~Black Star High~

Chapter 1 – Fangirls, here I come!

As it was written, so it shall be. What was written one might ask? Like any Gohan and Videl fanfic, this one starts in the morning, because the morning is always the best place to start. It wasn't just any other morning for Gohan Son though. Oh no. Today was his first day of high-school. And that meant one thing, and one thing only.


He'd only heard rumors of them, from both his father and Vegeta...mostly from Vegeta. They sounded fascinating to say the least. Hot girls at your beck and call, they'd do whatever he wanted them too. He'd been waiting for this day for the last seven years. Rolling off his bad ass one handed win over Cell, he was sure that this would be his time to shine. Every single girl in school would spot him right away, and it would be smooth sailing after that. No more putting up with his crazy mother. No more little brother to annoy the crap out of him. It would just be him...and the ladies. There was nothing that could stand in his way. Absolutely positively nothing. Nothing at all. Nada mucha.

And that's when he saw the red pants, white long sleeve shirt, and black vest that his mother had lain out for him.

"Well...this doesn't bode well..."


"Look, this is all just a misunderstanding!" said the man in a ski-mask with a gun standing over the cop with the gun shot out of his hand.

Even as the other men ins ski masks filled up bags full of cash, he continued to plead his innocence. "Look, Steve, we've told you a thousand times! We really are robbing this place! And didn't you shoot that cop?"

"Don't listen to him! We're all just here to test the security of the banks! ... And to be honest, it could use some work. Oh, the cop? Of course he's still a live, what, you thought I was actually gonna shoot someone? Look, I don't have three personality's, okay? Just the two!"

"Steve, no one's gonna get that reference!"

"Well, we just can't shoot anyone, okay? That be stepping waaaay out of our nameless character roles."

"Then why'd we even bring guns?"

"Hey, this isn't 4kids. Be happy we even get guns. I heard the guys over at Yugioh don't even get that."

"...we really should talk to our union about that."

"Dammit you two morons, get in the remote control truck before someone shows up here to arrest us!"

"Don't listen to him! We're really not robbing this bank blind!"

"Steve, truck, now!"

Meanwhile, across the street...

"I can't believe this bs. There's a bank robbery going on in the middle of bloody town, they have at least six or seven guys, all whom seem to have automatic weapons, and they sent one cop car with two men who happen to only have pistols here to stop them?"

"Just another day on the force. Pass the donuts."

"No! I will not, pass, the damn donuts! I don't give a damn that we have Hercule Satan and his daughter here to protect the city. We're the cops! The blue! The fuz! Are you seriously telling me, a grown man, to sit back and wait for a 17 year old girl to come save me?"

"That's pretty much the deli-o, so...donuts?"

It was that scene that Gohan happened upon. He nearly passed it, what with his one track mind dead set on getting to school as fast as possible so he could be named a god among men and to have the fangirls come worship him. But, he did notice, and a smile passed over his face.

"This is perfect! All I gotta do is go super, and act as cool as I can while I save the day! No way it'll backfire. Today's gonna be a good day, nerdy cloths or not."

Hiding behind a tree, the saiyan transformed. His hair turned gold and his eyes turned teal, along with his muscles slightly bulking up. Jumping into the fray before the cop car looked any more like swiss cheese, it only took two kicks to take two of the crooks that were still outside the trunk out of commission. Landing in the bed, he turned to the third.

"Holy crap, look at that hair! Its a ninja! Eat lead!"

Gohan smiled, catching ever single bullet that came his way. Finally, when the bugler's clip ran out, Gohan's smile grew even more bad ass as he dropped every single bullet.

"Pirate for life~"

"Grrr! Why can't I hit you!"

"Heh, you didn't say please!"

The robber growled, reloading his gun. "Please? Okay then...please!"

More bullets rained down on Gohan, but once again he caught all the bullets, only to drop them.

The robber was startled to say the least. "You...what...what are you!"

"Who am I? I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness! I am tr-...Wait, wrong speech. Just a sec...okay, okay here we go. Who am I? Who am I? Who are YOU! Why, I auta smack you aside the head!"

And that was just what Gohan did, smacked the robber aside the head with his foot.

"Ya know, now that I think about it I'm pretty sure that first speech was the right one..."

As he landed on the ground, the remote control truck started to zoom off as the last two robbers tried to make their get away. Gohan just turned around and faced his palm towards the truck. "Hey, where ya going without the remote?"

"Dammit Steve! You left the remote back there didn't you?"

"We aren't don't anything wrong! He won't stop us!"

"Are you dumb or just that stupid!"

"Left – right – up – down- A – B – A – B!" And just as Gohan hit b on the control, the remote control car did a front flip, crashing as it skidded across the road into a pole.

Holding up his hand in a failed attempt to stop the crashing process, Gohan gulped when he saw the damage he caused. "Whoops...well, no chance of getting fangirls here."

Fazing out of view and behind the tree where his book bag was at, he powered down, picked up the bag, and got ready to make a hasty retreat. And it was then that Gohan's first fangirl showed up. The only problem for Gohan, she was so advanced in her sickness that she was about to evolve into the only thing that made fangirls scary.

A stalker.

The girl however didn't even know how far along she was, and so she approached Gohan unknowing of her sickness. The inhumanity of it all. "You, what happened here? The cops are way to incompetent to pull this kind of destruction and mayhem off."

"You know, its really out of character when teenagers use huge words when they never broke past two syllables in the show."

The girl's eyes narrowed, a glare hitting Gohan straight on, causing his defenses to greatly fall. "Why are you dancing around the question? Are you guilty? I think you're guilty!"

"Wh-what? I didn't dodge the question. I was merely pointing something out-"

"I knew it! You're totally guilty! Place you're hand behind your head you criminal scum!"

"But I only knocked the guys out! I didn't commit a crime, why would you arrest me for that?"

"So you admit it!"

Gohan and to blink at that. Great galaxies she got him, and she got him good. Within seconds infact.

"Uhh...Oh look, its the highest pitched man alive to give you an explanation!"

"Wait, what?" That threw the girl off, just long enough for Gohan to slip past and make a break for school.

Like nails on a chalkboard, the man ran up to the girl. "HeeEEEEEeey Videl! Did you see that? That golden fighter was iinncreeEEEEEeedible!"

Videl started to feel dizzy, and had to stair at the ground in order to not fall over from the shear pitch of it all. Shaking her head, she tried to remember who she had been talking to before this guys voice physically assaulted her ears. To her annoyance, she couldn't remember a thing that had happened in the last twenty minutes. Pity, it seemed important at the time too.


"Remind me again Sharpner, what did I do this morning?"

"I'm telling you, I asked you out early this morning outside your house and you said yes." Sharpner wasn't exactly sure what was going on himself, but he was going to use this memory loss to its fullest.

"That just doesn't sound like me. And then how do you explain that bruise on your neck?"

"Oh, this? This just happens to be the hick-" Next thing the blond knew, he was flying. And the next thing after that was that he had stopped. Abruptly. Against a wall.

"I'll put my money on that being from my fist rather than my face."

The nerd infront of the three giggled, to himself, as he smiled at his own little joke. "Hehe, that's what she said...hehe."

"So, like, Videl. Did you, like, here about the Gold Fighter, like, who showed up at the bank? Do you think he's, like, stronger than your pops?"

Videl's face contorted as she tried to think. Gold Fighter? Bank? Why'd that all sound so familiar?

Before Videl could figure it out, or answer for that matter, the teacher walked in. Quickly the students organized their things and turned to pay attention to the man.

"All right. I got some fresh blood for you monsters. Try and make it last, I don't know when we'll get our next transfer student, and I don't want this one to go to the Satan Insane Asylum as quickly as the last one."

The class replied in unison. "Yes Mr. Madison."

Turning to the door, the teacher then raised his voice. "All right boy, you can come in now."

The saiyan on the other side smiled. He had heard everything, but he wasn't worried. One look at him, and he'd rock this nerd look. The morning might not have gone so great, but that was just the world telling him to give one last hard push. This was his moment. His day in the sun. Not that he didn't miss his father or anything, but he was the main character now. It was all him.

Taking a step in, the boy smiled his best smile. He even entertained the idea of partially going super saiyan, to give him that extra golden glow just to make the effect all that stronger.

Any time now they'd be all over him.

Any time...

Pretty soon...

"This here is Gohan. He got perfect scores on his tests. I know I'm feeding you things to make fun of him with, but pretend not to here me. He's also pretty scrawny. Kinda pale... Weird hairdo. Funny name."

"We got it teach. He's a weirdo."

Gohan was about ready to smack a fool. Didn't they know he was the main character now? That was until a blond in the back row, who seemed to have red eyes for some reason, smiled and waved him over.

Videl was scared. Okay, she wasn't scared, but her friend's eyes did suddenly turn red with yellow numbers running along the bottom. It was cause enough for alarm.

"E-Erasa? You okay?"

"Like, manly sensors off the scale. Target is, like, totally a hunk."

Gohan smiled. Well, at least the hottest girl in the room knew what she was talking about. Walking up, he smiled confidently as he took his seat.

"Hey, I'm Gohan. What's your name?"

Totally best line ever. Soon Gohan, soon they'll be all over you!

The red in the girls eyes calmed down, and she seemed startled as she took her seat, like she wasn't sure why she was standing or something. "My name's, like, Erasa. That's, like, with an E."

"...there's really not that many ways to spell Erasa."

"Oh you, like, are so funny! Say, do you, like, live close by? Wanna, like, ditch school? Wanna, like, play hooky? Wanna..."

As Sharpner pulled himself out of the wall, Videl looked over the new kid. He was so familiar looking. She knew she had seen him before. Just...where?

"Hey, new kid. Have I stalked you before?"

"I have no idea, but if you can't get this crazy woman to stop saying like I'm gonna blow her to flipping kingdom come! I'm not even bluffing, cause, well...I really can do that."

"Hey, like, is anyone listening to me?"

Sharpner took his seat, rubbing his soar head. "You mean that tube top over there can talk? Since when?"

"Anyway, like, do you know who this girl is? She's, like, the daughter of Hercule Satan!"

"The who now?"

Sharpner huffed, and nearly puffed, but he answered anyway. "You mean to tell me you've never heard of the guy who saved our lives? Where have you been for the last seven years."

I've been dealing with my mother, don't try to act smart ya blond. And for nine of those months she was pregnant. Imagine a Chi-Chi, and now think of how she would act with a baby saiyan in her.

Whatever you're thinking is the reason they didn't show those seven years. They didn't just skip over that for no real reason. Believe me.

"Anyway, who's this Hercule guy?"

"He's the guy who, like, beat Cell."

"...come again?"

"My dad, beat Cell. You know, its rather suspicious that you've never heard of him. Are you hiding something. Have you ever had a girl friend? Are you hiding her from me!"

"What...in the world are you talking about?"

"Well let's keep this moving. Gohan, where do you live? Could you give me your phone number? Email? Social Security number? Let me put this tracker on your backpack?"

"...I live in the 439 Mountain Area. And to be honest I don't really feel like telling you the rest...cause you're kinda creeping me out...like a lot."

To that, Erasa stood up, shocked to say the least. "OMG, like, no way! That's got to be, like, a five hour flight!"

"Well, actually I got a pimpin ride. Gets me here and back in a half hour. Maybe if you're lucky I'll show it to you later. It's a one-seater, but I'll make room for you." Boo-ya, nailed that line. Good thing I practice that one infront of the mirror for two hours last night.

"Hey, kids in the back, shut your faces before I bring out the ruler! I have and will smack a child!"


"All right kids. Before my roid rage hits, let's get in a good game of baseball."

"Uh, coach, shouldn't we be warring helmets?"

"Does it really look like I give a damn?"

Sharpner turned to the new guy, a look of pure exaggeration on his face. "So new guy, ever play baseball before."

"Actually I had Yamcha, the best player in the league train me. I'm even better than him, he said so himself." said Gohan as he smiled. Now the fangirls would have to love him! They just had to!

"Ya, right. Cut the crap and get into right field."

"Wha...but I'm serious Videl. I know Yamcha the Scar-faced Bandit personally!"

"Sure, and next you'll say you're the son of a princess and a world martial arts master."


"Right field nerd boy."


Nerd boy, what that girl on calling him nerd boy? He could take this city block with one sneeze if he was serious. Well, he'd show her. It didn't take long, a baseball was finally hit towards him.


And to everyone's surprise, the nerd just jumped at least three or four stories up to catch an easy home run ball. While mid air, a smug smirk covered Gohan's face. Time to keep you're eye on ball!

And with a toss, the ball left his hand easily moving over two hundred and twenty miles an hour and gaining speed. The third baseman put his arm out by a shear act of instinct, but the ball hit his glove and took his hand clean with it as it ripped it off.

"...my bad!"

Gohan sighed as he sat down on the bench. Despite the injury, they'd keep playing. This gym teacher really wanted to get fired for negligence. Though in his defense, he was somehow able to reattach the arm on the field, with cpr.

Gohan wasn't even sure if that was possible, or why the gym teacher seemed to enjoy it so much, but it was something to see none the less. Crazy alternative medicine techniques...

"Hey dude, I think its your turn to bat...try not to kill anyone."

"Huh, oh right! My turn to hit!" Walking up to the plate, Gohan started to give himself the pep talk of a lifetime.

Okay, no pressure. Every single conceivable thing has gone utterly wrong today, but if I can establish myself as a jock I should be fine. Now...what are the rules of baseball again? Crap, I really should have had Yamcha teach me how to play. Umm...Umm...crap...crap...!

Sharpner, like usual, wasn't really sure what was going on...but this school all ready had a top jock. And he wasn't about to give up his spot to this new kid. Time to aim for his pretty boy face.

And the pitch! Gohan was still unsure of what he was exactly suppose to do. Curses, he should have paid attention when he was in the outfield. Was it soccer you could use your head, or was that baseball? Did he swing this bat and try to hit the ball, or was he suppose to save the bate for later when he was running around the bases? To be honest, keeping it sounded like a good strategy.

Before he could make up his mind though, the ball was all ready closing in on his face when a memory popped into his head. One that went something like 'Gohan, use Headbutt!'.

Panicking, that's what he did. "Gohan! Gooohan!"

The ball smacked him in the face, of course not fazing him in the slightest. Quickly Gohan took off running towards the first baseman with his metal bat, ready to swing. The coach...and everyone else, to speechless to form coherent words, just watched as Gohan took out the second player of the day.


As Gohan was walking, home, a girl named Videl happened to be following him. Looking back as he rounded a corner he noticed her. Great, no fangirls, but ninja's were trying to follow him already? Maybe he shouldn't have announced he was a pirate so soon.

Crafty evil ninjas.

In an instant, he flew up to the top of a large building, causing the ninja to be startled and look around. "Silly ninja. At least the pirate wasn't a complete copy of dad."

Jumping up, Gohan sat on the nimbus as he flew towards West City, stroking his chin as he thought.

"Well...this day went straight to crap. I'll definitely need new cloths if I'm going to salvage my image after today. I should also track this Mr Satan down...and when I find this guy...his fangirls shall be mine! … Maybe Bulma can help with the threads. Well, off to Bulma's!"

Author's Annotation:

And so, the story of Black Star High begins. I've never been one to respect the fourth wall, so this works pretty good actually. The next episodes should be easier to write. Kinda hard to set up jokes right off the bat, so the first one is always the hardest. At any rate, stay tuned!