This isn't a chapter and hope I don't get in trouble for author notes but whatever. I wanted to let everyone know I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been very busy with grandparents being here. I will be updating soon though. As soon as I get a good idea for the next. I kinda have writer's block. It's minor though. Thank God!

Well anyway I started a new story. It's Phantom of the Opera…but It's a Christine/Nadir…Ahahhaah uncalled for right? I've always wanted to write one. I don't know why but it's just been something that's been in the back of my head. Nadir is so under-rated in the fanfiction world. I mean hello if it wasn't for the Daroga we wouldn't have Phantom of the Opera. He was the one who gave all the info to Gaston Leroux to write the book.

I would love it if any of you would check it out and review. And if you have any ideas let me know! =)

Look for the story 'You Set My Soul On Fire.'