"Forty-five adults and seven children lost their lives tonight as the Tokyo Mental Health Hospital collapses after fire rages through…" the news says. Shuichi is lying in a hospital bed with his mama and dad by his side. "While the names of the children cannot yet be release, you can find a list of known adults on our website at ..." Eiri shuts the TV off.

"Why would you run back into a building that was on fire? You could have been killed!" His father says harshly. Shuichi can't cry anymore. "My friend Kyo… He's one of the kids that died in there. I went back to get him."

Eiri sighs and Hiro holds Shuichi. "I missed you," Hiro murmurs. Shuichi doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to deal with his father's anger or his mama's apparent child-induced psychosis.

K and his father enter the hospital room and K sits next to Shuichi without saying a word. Shuichi's face crumbles and he begins to sob. K leans down and whispers in his ear, petting him softly. Mr. Winchester begins to speak.

"They want to have a small hearing in three days. Suguru is challenging the hospital's decision to let you out." Shuichi smiles and they're all surprised. "My therapist says I've made a remarkable breakthrough. I have no doubt that I will be let out. I'm not psychotic, I was depressed. Lots of people are depressed. I've learned how to cope and I've been taking medication."

"I hope you don't mind but I also put in the paperwork to have the judge grant your divorce after the case." Shuichi nods. Hopefully in three days this would all be over. But was he being honest? Would he really change everything now?

He just lost the first friend he'd made at the hospital. He's seventeen and getting divorced. He's a high school dropout with no job, no life, no real family… And just like that, he wonders if he's fooling everyone around him.

He doubts he will try committing suicide again. It was too painful. But he was certainly no happier. His mama grabs his hand and they look into each other's eyes. Shuichi looks away and closes his eyes.

After Mr. Winchester and K had left for the night Hiro had sent Eiri to get food for everyone. As soon as he was out of the room Hiro looked back into his son's eyes. "You aren't happy," Hiro says.

Shuichi is surprised. Maybe he wasn't putting on as good of a show as he thought. He smiles, somewhat strained, and tries to maintain eye contact.

"You just lost a friend. I know it's hard, baby, but it'll get better. Soon you'll be free and single. I mean, it's a lot of change, but you'll have your dad and me to help you. We love you… I just, I don't want to think you'll try again," Hiro tells him.

This he can be honest about. "I'm never going to try that again. I don't want to die. I just can't imagine myself ever being happy again," he confides. "It'll happen. You were happy after you were separated from your step-father. I bet you never thought you'd be able to feel happy while that was happening."

Shuichi blinks. His mama was very correct. He'd wanted to kill himself then, too. He would have if Eiri hadn't adopted him. He never thought he'd feel happy again, and yet he had. For a long time, even.

"You can come back and live with us. Finish school, go to college, and find a job… All those things. Then, when you're ready, you can find another place to live. You may even fall in love again. You just have to keep hoping, Shuichi."

Shuichi wipes his eyes and hugs his mama. Eiri comes back just a few minutes later. "This isn't fair," he grumbles. "You've hugged him twice and I haven't gotten any." He passes the food around. Shuichi tentatively hugs his dad. They hadn't hugged as often as his mama and he had hugged in their times knowing each other.

The morning comes and Shuichi is asleep. Hiro is asleep beside him and Eiri is pacing. Shuichi was confident that he would get but… But were the doctors as confident in him? Shuichi hospital doctor comes in and smiles at him.

"Good morning, Mr. Eiri. We're going to need you and Mr. Hiroshi to leave, now. Due to hospital regulations, until Mr. Shuichi is deemed mentally fit to be on his own, he can't have outside visitors." Eiri frowns and is going to argue when he notices his lover kiss their son goodbye.

He walks to Shuichi and kisses his forehead. "It'll be alright son. We'll see you in two days and then everything will be done." Shuichi smiles an honest smile and nods.


They go to bed when they get home. Both are still full from the early meal they shared with Shuichi. Hiro lays his head on Eiri's chest. "Can we still adopt another baby?" He asks softly. If Eiri says no, he's going to cry.

Eiri runs his fingers through Hiro's soft hair. It needs to be cut. "Of course. I think we should wait until Shuichi is out of the state's care, though." That was reasonable enough. Hiro blushes a deep pink. "Eiri…"

Eiri grunts in response. "Can we make love?" Hiro asks. He's not usually this docile. He looks up at Eiri and their eyes meet. Eiri pulls him up and kisses him. Usually Hiro loves being on top, but this time he wants something different.

He lies on his back and pulls Eiri on top of him. He can't look into Eiri's eyes while he asks. 'Can we… pretend something?" Eiri raises an eyebrow. "Pretend what?" Hiro's hand reflexively rests on his belly, rubbing soft, small circles.

"Can we pretend…? That I'll get pregnant?" He asks. It has taken all of his courage. Eiri sits up. "Like, you want me to put a condom on? Or…?" Eiri asks. Hiro shakes his head. "Like, we're doing this to have a baby… Like I will really be pregnant when we're done?"

Eiri begins laughing and Hiro feels ashamed. He feels tears run down his face. He gets up quickly and runs for the bathroom.

Eiri grabs his wrist and pulls him onto his lap. He wraps his arms around Hiro when he tries fighting to get away. "We can pretend baby. Get back on the bed. I'm not laughing at you… Well, not at your idea. You're just so cute…" Eiri tells him, kissing his lips softly.

Hiro crawls back on the bed and Eiri lies down beside him, on his side. "Get on your side, facing away from me," he tells Hiro. Hiro listens slowly.

Eiri begins massaging all the way down Hiro's back. Hiro moans and relaxes beneath his boyfriend's hands. Eiri stops at Hiro's lower back. He moves one hand to Hiro's stomach and begins to rub it softly. "I can't wait to see this get bigger when you're filled up with our child," Eiri says softly in Hiro's ear.

Hiro grabs his hand and they hold his tummy together. Eiri takes his hand back and rests Hiro's leg on his so that he's opened enough for Eiri to take him. He lubes his fingers and slowly inserts one. Hiro can feel it, though it doesn't hurt much.

He slowly adds a second and a third. He pulls them out and puts more lube on his self. He grips Hiro's hip and enters him slowly, but completely. Hiro whines at the intrusion and leans his head back. Eiri kisses his neck and lets Hiro adjust.

Eiri and Hiro are panting already. Eiri moves in and out as fast as he can in this position. "When I cum," Eiri growls in Hiro's ear. "It's going to be as deep inside you as possible, so that I stay in your body," he tells him.

Hiro groans and moves with Eiri. "Eiri, I'm so close. Please fill me up," Hiro whimpers. Eiri grabs his hips and thrusts himself deep inside before finishing. Hiro pants and wriggles his hips. He hasn't come yet. Eiri pulls out and pushes Hiro onto his back.

He moves down his body and kisses his soft belly. One of his hands grips Hiro and begins jerking him off while he whispers to him. "Now you've got my baby here, Hiro," he says as he kisses the belly. Hiro thrusts to Eiri's hand.

"I'm… I'm yours, Eiri. All yours! Even… Even have your babies," Hiro mumbles while he cums. Eiri chuckles at Hiro's odd coital ramblings. They rest beside one another. Eiri hardly notices that his hand is still on Hiro's tummy, rubbing soft circles, even after Hiro falls asleep.