(Shadows p.o.v)

Today I was spending my day in the middle of station square. The commander had assigned me to watch over the place. They suspected someone was going to bomb it again. I still don't know who was stupid in of to do it the first time. All I know is that I have to stay here for another two hours. To bad rouge isn't here at least I would have someone to talk to, but no she had to meet sonic at his house to see a old friend a cat I screw them I had something better to think of. Then my phone started ringing.


''Shadow I have some great news for you'', said the commander.

''what is it''

''we found something on the ark it was a video message from an escape pod'', said the commander

''what did it say!''

''the person on the message was Maria, she said that she was going to another space station to where there are other family members and that the coordinates were in her diary, the problem is we couldn't find the diary'', said the commander.

''can I see the message''

''no not know we're going to lock the ark to prevent EGGMAN from getting here'', said the commander.

I just hanged up the phone after that. I couldn't believe it. So many years and they finally found something but I can't see it. I opened the car to my new SHELBY GT 500 and was about to get in when, out of the sky appeared EGGMAN. He had a giant robot that looked like him except the head was a big glass dome. From the moment I saw it lay out 20 buildings I knew I was going to need back up.

(Blazes p.o.v)

''so rouge am I going to be staying with you and Amy''.

''of course'', said rouge.

Just as she finished talking her phone rang and she left to take her call. I couldn't believe it I was finally back in the past with my old friends. Too bad silver didn't come with me he said he was going some ware and that he would be here in a few days. Either way I wasn't gana let it roan my fun. We were all in rouges house it was nice three room's two bathrooms and a pool outside.

''I can't wait till tonight we are going to have so much fun'', said the excited Amy

''me neither''

Sonic, tails knuckles, and cream walked in my new room. Each carrying a different box.

''were do you want this stuff'', said knuckles

''Over their '', I said pointing to my closet.

We had finally finished putting all my stuff in their places. So we decided to go out and eat. Tails and cream said to go to peter piper pizza so we went. We ordered this new type of pizza made in the honor of sonic. The sonic the hedgehog chilly dog pizza. We sat near the coin trading machine. The pizza was really good. After we finished eating cream told me to come play a game with her it was called Whack a EGGMAN. It was actually really funny we were enjoying it till the time ran out cream ended up winning for hitting the most EGGMANS. Then we left to play a game about basketball and I dominated destroying the little rabbit. The minute I won I cheered.

''in your face you weak little rabbit I made 20 baskets and you made one ,you are nothing compared to me I am the ultimate free throw shooter what are you going to do go cry to your mommy'' just as she finished cream started crying like crazy.

''I'm sorry I didn't mean it please, don't cry''

She then ran off and I followed her, but win I reached her she was hugging tails and crying on his shoulder. I blushed a little at the sight. Tails was stroking her fur and was patting her back and what really surprised me was that tails lifted her head up and kissed her cheek and she kissed him back. Tails whispered to her that he wasn't gana let anybody hurt her again. At that moment my eyes started watering and they started to sting. I ran to the restroom trying not to be seen but I guess I didn't work cause rouge came in looking for me. When she found me my cheeks were soaked with tears. what's ''wrong hone'', said rouge

''it's just that I never had a family or a boyfriend to comfort me like tails hugged cream''

'' it's ok I'm sure you will find someone besides you might meet the love of your life today for all you know'', said rouge raping her arms around me.

'' he is a natural born Romeo isn't he''

''He sure is'' just as she said that her phone rang she picketed up and answered.

I started washing my face but rouge graved me and started running.

''what's going on I asked''?

'' a friend of mine needs some help '', said rouge

(Shadows p.o.v)

I had finally called rouge for backup she said she would bring faker. So now here I am fighting a giant fat man. I decided to wait a little and study it while it attacked me. The only thing I could think of was getting thru the glass dome and knocking him out. But every time I hit the glass I bounced off. I needed to melt it but how at one point he told me he had a plan that would finally be a big enough threat that they will finally give him the planet. I kept trying to see if I could spot the plans. I got tired of waiting so tried to attack his leg but I was kicked a way like a rock. I was picked back up by a purple cat.

''thinks miss''

I looked into her eyes and saw sadness. Then I looked past her and saw rouge, sonic, tails, knuckles, cream, and Amy.

''Think god you guys came''

(Blazes p.o.v)

I helped up a black and red hedgehog that had fallen on the floor after a kick from EGGMAN. When he got up he looked straight into my eyes and I looked in to his all I saw was anger. It scared me a little but that didn't stop me from seeing how handsome he was. He told us to aim for the glass. So that's what I did. it was easy really to get to his head but the problem was getting in. I tried scratching but no dice. Shadow then yelled to rouge from the leg of the robot that we needed fire to melt the glass. That was something I could do so I started melting the glass away until it was big enough to get in. The minute I got in EGGMAN was panicking. So he tried to shoot me with a gun which he missed. He pushed me away and flung off the dome and left in his pod and I saw he dropped a chaos emerald I decide not go after it and look at a file that said world destruction. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

''Rouge I found a file with plans to finally take over the planet'' I yelled from within the robot.

'' bring me the plans so that I can give them to g.u.n'', said the black and red hedgehog.

'' ok'' I said ready to jump out.

But just as I was reaching the edge of the robot a metallic wall shot up and around the top of the robot and when it finished a voice came out saying.

This robot wills self destruct in ten seconds.

The second I heard that I started scratching at the wall. Then I tried to burn the wall down but the medal was too thick. I heard everybody outside screaming and trying to break the wall down. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't break the wall down and there were only five seconds left. All I could do know was cry and wait to see my parents again. As the countdown reached two the silhouette of a hedgehog appeared and hugged me covering me from the blast as we were sent flying in the sky I opened my eyes to see myself approaching the ground but I was turned around and I was laying on the hedgehogs chest as we hit the ground and the last thing I saw was that I was on the black and red hedgehogs chest and then I closed my eyes knowing I was safe.


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