falls asleep. Then, in the morning all is well. Shuichi thinks it's because Sir has become an alcoholic. He has heard his mother scream and cry about it.

She would hold him, sometimes, and pet his hair. "Mommy and daddy are just fighting a little sweetheart. Everything is going to be alright. Daddy loves us; we just have to try to be better, okay?" He would agree and would hold on to his mother until she fell asleep. "I'll try mommy."

And he did try. He didn't complain when his mother made meatloaf. He knew that was sir's favorite, even if it was his least. He would put himself to bed so that he wouldn't disturb them. And late at night if Sir snuck into his room, he would stop fighting.

Sir seems to leave him alone for a long time. Things start to be somewhat normal. His mother works while he's at school and Sir stays home. They eat dinner together, go shopping together and spend time as a family. Shuichi still tries to avoid Sir as much as possible, but he would rather suffer than cause his mother pain.

It's not until a few years later when something else happens. Shuichi is now eleven years old. His mother has been working nights more often than usual because she's sick of the fighting that goes on between her and Sir. This leaves a lot of alone time for Shuichi and Sir.

It's one of the nights that they're fighting. His mother is the one that storms out. She's going to go to work and get overtime. She screams at him, at least she's working. Shuichi hears the door slam. It's another hour into the night; he's been up reading. He hears Sir call out his name. He walks down the stairs slowly, without making any sound. He sees Sir sitting on the couch, TV on, facing away from his direction and drinking.

"You know, Shuichi. When I first met you, I couldn't tell when you were walking around because you're so quiet. I had no idea how your mother could do it. Now, after having been here with you so long, I'm starting to be able to hear it as well." Shuichi stands by the stairs without moving or saying anything.

Sir pats his lap and waits silently. Shuichi steps into his line of sight, but stays away from him still. Sir looks at him and Shuichi looks down. "Come here, Shuichi." Sir says. Shuichi steps closer until sir pulls him onto his lap. "Your mother doesn't understand me, Shuichi." He says. Shuichi can smell the alcohol on his breath and feel his hands roaming his body.

Sir pushes Shuichi to the floor. Shuichi is stunned for a moment and quickly sits up. Sir has unbuttoned his pants and has released himself. Shuichi looks away but his arm is grabbed by Sir. Sir pulls Shuichi to his knees and grabs his hair. "Do it Shuichi. You don't want your mom to think that this is entirely your fault, do you?" Shuichi puts Sir in his mouth, but quickly moves away. Sir grabs him more tightly and pushes back inside of his mouth. "If it wasn't for you, I would leave your mother." Shuichi gags, but Sir doesn't ease up. "If I couldn't have you, I would leave her, Shuichi. It would break her heart." Shuichi begins to cry. He promised his mother he would do better, for her happiness. Sir pulls him close and doesn't let him move. His mouth is filled with bitter liquid that he can't swallow. He moves back suddenly and spits it all out.

Sir sends him to bed while he cleans the floor. "You did great, Shuichi. You know I love you." Shuichi gets into bed and cries himself to sleep.

He's fine when his mother is home for the night. When she is gone; when she works, when they fight and she walks out, that is when Sir gets him. It hadn't gone any further than what he would be forced to do with his mouth, and Shuichi told himself that it could be worse, and that he should consider himself to be lucky. He would tell his mother he didn't sleep well when she was gone at night. She promised to try and take more nights off, but there was very little change. He noticed, however, that the more time Sir had with Shuichi, the nicer he was to his mother. They wouldn't fight for at least a week after he had alone time with Shuichi.

Shuichi remained distant and quiet at school, but none of the teachers noticed. He was amazing at hiding bruises. The teachers just assumed it was his way of hiding himself from the population of his peers; his way of having a low self-esteem.

His mother doesn't notice any difference either. He was always a quiet kid. She just assumes it's his awkward age and that it's normal. Someone Shuichi wonders why no one asks him why the corners of his mouth are so red; why he's lost so much weight; why he doesn't have any friends- but they don't.

The biggest change comes the summer before he begins high school. He's fourteen years old and home during the summer. He spends most of his time reading. Sir doesn't even wake up until after noon, and by then his mother is usually home.

One day, his mother doesn't come back. It's almost seven at night and neither has heard from her. No one from work has even seen her that day. Sir holds onto Shuichi, for once doing something a father should do, and reassures him. "She will be back, Shuichi. She's alright. She wouldn't just leave us." Shuichi stays silent and bites his nails. It isn't until midnight that they hear anything. There is a knock at the door, so sir answers. It's a police officer.

"Sir, I regret having to inform you… Your wife was pronounced dead earlier at the hospital in which she worked. She was in a terrible accident. We couldn't identify her by any of her features and we have not located any of her personal belongings yet. One of the nurses found her badge in her pocket, however. I am very sorry." Sir begins to cry. Shuichi goes up to his room and rocks back and forth all night.

It is only a month after this that sir comes into his room late one night. He had been instructed since he was young not to lock his doors. Sir had said that it was in case there was a fire or some other emergency. Shuichi knew otherwise. Sir gets into bed with him. "I miss your mom, Shuichi." He wraps his arms around him. Shuichi nods. He is stricken with a sudden sense of déjà vu.

Sir begins to kiss him. "They're going to let you stay with me, Shuichi. I legally adopted you when your mother and I got married. Isn't that great news?" He pulls Shuichi's shirt off. "So from now on, you're going to be the mommy and I'm going to be the daddy. I found a job, so I'll be gone during the day. I expect you to have dinner waiting for me when I return." Shuichi doesn't say anything. Sir pulls his pants down. "There are other things I need you to do, Shuichi; mommy things." He pulls Shuichi's pants down and tells him to get on his hands and knees. Shuichi trembles. He knows what this is.

He does what sir tells him to do and bites his lip. "Don't you want to be mommy now, Shuichi?" Sir asks. Shuichi begins to cry and shakes his head. There is nothing he wants less than this. Sir lines himself up with Shuichi's opening without any preparation. "Tell me you want to be mommy and I'll make it hurt less, Shuichi." Shuichi's arms feel weak. He doesn't want to say it, but he doesn't want it to hurt even more. He says nothing and Sir begins to push into him. Shuichi screams and his arms give out. He is face-down on the mattress and crying harder than he did when his mother passed.

"Call me daddy, Shuichi. It doesn't have to be this bad." He pushes a little more and Shuichi screams again. "D…daddy! You're my d…daddy! Please stop." Sir kisses Shuichi's back and pulls away from his entrance. "I'm not going to stop, Shuichi. This is part of your mommy job from now on, but I will make it easier on you. Don't move." Sir gets off the bed and leaves the room. Shuichi digs his nails into the sheets of his bed and cries.

He loses his virginity that night to the only family he has left. Sir promises it will happen more often. He ends by telling Shuichi that he loves him. "You were always my favorite, Shuichi. I loved your mother, but you were always my favorite."

Shuichi does as he was asked. He makes dinner every night before Sir gets home. He was not late, because he knew that it would be bad for him. Sir had slapped him one night because he hadn't set the table in time. Shuichi did not want to make things worse.

And it was nearly every night. Sir would call to him to fulfill his "mommy" duty. Shuichi would cry himself to sleep after. He thought often about ending it. He did not have to appease his mother anymore. She would not know any different if he killed himself. She had already left him. She had never been there for him when she was alive. She had left him in the hands of the monster that had ruined his life.

Being in high school was different for Shuichi. He could be lazy and not hide the love bites or bruises. The teachers would just assume that he was a teen age boy who did what boys did. He, however, never let anyone see those marks. They were his shame. It was the same for almost everything else, though. When he wore long sleeves in the warm weather, people thought he was just rebelling. He didn't have any friends so they just considered him a loner. He wasn't violent, so they ignored him for the most part.

Sir continued with him. Shuichi had hoped he would find another woman to woo and would leave him alone, but it seemed that would never happen. Shuichi would get home from school and do homework while he cooked Sir's meal. Once dinner was finished he would clean the house and serve the food. He would then wash the dishes and go to his room to do homework for the rest of the day. By the time he began to become sleepy Sir would call for him.

He would go to Sir's room and get into the bed his mother used to share with this man. He would use Shuichi, sometimes all night. Shuichi hated the most to be on top of Sir while Sir fucked him. Sir would make him do the work; would be able to look into his face. Sir didn't even seem concerned that Shuichi had never become aroused during these episodes.

Sometimes things would get violent. If Sir was drunk Shuichi could expect him to hit and bite and rip and tear. Sir often dabbled in things kinkier than just sex. Shuichi would be left with welts and burns; bruises and scars. It wasn't until he was sixteen that anyone noticed.

He was taking an advanced literature class. His teacher is the famous novelist Eiri Yuki.

Yuki-sensei notices something amiss when he hands back the first test of the class. The average grade was a C. Shuichi had the highest grade. Normally, that would be fine. This test, however, was simply to mark the students at the levels they should be taught. C was the average; the normal grade for advanced students. He did not expect any of them to do better. Getting an A, as Shuichi had done, meant he was more advanced than the advanced class was.

He kept an eye on the kid after that. He noticed that he did not talk to any of the other students. They didn't cast him aside, so he was not just uncool. It was as if he didn't exist to any of them, and they were not real to him. He also noticed the odd clothing choices. The kid often wore scarves, though he did not seem to either enjoy them or try for the anarchy. Yuki-sensei wondered if this was more than a simple case of rebellion.

He decided to speak with Shuichi after class one day. "Shuichi, you are very smart." He said simply. Shuichi bowed and thanked him for the compliment, but said nothing further. "Why don't you have any friends, Shuichi?" He asks calmly, as if he is simply curious and not a little worried for the kid. Shuichi doesn't look him in the eye the whole time they converse. "I don't know, sir. I spend my time reading, I guess." Yuki-sensei 'hmm's' at this. Could it be as simple as Shuichi being a hermit and not acknowledging the world around him?

He dismisses Shuichi and goes back to grading papers. Shuichi always does great. This means nothing to Yuki, however. He knows from experience that students going through hell can still make perfect grades. Anything to escape from reality. That was why he hadn't had any friends at Shuichi's age. He spent all of his time reading. That sounded like an oddly familiar story. He just hoped that whatever Shuichi was going through wasn't as bad as that.

What Yuki didn't know was that it was worse. Shuichi had stopped feeling the need to completely combust under the pressure he was under. He felt nothing anymore. He worked on autopilot. There were even times, during sex, that he could forget where he was, forget who he was with, and he wouldn't feel any pain. He would sometimes try to work on math problems or anagrams when he was with Sir. His teachers thought he was brilliant. They didn't know that without thinking, without the problem solving, he would have already killed himself by now.

Eventually, as autopilot continued, sir began to notice. He would beat Shuichi, hurt Shuichi, hold him and cry. He would do anything to get an emotional reaction. When Shuichi began to frequent black eyes Yuki stepped in again. Other teachers assumed he was being picked on and had gotten into some after-school fights. Something about boys will be boys. Yuki didn't think so.

Yuki waited after class one day and asked to talk with Shuichi. "I think we need to have a meeting. Are you busy?" Shuichi bites his lip worriedly. "I need to get home and make dinner." Yuki snorts. "This is more important." Shuichi sits down and Yuki looks him over.

"Is there something going on?" Yuki asks bluntly. Shuichi shakes his head. Yuki sits down next to him and holds his hand out. Shuichi simply stares at his hand. "Give me your hand, Shuichi." Yuki says, devoid of all emotion. Shuichi complies and Yuki pulls his sleeve up. He sees bruises and bite marks. Shuichi closes his eyes and tries to think of how many words he can make with 'guilty'.

"Shuichi, has someone been hurting you?" Yuki asks. Shuichi comes up with 'lug'.

"Shuichi! Tell me who is hurting you!" Yuki says, losing his cool. Shuichi comes up with 'tug'.

Yuki gets on his knees in front of Shuichi and notices his eyes are distant. Shuichi come up with 'ugly'.

"Shuichi, I can help you. Just talk to me." Shuichi comes up with 'guilt' and then looks Yuki in the eyes and says nothing.

Yuki calls Shuichi's father to try to sort things out, but the man doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. He begins to wonder if Shuichi is dating someone that is abusing him. He doesn't allow Shuichi to leave.

"If you just tell me, I can help you." He says to Shuichi. Shuichi just stares at the clock. Yuki sighs and tells Shuichi to go home.

As soon as Shuichi steps through the door his step-father takes him down. "What did you tell them?" He demands. Shuichi whimpers. His step-father drags him to the kitchen and uses the hose in the sink to spray Shuichi. "Why did you say?" He demands. Shuichi cries. "I didn't say anything." Sir slaps Shuichi in the face. "Then why did they call me?" Shuichi sniffles. "He saw some bruises and asked. I didn't say anything!" Shuichi asserts. Sir pushes him onto the table and undresses him violently. "I don't like it when you lie to me, Shuichi." He spreads Shuichi's legs and shoves himself inside. Shuichi screams and begs. "I didn't say anything. I didn't say anything!" Sir holds him down and rams inside him.

Shuichi sobs on the table top, waiting for it to end. Sir grabs him by the hair and rips at him. Shuichi is in complete pain. Suddenly he feels Sir rip himself out. He screams and falls to the ground. When he wakes up he's surrounded by whiteness.

He feels pain coursing through his whole body and he closes his eyes again. "Your father has been arrested." He hears a very familiar voice say to him. He looks over and see his sensei Yuki looking at him. "I came to talk to him and walked in on… what he was doing to you." Shuichi exhales. "My step-father." He corrects. Yuki sits down next to him. "Are you okay?" Yuki sensei asks. Shuichi doesn't say anything. "I told the doctors I would tell them when you woke up." Shuichi still says nothing. Yuki pets him softly and goes to find a nurse.

After checking Shuichi out thoroughly and finding him unwilling to speak, they release him to Yuki with the promise of coming back to speak with them.

Yuki walks a quiet Shuichi to the car and drives to his home. "I need you to go pack some stuff. You're coming to my house for a while." Shuichi unbuckles his seatbelt. They walk into his house; his father is sitting on the couch. Yuki pulls Shuichi behind him. "You're not supposed to be here until after he gets his stuff. " Sir smiles at them. "I just wanted to see my son." Shuichi does nothing. Yuki pulls his cell phone out. "If you don't leave I'm going to call the police." Sir gets up and walks up to Yuki. Shuichi flinches and inches back, but Yuki stands firm. "You should try him. That big mouth of his is good for other things too."

Yuki stares him down and he backs away. "See ya, Shu." He says as he walks out the door. Yuki turns and takes Shuichi in his arms. "He's gone. It's okay. Go pack your things and we can leave." Shuichi goes up to his room and Yuki follows. The kid doesn't have very much, Yuki notices sadly. He packs a few books, some journals, other things. He packs a few items of clothing and some bathroom items before looking at Yuki. "I'm ready, sensei. Are you sure this is alright?" Yuki nods and helps him carry his two bags out.

When they get to Yuki's house Shuichi is led into a guest room. He notices a guitar sitting in the corner. He picks it up after dropping his things and strums it. "You play?" Shuichi asks. Yuki smiles and shakes his head. "My partner plays. He does it in here so that it doesn't disrupt me when I'm working."

Shuichi stares at Yuki. "Your partner is a man?" Yuki bites his lip. He hadn't planned on telling Shuichi. He had even asked Hiro to stay with friends while Shuichi settles in. Yuki finally sighs and nods. "I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable. There is a difference between homosexual and pedophile." Shuichi nods. "I just hadn't thought…" Yuki sits on the bed. "I guess, since you know, I should let him know that he can come back home." Shuichi looks up at him. "Only if you're comfortable with him being here… I know it must be… weird for you." Shuichi shakes his head. "I don't mind. There's a difference between you and… him."

Yuki gets up and wraps an arm around Shuichi. "If you're interested in learning guitar I bet he would teach you. He's really good." Shuichi Smiles a little. "If he's so good why won't you let him play in your room?" Yuki groans. "The same reason I've told him a million times. Just because he's good doesn't mean it's something I can concentrate around." Shuichi plucks at the strings again.

Yuki leaves the room to call his partner. Shuichi lies on the bed and sprawls out. He takes a deep breath and exhales. He wonders, for a moment, what it's going to be like to sleep at night without being afraid. What will it be like to take a shower without having to keep your eyes open? Shuichi is startled when someone makes the bed bounce. He gets off of the bed as fast as he can and gets far away from the bed. A red haired man who is smiling slowly loses his smile.

"Hiro! You scared him, you idiot! Get out!" Yuki yells. The redhead looks like he's about to cry and gets up. Shuichi steps forward and stops him "No, no. I was just surprised, I'm sorry." Hiro sits back down on the bed, sticking his tongue out at Yuki before turning to Shuichi.

"I'm sorry I scared you. Yuki let me back in the house and I was excited to meet you." Hiro says. Yuki scoffs. "He's just like a dog." Hiro gets up and licks Yuki's face. Yuki wipes it off, with a disgusted look on his face and pushes Hiro away from him. "Nice to meet you. I'm Shuichi Shindou." Hiro steps closer to him. "One of Eiri's students, right? He told me you were coming to stay here for a while. I'm Hiro Nakano." Shuichi bows and Yuki grabs Hiro to push him out the door. "You can get unpacked and settled in. Whenever you're ready you may come down. I'm going to go prepare dinner and Hiro can show you around, or you can watch TV or anything. The house is yours, so do as you please. We can talk about rules during dinner."

Shuichi comes down about an hour later, having put his clothing and personal items away. Hiro is laying on the couch listening to music. Yuki is in the kitchen preparing food. "Damn brat. Must you listen to such annoying music so loudly?" He complains. Hiro only smiles. Shuichi walks up to him and gently touches his arm. Hiro jumps, having been caught off-guard. "Jesus kid, I didn't even hear you come down." He says. Yuki walks into the living room. "That's because you have your shitty music turned up far too loud." Hiro rolls his eyes. "It seems I've paid you back for earlier, Hiro." Shuichi says with a bit of a smile. This makes both Yuki and Hiro smile back at him. "So I guess you did. Let me show you around. "

Hiro shows Shuichi through all of the rooms. Their bedroom is surprisingly clean. Shuichi guesses that this is due to Yuki's input. He shows Shuichi where the movies and books are. They even have a computer set up with an account for him to use.

Shuichi is overcome by how much effort they put into his being there. He knew he wouldn't be able to shake the feeling of intruding on their lives, but they had gone above and beyond for him. Yuki tells them dinner is ready, so they end the tour with the kitchen.

Shuichi is delighted with Yuki's food. He eats like a starved man; a growing boy that has never had enough. Yuki and Hiro give him some time to eat before they begin talking.

"Shuichi, I don't know about how it was for you in the past… but we have some rules here that we are expecting you to follow." Yuki starts. Hiro smiles at him. "Nothing psycho, don't worry." Shuichi nods.

"We would appreciate it if you would knock before entering the bedroom if the door is closed." Hiro begins; Shuichi blushes and nods. That was an obvious one. "No drinking and no drug use." Yuki says. "And if you smoke, don't take my lighters. I already have a hell of a time keeping up with them." Hiro adds. Shuichi blinks. "I don't smoke. I don't do any of that," Shuichi answers. Yuki smiles because he is happy to see a teen that doesn't already smoke. "If you go out, let someone know. Leave a note or send a text, or anything. And you need to be back by midnight." Hiro says. "I don't go out…" Shuichi answers. "Do not steal anything. You may eat whatever you would like whenever you would like. You may shower whenever you would like. You may drink anything, except for the alcohol. If you need money, ask." Shuichi nods. None of this sounds like a problem to him.

Yuki gets up and takes his plate to the sink. He comes back for Hiro's and Shuichi's. "My I lock my door?" Shuichi asks, somewhat quietly. Yuki and Hiro look at him; both a little sad. "Of course you can." Hiro answers. "Of course you may," Yuki corrects. "However, if you do not answer when we knock we will enter without your permission." Shuichi nods. That seems fair.