The Ultimatum

Rich is sick and tired of Dana and JT always fighting. He does not know what to do. He does not see a way that he can make them both happy and feels like he has to choose between his girlfriend and his best friend. He makes a decision that they need to at least try to get a long because if they make him choose between them he will have a very tough decision to make because he does not want to lose either of them.

Scene: JT and Rich's apartment

JT: Rich what are we doing this weekend

Rich: I have plans with Dana

JT: why don't you want to hang out anymore?

Rich: that isn't true I already made plans sorry

JT: fine

Rich: I promise we will hang out soon

JT: whatever dude


SCENE: The Kitchen

Dana and JT are fighting as usual. Rich walks in.

Rich: what is going on?

Dana: JT is a moron

JT: I am not

Rich: will you two stop fighting for once

JT: She started it

Dana: that is so not true

Rich: stop, it does not matter who started it

Dana: (takes Rich's hand) let's go sweetie

JT: dude aren't we hanging out tonight

Dana: no

Rich: I can answer myself

Dana: sorry

Rich: JT I am sorry I already made plans with Dana

JT: come on dude we never hang out anymore

Rich: we will hang out next weekend

Dana: come on sweetie lets go

Rich: see you later JT

(They leave, Cody walks in)

JT: man this is ridiculous I never see Rich anymore

Cody: dude, leave then guy alone he is in love

JT: PLEASE that's so not true

Cody: why?

JT: because it's Dana, she …I mean….yuck

Cody: dude, you have issues

JT: No, I do not I just want my best friend back

Cody: well, good luck with that, just do not do anything stupid because you may end up hurting Rich and losing him as your best friend.

A couple hours later…

JT and Rich's apartment

JT is there and Rich enters

JT: Finally, your home

Rich: what are you my mother?

JT: haha …

Rich: what is your problem?

JT: we haven't hung out much since you started dated barky

Rich: first, do not call her that and second I see you every day so what's the big deal.

JT: no, that is not what I am talking about

(Dana walks in)

JT: don't you know how to knock

Rich: chill out dude the door was open

Dana: I am sorry I just wanted to say good night to my boyfriend is that a problem

JT: just hurry up barky

Dana: you are not the boss of me jackass

JT: well it is my apartment and if I do not want you in here then you cannot be in here.

Dana: you are not the only one that lives here

Rich: okay that is it. I cannot stand this constant bickering going on between you two. you need to come to some kind of agreement because the fighting has to stop.

JT: Why don't you just end it already so we can go back to the way it is supposed to be?

Rich: you can't be serious. Did you really just say that?

Dana: you are so selfish

Rich: that's it I am going to my parents' house for the night and when I return I want you two to at least tolerate each other because I do not want to have to choose between my best friend and girlfriend.

(he packs a bag and leaves)