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Erik: *sighs in relief*

Le Fantome de la Maison Jaune: Sequel to La Rose de l'Esprit

(Phantom of the Yellow House)

Chapter 1:

It had been three months since I left Erik. I seemed to be barely living. It was as if I was on automatic.

If it weren't for the baby I don't think I'd still be here. Without Erik I was nothing. I simply didn't have the will to live anymore.

Today I had a doctor's appointment to the doctor. I would get to see if I was having a boy or a girl.

Just the thought made me miss Erik horribly. He was supposed to be here to share the moment.

"Emma? Are you ready to go?" Mom called up the stairs.

"Coming," I sighed before getting up from my bed. It was an effort. I was unusually large for only to be pregnant four months.

Mom and Dad were curious of how I was pregnant and who Erik was but didn't question me. They knew I was depressed and assumed I'd tell them sooner or later.

I was quiet on the way there. I hadn't been talking much to anyone lately. Not even my parents. When I went places everyone gave me a dirty look. I knew what they were thinking.

There's another careless loose teenager who got herself pregnant.

Oh but they were so wrong!

A tear slipped down my face as mom drove into the Women's Clinic driveway.

"We're here," mom announced.

I silently got out of the car and walked into the clinic to wait for my name to be called. People stared at me as usual. Couldn't they have the decency not to stare. I mean hello! I'm here you know!

Mom went to the reception's desk and then came to sit beside me.

I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see the protruding eyes of the other patients eyeing me curiously.

"Honey what's the matter?" Mom touched my arm.

"Just nervous I guess," I sighed, not opening my eyes.

"Emma Lee?" a nurse asked standing by the hall.

I got up quickly, mom on my heels.

I sat down nervously on the examination table, looking at the machines.

The nurse and doctor went quickly to work as I sat nervously rigid.

"Well it's looks like you have yourself a boy—and a girl." The doctor grinned.

"Wha—what?" I squeaked in surprise.

Mom gasped in delight.

"You're going to have twins!" the Doctor showed me a sonogram photo.

"Oh," I gasped, before my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

Erik we're having twins…

Erik: *faints*

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