A/N: Long time no see my FF7 fans! I have had a brief break from this fandom but now I am back! Haha! Still loving Final Fantasy! Never get bored! So, this one is a continuation of Eien and Ningyo! Yay! A trilogy of fan fics! I hope you guys enjoy as much you seemed to enjoy the others! I'll try and up the ante with this one, new characters, new settings, more room for the imagination to run riot! Enjoy, read and review my lovely readers! XD



Chapter 1: New beginnings.





Surrounded by impenetrable darkness, naked and alone. I hear a soft voice...calling to me...I have to answer. I have no choice. I am surrounded by warmth, a soft hand caresses my face gently and I open my eyes...

Bright, clear blue skies stretch on impossibly. I blink slightly as brilliant sunlight sears my vision. I feel heavy, my limbs weak. Who am I? Where was I? What was happening?

I have to lie still, I feel...strange, as if I had just been born again. My body, seemed almost unfamiliar and everything I looked at; the birds in the sky, the sand beneath me even the sounds that I heard were all new! Wonderfully new and fresh, the scent of salt and dried seaweed seemed to be the sweetest scent in the universe. Finally I feel a bit of strength in my limbs and I sit up slowly, I had been lying on a beach. A long stretch of sand reaches to either side of me and just touching my bare feet were soft waves, lapping gently at the shore. Had I washed up here? Where was I supposed to be? What had happened? I look up again and stare into the sky, I feel as if I should know this place, but my memory is almost non-existent. I am wearing no clothes and I feel slightly ill, as if I had eaten something bad.

"Hey! Oy! You!"

I jump at the sudden noise and turn, sitting on my knees, to see a group of people walking toward me. As they draw near I shy away from them, they look harmless but some instinct tells me not to trust them. They're all clad in the same, strange uniform; smart blue suites with white shirts and neck ties.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing here? Where are your clothes? What happened to you?"

I shake my head, I can't speak. I seem to have lost the ability to express myself in that way.

"You ok?" a woman kneels beside me looking concerned. She reaches toward me and I back away, instinct taking over making alarm bells ring in my head. Her frown deepens and she turns to her fellows. "Look at his eyes! You seen eyes like that outside the old photos?"

"Wow! Hey, you're right...what's your name, kid?"

I shake my head again desperately. I wanted them to go away! For some reason I didn't want them near me.

"I don't think he can talk." The woman says softly, she looks at me carefully her eyes coldly scanning my body. Her frown deepens. "Ya'know what? I think I've seen this guy somewhere before..."

"Yeah, me too...where though?"

"Dunno, maybe we should get him back to Central command? He could be important."

"With eyes like that, I think you're right. Hey kid, get up...we're gunna take you somewhere safe."

I scramble backwards, I need to stay here! For some reason I feel I need to stay here...why? I have no idea. Maybe it has something to with that voice in the back of my mind, the soft almost feminine one that keeps whispering quietly. I pause and tip my head to the side staring out to sea. Yes, very faintly I can hear it. Like a memory that I can't quite get a hold of. I bite my lower lip and frown. I had something important to do...something to do with...

Silver hair, deep, forbidding eyes, pale skin, a wicked smile that drives me to the edge of madness and brings me sharply back again. Almost painfully commanding voice telling me...telling me...

I shake my head quickly, what the hell had that been? The strange people are all stood around me now, they seem to be waiting for something. Then I see it, a small buggy flying across the sand toward us. As it draws near I can see a logo on the side, I know that symbol. It sends violent shivers through my body, I wanted to escape but I knew it was useless. I was naked and weapon-less. I looked down at my hands and spread my fingers slowly, it felt as if they knew what to do. My body felt as if it would know what to do in a fight, but I can't stand yet, still too weak.

"Ok, they're here! Up you get!"

One of the suited me lifted me up and helped me into the back of the buggy, I sat still unable to do anything else. We left in a buzz of engines and spray of sand.

The journey was long and boring, eventually I fell asleep. When I woke I found myself lying in a bed, the covers soft and warm. I sigh and roll myself onto my back. I am in a room painted entirely white, it's dark and the curtains are pulled so I can't see outside. I had had a dream...or was it a memory?

I had been standing in a village, flames leapt around me the heat had scorched my skin, burnt my hair and choked me. I had felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal, anger and grief. I had lost someone close to me...Then I had seen him; a tall, imposing figure, long silver hair and a pair of bright, greenish/blue eyes with vertically slit pupils that seemed to suck in my soul and drown me in their deep green pools. I welcomed the familiar feeling, in fact, I longed for it. Even as I lay awake and stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling I began craving that man's touch, he was so familiar, I knew him. My hand rested over my bare chest and I sighed. I wished I could get my memory back, I wanted to remember who that man was and why he wasn't here with me now. But...wait, he was supposed to be with me always! I frowned and shook my head. That was stupid! I was alone in this room! I closed my eyes and began trying to make myself remember, I had to remember! I couldn't carry on like this! Memory seemed so vitally important! I had to remember so many things! Foggy memories, like I was seeing them through frosted glass; laughter, bright and cheerful, muffled words, gun shots, rain, a bright silver sword covered in blood, bloody hands, bloody face. Explosions, horrible pain, confusion, feelings of loss, hopelessness, despair. I opened my eyes again slowly, maybe it was best I left things alone? Did I want to remember all those awful things with any form of clarity? Maybe not...but I felt I had to, I felt that I needed to! It seemed vitally important that I remember everything, right down to the tiniest detail.

I lifted my hands and put them behind my head as I stared up at the light fixture. Why was I here? I wandered briefly, what did they want from some random guy they had happened across on a beach? I close my eyes again, all I can see are those eyes. I shiver slightly, was it cold? Are these hands, running softly through my hair, real or remembered? I don't want to know. As I lay there, I begin to feel that nagging sensation increase tenfold. I open my eyes slightly and see those inscrutable eyes looking down at me, that smile, so beautiful and yet deadly, like a snake that's ready to attack. A name comes to me, the only solid thing I can remember.