Chapter 1: So here we are.

Disclaimer: Do I look like Rick Riordan to you?

Annabeth's POV:

I don't even know what made me think this was a good idea, I don't even know how I ended up here, but here I was, and they locked all the doors. That's right, you guessed it, I'm having a sleepover with the Aphrodite campers. They all just sat there, filing there nails and staring at me. "So….." I asked trying to make conversation. "What now?" Selena and another Aphrodite camper (I think her name is Lauren) looked at each other, and smiled. "Wellllll," she started, "I was thinking maybe we could give you a make-"

"NO!" I yelled, "I mean, I would rather you not." Another moment of silence…. Then Lauren spoke up, "How about we play Truth or Dare?" So, here I am playing TorD with the Aphrodite cabin members, just my luck.

"I'll go first," Selena said, "Annabeth truth or dare." Shoot, what should I choose? If I said truth it would for sure be something about Percy, Selena was always trying to set us up, and if I said dare, I would defiantly be getting a makeover. "Truth," I said, figuring I would rather answer I question than get a makeover. "Okay then!" Selena said excitedly, "What's the deal with you and Percy?"

Well, I saw that one coming, I though for awhile, then said "We're just friends, that's all. Best Friends."

"Sure you are." Selena answered with sarcasm. "No, really." I tried to say with a straight face, "Just friends…." But I could tell she knew I was lying. "I'm not that stupid Annabeth, it doesn't take a daughter of Athena to know you two like each other." She replied. "Well," I said, "What would you say if I do like him?"

"So you do?" She asked with enthusiasm. But luckily for me, I was saved by what looked like someone peeking into the window. .. ".Gee!" Several of the girls shouted, "Is that NICO?"

Nico's POV:

Percy and I were just hanging out, having some fun, when Percy got the idea to spy on the Aphrodite campers. "Come on Nico, Annabeth is there, maybe she'll talk about me!" Percy begged, he could be so annoying with his little crush sometimes.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" I said, I knew we weren't supposed to be outside after curfew, and if we were caught, what would we say. 'Oh, sorry we were just spying on the hot Aphrodite girls!'. I don't think so. "Really? Since when are you the cautious one?"

He had a point, and maybe I did want to go spy on the cute girls. If they were talking about Percy like he said they were, maybe I did want to listen. Who knows, they might mention me? I didn't really know if girls thought of me as a creepy emo son of Hades, (I am not emo.) or the hot mysterious guy. Hopefully a bit of both. "Fine I'll go." I mumbled.

So, there we were, peeking through the window when I tripped, clumsy me, and they saw me. ".Gee." they said, "Is that NICO?" So I guess that's how me and Percy ended up playing Truth or Dare with the Aphrodite campers and Annabeth. "Yippee. this should be fun." I whispered to Percy. "NOT."