I have been rewatching BECK…again…and I always forget just how much I LOVE it! And I really wish there were more fics. So I have been trying to contribute;p I have a couple more ideas for BECK fics that I'll hopefully get out!

Anyway, enjoy this slash fic!



He's hot.

That wild bleach blonde hair, those brown eyes that are capable of analyzing you in seconds, and his tan skin are all so…attractive. His bass playing is amazing, the way his nimble fingers pluck the strings and slide across the neck, releasing sounds that touch deep into the body and all the way to the bone. Another great thing about his bass playing?

He almost always performs shirtless.

More of that tan skin is exposed, pulled tight across abs screaming for attention, attention I would be more than happy to give them.


Taira is hot.

I can imagine us getting into an argument, his normal laid back attitude changing in an instant to stick up for his point of view. I would feel the heat and pull him into a knees weakening kiss that would persuade him into going along with my actions. Pulling off all of his clothes and exposing that body to my greedy eyes.

His body is hot.

His boyfriend sucks…

Shit, I'm jealous.

And I feel like some crazy perverted stalker watching him like this.

Taira and his boyfriend are sitting by the fishing pond and I'm sure they think nobody is watching because of how they are conversing. Slightly leaning in towards each other, sharing playful pushes while laughing. His boyfriend grabs him by the chin and draws him into one of those perfect movie kisses that you see in romantic comedies that makes everyone think 'awww, they finally got together even though it was so predictable!'

Well, it was the perfectly sweet romantic comedy kiss.

Now their hands are gripping hair and tongues are sliding together. Taira gets his bottom lips tugged between teeth before lips are connected again.

His boyfriend is not hot.

Damn Chiba…

I'm fucking jealous of Chiba.

Of course not enough to get between them because what I pretty much feel is lust and I can tell they really feel something for one another. When they get around each other this damn sparkle lights their eyes and, although they may not notice it, they are so sappy around the rest of the band. They try not to show it much but they are definitely in love. Or at least close to it.

"Uhhhh Ryusuke?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Koyuki. What did you say?"

"Saku should be here pretty soon and…."

Koyuki is pretty cute.

His personality is great and we get along pretty well. All that swimming will probably pay off and make his body nice and toned. There might be something between us. Maybe I'll try to find a Chiba/Taira relationship of my own.

Hmmm…A meaningful relationship…That sounds nice.

Took just a few moments for me to go from lusting after Taira, to getting over him and wanting to try and date Koyuki.

That's some crazy shit.

Shortest thing I have written and possibly not the best...

Iono why but I really like the idea of Taira and Chiba together. So now that you have read this…review please=^.^=