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Yumekui Merry: Dream Human

NREM 1: The Dream Human

Inside a mysterious Daydream, a small and weak Dream Demon fell back, frightened by the one who was about to kill him. The daydream took the appearance of a strange and eerie graveyard, but rather than tombstones, coffins hung in the air, held up by chains that suspended in the air. And nothing was in the sky, no sun and no moon; it was just a blanket of grey to add more of the Dream World's eerie quality.

Behind the quivering Dream Demon, one of the coffins opened. "You see that? It's your coffin." The mysterious figure to which this Daydream belonged said, then hit it back into the coffin and held the point of his scythe at his throat. "Time to die," The figure said and he beheaded the Dream Demon without hesitation.

And with that the Daydream ended, and a little boy walked through the crowd with his mother. But the boy was different from a moment ago, because the Dream Demon that inhabited him had been killed, and so he had lost his dream. A boy about 16 years old watched the little boy as he past, his eyes filled with malice, and his grey eyes also had large white dots in them, the sign of a Dream Demon, the same one that had just destroyed the little boy's dream.

The young boy was wearing a black leather jacket with a dark shirt underneath, and blue jeans that were frayed at the knees, and had black hair that hanged over his eyes. After losing sight of the child, the young boy got up and walked in the opposite direction, going hunting for more Dream Demons to slay.

"Hey, Yumeji, when we get back, let's play video games!" Merry pleaded.

"Again, don't you ever get tired of playing those?" Yumeji asked.

"Of course not, so come on we should play." Merry said again.

"Alright then, I guess we can." Yumeji reluctantly agreed.

Just then, although they paid no attention to it at first, a boy with a leather jacket on walked past by them, and then stopped walking right after, looking back at them intensely. He opened his Daydream.

Yumeji and Merry stopped immediately as they saw the Daydream world appear around them. "What, a Daydream?" Merry said in surprise as she looked around the coffin graveyard.

Just then Merry and Yumeji heard a slam from behind, and turned to see a coffin was opened, and someone was on top of it. "Who are you?" Yumeji asked.

"You see this coffin, Dream Demon?" The figure asked Merry. "It's yours." He said and flipped back off the coffin and turned to them, and although they didn't know it, it was the same boy that was standing in reality, only he had a pitch black cloak over his regular clothes.

"I have a couple questions before we start." The boy asked.

"What?" Merry asked.

"I saw both of you out in reality, so how is it one of you is here as a human without a Dream Demon? And how was the other in Reality without a vessel?" The boy asked.

"We don't exactly know the answer to either of those questions right now." Yumeji replied.

"Very well, then I won't delay any longer to put you in your coffin!" The boy said and waved his hand over his head, and a sort of black smog appeared around it and solidified into a scythe that fit the Daydream realm perfectly. The boy then leaped at Merry and swung his scythe down on her, but Merry jumped back to avoid it. "Those are some good reflexes there, Dream Demon."

"If you think that's good, just wait." Merry said, then ran at the boy and threw a punch at him, but he ducked to avoid it, then he swung his scythe at her.

"Time to die." The boy said, but then Merry managed to leap up above the scythe blade then kicked the boy away, also making him drop his weapon.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet have I? I gobble up bad dreams and send them back to the other side. I'm the Dream Eater Merry!" Merry said.

The boy got to his feet, a little shaken by Merry's kick. "You send bad dreams back to the other side?" He asked. "You're saying you send Dream Demons back to the Dream World right?" He asked.

"Yea, I'll send you back for sure." Merry replied.

"Send me back? Where exactly?" The boy asked, puzzling Merry.

"To the Dream World, you said that just a second ago."

"Except you can't send me back somewhere I've never been in my life." The boy said.

"What do you mean, there's no way a Dream Demon could have been born in Reality."

"No there isn't, but I am not a Dream Demon." The boy said, ripping off his black cloak to reveal his regular clothing. "I'm a human!" He screamed at Merry, completely shocking her and Yumeji.

"A... human?" Yumeji repeated in question. "But then... where's your Dream Demon?"

The boy turned to Yumeji with an angered expression. "I killed my Dream Demon!"

"What?" Merry asked.

"Is that even possible?" Yumeji questioned.

"I'm tired of talking to you, time to die, Dream Demon!" The boy yelled and ran at Merry again, his scythe dissolving from the distance and reappearing in his hand.

"Merry, snap out of it!" Yumeji told Merry, who was so shocked she seemed as if she was in a trance. "Merry!" He yelled once more and she realized what was happening, and jumped back to dodge the boy's scythe just in time. Merry then ran forward and knocked the Scythe out of the boy's hands, then made to punch him. "Merry, don't do it, he's still a human!" Yumeji shouted and Merry stopped her punch just short of the boy's face, realizing Yumeji was entirely correct.

Merry slowly backed away in that realization. "I see, so that's how it is." The boy said. "You can't hurt me because I'm human, is that it?" The boy turned away and walked toward the coffin he had opened for Merry, and then put the lid back on.

"What are you doing?" Merry asked.

After putting the coffin's lid back on, the boy started writing something in the dirt with his finger, what he wrote was "Dream Eater Merry". "This coffin is reserved for you, Dream Demon." The boy said, only glancing back at her. "But for now I will show you mercy just as you showed me. You are without a doubt the strongest Dream Demon I've come to face so far." He said and walked over to pick up his scythe. "Assuming you fought me with all your strength and skill, it is quite possible I would lose, so for now I won't hunt you, but next time we meet in battle you won't be so lucky." He told them and the Daydream ended.

Yumeji and Merry looked around a bit, still shaken up over what just happened, but after a moment, they stopped and started walking back home. Although they didn't see him, the boy they had fought had been just a little behind them in the crowd, staring at them until they were out of view, then turned around, walking away.

"So this is what it feels like." The boy said and put his hand on the cheek Merry had kicked. "The pain a human experiences from a Dream Demon."

The next day Yumeji went to school and tried not to think about what had happened yesterday, but that was going to be harder than he thought as he soon found out. "Class," The teacher said. "We have a new student joining us today, so please give a warm welcome to Yoru Fukui." She said and the new student walked in, who was wearing a leather jacket over his school uniform.

As Yumeji looked over at him, he realized instantly that is was the same boy that attacked Merry and him yesterday. As an instinct, Yumeji jumped from his chair in surprise, also startling the rest of the class. "Yumeji, are you alright?" Isana asked.