The tree branch broke as the girl, running full speed ahead with a bag in her hand, pushed past. The forest's tranquil quiet broken by her running footsteps and pants for breath as the race of time continued, ending none no when.

Running, running, and more running. She didn't think she ever ran this much in her whole life, not even with Ace, and that was saying something. The man, Julius Monrey, just had to go and forget the whole bag of stupid clocks, forcing her to go and run to the other side of Wonderland just to deliver them to him. When he was done, she was sure to teach him a lesson he'd never forget.

He could have sent Ace or even … someone else to get them! But, no. He just had to go and have Alice go and run all the way to the other side of Wonderland to deliver the clocks. It was a bunch of crap! Her legs hurt, her feet were tried. All she wanted to do was to just stop and rest for a bit. Would he be mad if she was a little late? He didn't say right away... so maybe she could get away with it.

She took in a long breath of the damp forest air. The wind blew slightly, blowing her hair along with it. It was calming like this. In fact, it made her want to just rest for a bit.

Before she could stop herself, she was already leaning against a tree, eyes closed, drifting into sleep.


A large hand pushed the branches out of the way. Strangely though, some of the branches were already out of the way. And from the looks of it, it looked like they were broken off.

The man sighed. It was either Alice or someone after his life, but at a lousy attempt, if he could say so himself. Though, as to why Alice would be out this late at night, where even he had troubles seeing, was beyond his comprehension. The only other option was amateur assassins again.

So, he kept walking. However, the further he walked, the more jagged and broken the branches got. But, he kept walking. And, much to his surprise, as he stepped out of the dense forest of branches he found a sleeping Alice.

A smile came face as a slight hint of laughter escaped it. What was she doing? Napping in this kind of place. Really, she had no self-awareness at all. He bent down to the side of the girl, gently stroking her cheek. "Alice, are you done sleeping yet?"

Her face wrinkled, making it look like she was in deep though. "Mm … the clocks aren't important … Ace can..Mm"

His eyebrows raised as she mumbled his name in her sleep. I could what? he wondered. Well, it wasn't like it really mattered. "Alice, it's time to wake up," he tried again.

Her faced turned sour.

What was she dreaming about. "Ali–"


Her eyes shot open. She quickly pulled her hand over, rubbing it hurt hand gently. "What did I.." She looked over to her side to find the knight bent down by her, a large, red hand mark across his face.

"You're finally up?" he asked in a flat voice, no emotion detected.

She was a smart girl. Piecing two and two together was simple. Her hand hurt, Ace's face had a hand print on it. It could only mean that she... "I—I slapped you, right? I'm so sorry, Ace!"

The knight's face remained the same as it had before, then it loosened up into a smile. "I'm fine but,"-he pointed to the bag at her side-"what's that?"

Alice started to laugh, but then her face and body stiffened. The clocks. She'd been sleeping for so long she forgot. Julius was gonna kill her!

She quickly jumped up, the knight leaning back a bit so as to not get hit. "The clocks!" she cried.


"Julius wanted me to deliver clocks to him, and I completely forgot and worst of all, I even dozed off!" she cried, the beginnings of panic starting to show over the fear on her face.

"Why would Julius ask you? I could have gotten them or even the after images, if they're just clocks – it's their jobs." He tilted his head. It didn't make any sense as to why he would send her. "Why would he send a kid like you?" he mumbled, unaware of what he was saying.

"K-kid? Who's a kid?" she barked.

"Huh? You. There's no other kids around here, except for the twins, but they're not here."

Her eyes narrowed down on him. "I'm not a kid! I'm a young adult!"