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September "Who would have thought we would ever find each other again? …"


Kurt moved on after that.

Or, he tried to, at least. There was… no use pining for a possibly dead man who was at least removing himself completely from Kurt's life…

The thought hurt so much.

Honestly, he really, really did try to move on. For the first few days, yeah, he stayed in bed crying and threw off the entire schedule he and Rachel planned by making her run and go get the stuff they needed (or that he specifically needed, like low-fat ice cream), but she didn't seem too bothered by it. Probably because she already experienced heartbreak multiple times of a similar caliber.

At one point she had dragged him out of his room and into the living room so they could watch a cheesy chick flick together with plenty of over buttery popcorn and ice cream, despite the fact that he had a TV in his own room. She probably just wanted to get him out and about a little bit, even if it was only a few steps.

A few days after that he wandered out of his room on his own.

Well, to the kitchen, but still. It was something.

Class started soon after that, and Kurt attended diligently, following his exact schedule, just like he used to in Lima, which was ironic because… he had been trying to get away from his monotonic life.

Seems like he started a new, just as boring life.

The campus was beautiful and Kurt really, really did like it there, a lot, but he didn't spend too much time on campus. He spent most of his time either in the city or in the apartment, though more regularly the apartment than the city because there were so many people on the streets… though it was New York City, so it wasn't like that surprised him at all.

Plus, he had been there before.

Not that he thought about that.


Regardless, his life continued after a few weeks of moping. He got a new e-mail account and stopped sitting at his computer so often as his homework load started to pile up and tests were suddenly being thrown at him left and right. He was relieved for the distractions, though, extremely relieved.

What truly surprised him about his new life was how much he was suddenly getting noticed. Not in the bad way that he had back at McKinley, either. It was more so that people were seriously checking him out on the streets and on campus and it was just… weird. Beyond weird, actually.

It wasn't like Kurt was used to this… at all.

One guy named Everett actually flirted with him. Some guy he barely knew seriously flirted with Kurt.

Full on, complete, aggressive, wink-filled, charming smile paired flirting and it was so bizarre.

And heart wrenching, at the same time.

He even asked Kurt out. It was so casual and out of the blue. Just a simple, "So, hey, do you want to go out some time?" with that still charming, bright, amazing smile that… that…

Didn't make his heart to flips or his head feel light or his stomach twist into itself multiple times.

Of course, Kurt was going to say yes because the guy was really cute (even if he wasn't exactly his type physically… blonde, blue eyes, really tall, like, Finn-sized, which was seriously ridiculous, just slimmer and it was weird), and funny and sweet and charismatic and he kept complimenting Kurt on what he was wearing and how his hair looked and things like that and it was beyond flattering and it made him blush…

It was common sense to say yes.

Kurt should have said yes almost immediately.

But he didn't, because, apparently Kurt didn't have a shred of common sense left.

He turned down the very cute theatre major that seemed very into him and seemed to really want to take his hand and walk away with him, head high and proud with a huge smile on his face even though they had barely spoken before that moment…

Honestly, he tried to think about walking down the street with Everett. He tried to imagine them going on dates and kissing and going further—nothing after that, though—but he couldn't. It was physically and mentally impossible for him to, because every time it just turned into…


So, yes, he turned Everett down, lying only slightly by saying that maybe they should be friends before trying to date (because maybe over time Kurt could develop feelings for Everett… though, honestly, part of him seriously doubted that because… well… no, he wouldn't think about that) and the blond took it in stride, smiling and saying that it was perfectly okay and they exchanged numbers for perfectly friendly reasons, at least on Kurt's behalf, and Kurt left.

Kurt went home and sat down in front of the TV and turned said TV on and just stared at whatever the hell was on, trying not to let himself think too much, until he realized that he'd have to start dinner before Rachel got home so that she didn't freak out or anything…

Until he got a text from her that said she was going out with some friends.

Well, that kind of cut out time that making dinner would distract him… but he went with it and made himself a small dinner and ate it before he found that there was absolutely nothing to distract him once again.

He went back to watching TV and pulled out his book to do some of his homework that wasn't due for another week because he just needed some form of distraction since Rachel, his usual distraction since he lived with her, wasn't home and wasn't going to be home for a while, most likely…

Unless she made the spontaneous decision to come home early to keep him company. But at the same time, Kurt wanted Rachel to go out and have fun since she had been babying him for a little over a month…

She deserved a night out.

Kurt hoped briefly that she wouldn't get drunk, then remembered that Rachel hated alcohol ever since that incident during the Fuinncident when they kissed due to spin the bottle and total drunkenness… that was kind of almost Finn's fault, though if you traced it back far enough it was so Puck's… well, that was an interesting alcohol filled night.

One that he and Rachel and the rest of the New Directions found hilarious at this point in time… the days following the incident, not so much. Long story short: Kurt was horrified, Rachel was embarrassed, and Finn was kind of pissed which led to Quinn being pissed which worried Puck which just gave Lauren even more ammo to torture him with and—well, the list went on and on.

Mostly because everyone in New Directions affected each other in some way, shape, or form.

At the memory, he laughed lightly to himself and continued to write down answers on the lined sheet of paper, muttering softly to himself as reruns of the Real Housewives of LA played as background noise.

He fell into a pattern, and finally found his thoughts either focused on the text in his book or the drama going on in the ridiculous show that he somewhat enjoyed.

It distracted him extremely well.

When he heard the knock on the door, he looked up from his book and stared at the TV screen for a few moments, a confused expression overtaking his face. Who the hell could be at the door? The only person who actually knew where he live was Rachel, obviously, and she had grabbed her key this morning, Kurt was pretty sure about that, but she was forgetful when she was in a rush, which she was that particular morning… but he had anticipated she wouldn't be back for a while and it was only…

10:25 pm.

Wait, what?

Huh. Apparently, doing homework and watching a Real Housewives marathon sped time up by a lot.

Kurt sighed and slid the book off of his lap, standing up and almost falling over because, damn it, his legs were asleep and that was one of the worst feelings ever. What a bother. With a sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair since, well, he was home and the only person who would—could— be at the door was Rachel and she really could not care less how he looked around the house as long as he was wearing something

He walked out into the front hall and checked the bowl that held their keys in it before even bothering to walk over to the door.

Rachel's keys were gone, just as he thought.

His eyebrow arched and he shrugged, walking over to the door. Maybe Rachel lost her keys somehow? … Well, that still made little to no sense, "Rachel," he called out, reaching up and unlocking the door, "I really don't want to know how and if you lost your keys, which really doesn't sound like something you'd do, even in a—" he pulled open the door and looked at who was on the other side.

His heart stopped.

"I did. …"

"Blaine," he breathed, completely shocked, taking a step back from the door as his entire body tensed and then started trembling as his eyes widened because—holy shit Blaine was standing there, his hair messy and curly— was that stubbleholy fuck what the hell was happening? Blaine wasn't supposed to be therehere—so what the fuck and oh lord if there even is one that really exists—

"I know I have a lot to explain," Blaine rasped, holy cow (wow, Kurt must have been really out of it to have used that expression) his voice was ragged and sounded so tired and so relieved and what the fuck, "but… please. Just… you have every single right to be royally pissed off at me," that Kurt did, but he wasn't, as per usual. Really, he was just shocked and a little bit freaked out because… Blaine was at his front door, "Just… please… let me explain… please."

Kurt just stood there, staring, utterly confused and lost and sad but so, so, so relieved that Blaine was there and he was okay, despite everything, "… Don't just stand there if you have a lot to explain," he gasped out after a few horribly long moments passed, "Talk," he added, staring down at the man who put healed his heart completely and then tore it apart and then put it back together again and then tore it apart once again and then started to heal it and then just crushed it and—

Wow, heart abuse, much?

"It took me," Blaine began, taking a slight step into the apartment before stopping and staring up at Kurt desperately, "a summer in Europe," tears were beginning to form in his hazel eyes—those hazel eyes that Kurt had missed so much more than he cared to admit, "my mom and sister pestering me," his voice wavered, "my brother being a total, complete jackass," Kurt actually nodded wordlessly in agreement to the jackass comment, "coming back to Ohio and the fact that you weren't there slapping me in the face harder than Serena punched William in the balls," Kurt's eyebrow raised at his, because what the hell? "An entire flight to Washington," that explained the messiness, "an old lady telling me that I was saying your name in my sleep," holy hell, what? Blaine was saying Kurt's name in his sleep? Whoa… "To realize… that I cannot stop loving you and that I cannot remove you from my life, no matter how hard I might try, because you mean too much to me."

Kurt just stared, his eyebrow still slightly raised and his blue eyes wide and his mouth slightly open because wow that was a lot of information at once and his mind was not processing what Blaine was trying to tell him for some crazy reason, "What… what are you trying to say, Blaine?" he breathed.

"I love you," Blaine walked completely into the apartment and up to Kurt and Kurt didn't move and just stared down, "I love you so much that, even though I think it would be best for the both of us if we didn't try this… I can't let go of you. It took me so long to realize this and I feel like such an idiot and—" Blaine suddenly took a slight step back and Kurt really wanted to reach out and pull the idiot in front of him back because being that close was really nice and having Blaine that far away really wasn't nice, "I… I'm probably too late…"

"No!" Kurt shouted, reaching out for Blaine suddenly and grabbing a fistful of the jacket he was wearing, "no," he said more quietly, pulling Blaine back towards him and taking a step forwards, "you… aren't too late. You… you could have shown up here on my last day of college in senior year telling me this same exact thing… and you wouldn't have been too late, Blaine," well, fuck, Kurt felt tears start to build up in his eyes and the bitchy part of his brain just told him to play hard to get and make Blaine work for his affections but he really didn't feel like it.

Because Blaine was there. Blaine was with him. He was alive.

Blaine smiled. He smiled and tears fell from his perfect hazel eyes and Kurt's heart did a million flips which probably wasn't okay at all and he started to cry, too, but what the fuck ever because they were kissing suddenly and Blaine's arms were around his waist snuggly and securely once again and Kurt clung so hard to Blaine because he was so scared that this was some insane illusion his messed up mind created because he was going mentally insane.

They kissed, passionately, and it was just everything and Kurt didn't want it to end, though it did when Blaine pulled his head back, but it was only just barely and Kurt could basically still feel Blaine's lips against his, "I still need to explain so much," Blaine breathed.

"Later," Kurt replied hurriedly, before pressing their lips together again, because he had to keep kissing him, before the dream was over because he was convinced that this was all some crazy-ass dream that he had and he must be high or something equally as insane because this couldn't really be happening

Blaine took a step forwards, causing Kurt to step backwards and the door was clumsily pushed closed loudly, probably alerting Kurt's neighbors that something was happening, as they stumbled towards Kurt's bedroom, gripping and clutching and clinging so desperately because neither of them wanted to let go at all and—

Getting from point A to point B was still no easier than it was the first time.

Kurt didn't expect it to be, anyways.

Clothes were pulled off, maybe even ripped because they were rushing probably too much, and zippers were unzipped near-violently and hair was pulled and skin was kissed and sucked and bitten lovingly—neither really cared that the TV was still running, but, really, who would in that situation?

Probably no one, unless they were serious killjoys. Or just over concerned about their electricity bill.

Blaine was on his hands and knees, straddling Kurt and staring down at him so lovingly that it just made Kurt want to start crying again when they had just stopped, "I love you," Blaine whispered and Kurt's heart warmed so much because those three words meant everything and he hoped they'd never stop having this affect on him, "I love you so much," Blaine leaned down and pressed soft, gentle, loving kisses against Kurt's neck, gasping out a choked laugh because everything was still so tense as he lowered his body and their sweat slicked chests met and his calloused hands found purchase on Kurt's waist, gripping firmly but gently.

"I love you, too," Kurt whispered, his finger nails digging into Blaine's back as he arched upwards, needing more contact even though in all technicality that was impossible, choking on something that was neither a moan nor a laugh, but was both instead because this was still so awkward because it was sex and they weren't really even to the sex part but still

"I'll never get tired of hearing that," Blaine whispered, suckling lightly on Kurt's skin, lovingly, making Kurt's toes curl, because damn it, even if sex was awkward this felt really good.

"Neither will I," Kurt gasped in return, feeling Blaine's hand wander downwards to his ass as their legs tangled and their crotches were suddenly pressed together so closely and Blaine moaned breathlessly and—


"I always did. …"

The next morning, when Kurt woke up, he was lying on his stomach, the sheet on his bed covering the lower half of his body.

The bed was empty apart from himself. And cold.

Kurt's heart skipped a few beats due to panic as his eyes snapped open and he listened for any sound that indicated that someone was home—

Music was playing.

His heart swelled.

Until he realized it was Rachel's morning playlist.

Tears welled up in his eyes once again and his head dropped onto his pillow and he just… started to cry again, because of fucking course that was a dream because Blaine wasn't coming back and Blaine might be dead and just fuck it all because now Kurt wished that he had ever even woken up to begin with.

As of right then, Kurt just really wanted to die.

Not the first time, but still.

He pressed his face further into the pillow when he heard footsteps approaching because, fucking hell, he didn't want to deal with Rachel because he was having an issue because he just had a very vivid, realistic dream and he was still naked despite the fact that it was a dream and—

Kurt didn't look up when he felt the bed dip.

His eyebrow rose when he felt lips press soft kisses against his shoulder, though.

What the hell, Rachel?

There was a small nip that pinched at his skin and made him jump a little bit, though he still didn't raise his head from his pillow because fuck, he was probably just delusional or Rachel was drunk off her ass or something.

"I know you're awake," a gruff voice whispered against his skin, and Kurt shivered slightly, "Come on," a large but gentle hand gripped his shoulder and Kurt was being rolled over and his eyes were still closed and he was terrified because maybe last night happened but he had only imagined it was Blaine—"Kurt, are you crying?" oh. Well, that was definitely Blaine's voice.

Kurt's blue eyes finally opened and he found himself staring directly into extremely concerned hazel eyes, "Blaine…" he breathed, his eyebrows raising in shock before he impulsively leaned up and pressed a kiss against Blaine's lips, a hand coming up to tangle itself into Blaine's curly dark hair.

Blaine chuckled against his lips and kissed him back gently, before pulling away and grinning down at Kurt, "That's a nice way to say good morning," he teased, falling down onto the bed next to Kurt, looking a little concerned once again, "Why were you crying, though? Is something wrong?"

Kurt blushed a little bit and inched closer to Blaine, resting his head on one of his broad shoulders, squirming a little due to discomfort in his lower back, "I, uhm… freaked out because I thought that I dreamed all of last night…"

There was a short laugh and Kurt looked up to see Blaine simply looking down at him lovingly, "I promise you, it wasn't a dream… unless we're dreaming the same exact thing," he pressed a quick kiss to Kurt's forehead before gently pushing Kurt off and standing up.

"Hey, where do you think you're going," Kurt snapped, trying to sit up but failing miserably because of that damn discomfort but the actual sex felt so good after a few minutes and—good grief, Kurt knew he was blushing like a virgin suddenly.

Blaine turned back to Kurt, smiling and—oh good lord if there is one he was wearing one of the few pairs of sweat pants that Kurt owned that were big on Kurt so of course they're dipping really fucking low and oh fuck his hips were probably some of the sexiest hips he'd ever seen how did he just notice that after seeing the guy naked twice, "I made us breakfast, I'm just going to get it, okay?" he said, walking backwards towards the door of the room, that glorious smile that did make his heart leap and his stomach twist and his head feel light not leaving his face.

"Okay," Kurt responded in a teasingly frustrated tone, falling back onto the pillows as Blaine chuckled and shuffled off to get whatever the hell he made for breakfast out of the all-vegan food they had in their house.

Oh, Rachel.

"It used to be a dream, but now you're here. …"

Kurt's eyes were closed when Blaine sat back down on the bed, and he opened his eyes, smiling a little bit as he attempted to sit up effortlessly, though he did fail at that. He flushed slightly at Blaine's chuckle and pushed himself up into a completely sitting position, leaning back onto his extremely fluffy pillows, letting Blaine set the tray of food in his lap and scoot over to his side, wrapping a strong arm around his shoulder and leaning his curly head of hair on Kurt's slim, but still bare shoulder. Kurt felt Blaine wiggle under the covers and—


Seems like Kurt didn't notice when Blaine slid those sweatpants off…

He was blushing again, he knew it.

"You still have a lot to explain," Kurt said bluntly, trying to make himself stop blushing, before grabbing a piece of toast and biting into it.

There was a small sigh from Blaine as he reached for an apple, "I know I do. May as well start from that video chat, shouldn't I?"

"That would be nice."

There was a telltale crunch of Blaine's teeth sinking into the apple, and chewing, before he swallowed and cleared his throat, "Well… okay, what I was actually about to tell you that night was… that we shouldn't talk to each other anymore."


"Please, don't get the wrong idea," Blaine rushed out, sitting up and looking over at Kurt who was staring at him wide-eyed because, seriously, what the fuck? "I was just… I was trying to making things easier for the both of us because… if we stopped talking before school started then it might have made things easier…"

"… So that's why you didn't message me all those months?" Kurt asked, a very not amused expression crossing his face.

"No, no!" Blaine continued, putting the apple back onto the tray just before Kurt pushed it back towards him, which Blaine took as a sign to put the barely touched tray of food onto the bedside table, "That's… well, that's not the entire reason why. My brother actually told my dad I was video calling you… and my dad took my computer away from me for basically the rest of vacation," Kurt's eyebrow raised and his mouth opened, though Blaine beat him to it, "I used my mom's laptop to send you that one e-mail… which was, honestly, meant to be a goodbye e-mail, but it obviously isn't that anymore…"

"Obviously," Kurt deadpanned.

Blaine sighed and ran his fingers through his hair—which was noticeably neater than yesterday. Blaine must have taken a shower—his head tilting down as he gaze at Kurt through his still ridiculously long and beautiful eyelashes, "Kurt… I went through so much hell, to figure out what I really wanted. I didn't want to be as far away from my family as possible," Kurt knew that he was referring to his decision to go to medical school in Washington… medical school for his family, Washington to be away from his family, which was just really weird, "It took me… so long… to figure out what I really wanted."

Kurt inhaled deeply, staring at Blaine, "And what's that?"

"To play my music for one thing," Blaine said, a small twinkle in his eyes that made Kurt just have to smile back, just a little bit, "and you. To be with you." In all seriousness, Kurt hadn't been expecting that despite everything they had gone through, so, yes, his eyes did widen and he was shocked and maybe he cried a little bit, "I want you, as you are, every day of the rest of my life. I can't… imagine… a day without you there, with me, holding my hand physically or being there spiritually. I can't imagine not being with you and dancing with you and kissing you and—"

Kurt rushed forwards and pressed his lips against Blaine's with so much force that they fall back onto the bed together, Kurt on top of Blaine, kissing him enthusiastically and wetly for completely different reasons—those being that he was still crying and there was plenty of tongue involved.

When they parted, they were both gasping, and Kurt was beaming and Blaine looked surprised but happy regardless of the spontaneous kiss, "I love you," Kurt breathed, before pressing his face against Blaine's neck, holding onto him tightly as he simply laid his body on the wider, slightly more defined one below him.

Blaine's hand pressed against his lower back gently, and he sighed in content at the feeling, "I love you, too," Blaine whispered in response, his other arm coming to wrapping around Kurt, as well.

They laid like that for a while, together, in silence with Rachel's morning play list (that did have songs that they both liked plenty) playing as soft background music, breathing together, just being together.

"… You said that Serena punched William in the balls?" Kurt suddenly said, lifting his head from Blaine's neck and staring down at his friend—no, wait, boyfriend. … Boyfriend.

… Right?


Blaine stared up at him, looking confused for a moment before he snorted lightly and closed his eyes, "Oh, yeah," he said, his eyes opening again and they were full of such mirth, "I was thoroughly pissed off and upset after our video call, and Serena noticed, of course, and confronted William about it—we were forced to room together, by the way. Our parents know we don't get along so I don't even know why they bothered, but oh well—and he vaguely told her about what happened and apparently she got really upset during that conversation. Next thing I knew, William was screaming in pain and on the floor while Serena just stood there smiling like the angel she is," he finished the story, chuckling and squirming in a way that felt really good against Kurt's body, and fuck he was getting aroused again—

Though, Kurt was laughing, too, so they were moving against each other and… wow, that was really, really nice—Kurt really had to stop getting distracted, "Wow… I mean, I know that she's eccentric but… wow."

"I know," Blaine breathed, still laughing a little bit.

"How did you fair against Rachel this morning, by the way?" Kurt asked, raising himself up slightly and absentmindedly drawing designs on Blaine's chest, teasingly tracing a heart around his nipple with a small smirk on his face.

Blaine inhaled sharply, his chest raising up, causing Kurt's finger to press harder than before, "Uhm…" it seemed like Blaine was struggling for words and Kurt just smiled a little more at that, "I was making breakfast when she walked out of her room. I'm pretty sure she almost had a heart attack when she saw me…" Kurt didn't find that surprising, "and then I think that she was about to either tell me off or brutally murder me," Kurt snorted a little bit at that. Rachel hadn't been happy when Kurt spilled the truth finally, so, yeah, Rachel probably wanted to hurt Blaine in some serious way, "but then her phone rang and she had to leave."

Kurt laughed wholly, tilting his head back at the scene that popped into his head, because shit, Rachel had threatened to castrate Blaine at one point and now he knew that she was serious, but at the same time he knew that she wouldn't because… well, Blaine did make Kurt happy. Kurt knew that was what Rachel wanted for him, happiness.

Suddenly, Blaine's tongue was licking up Kurt's neck, and he really couldn't help but let his laughter melt into a breathy moan as he squirmed a little bit more then before on top of Blaine. The squirming didn't particularly get any better when that tongue traced his jaw and, next thing Kurt knew, invited itself into his mouth.

It was a very welcome guest, though.

Kurt hummed and joined the kiss completely, rolling them over so that Blaine was on top and—suddenly they were tangled in the sheets. Lovely.

Blaine just laughed and pulled away from the kiss, grinning down at Kurt, "Mm, do you have class today?" he asked, sitting up to untangle their legs from the sheets that were trapping them.

Kurt glanced over at his clock… and blinked a few times when he saw that it was 11 am, "Yeah, I do," he finally said as they were able to sit up without the issue of getting caught, sitting up partially himself, but only so far that he didn't wince from actually sitting up, "but I can skip," he insisted, reaching out for Blaine again.

"I don't want you to skip class, Kurt," Blaine said, letting Kurt grab his shoulder before he himself reached out and pulled Kurt up so that his knees were on either side of Blaine's thighs and he was basically on Blaine's lap—like that was going to help him leave for class.

Great motivation, Blaine. Great.

"I just want to spend today cuddling, though," Kurt said, leaning over and wrapping his arms around Blaine's neck, leaning down next to Blaine's ear "maybe some sex," he breathed quietly, blushing heavily despite the fact that he was the one who said it.

Still a fucking virgin mentally. That would probably never change, though.

Blaine just laughed, tilting his head back and grabbing onto Kurt's hips, holding him close, "You have an insatiable sex drive now, don't you?" he asked teasingly, pressing a kiss to the hollow of Kurt's throat when he tilted his head back forwards.

"Oh, definitely," Kurt drawled sarcastically, pulling away and staring down at Blaine again, his face still flaming red, "I, the one who blushes at the mere thought of sex, has an insatiable sex drive."

The man below him laughed again, and fell back against the bed, narrowly missing the headboard as he sprawled out, holding Kurt closely, "A Disney movie marathon with you cuddling in bed sounds rather nice," he said, tracing slow circles on Kurt's lower back, causing him to squirm again and—oh, fuck it all, they were both undeniably breathless and aroused and trying to hide it but it wasn't really working because they were still teenage boys.

"So much better than class," Kurt gasped, just melting into Blaine's arms, "It's weird to move, anyways. I'm not sure how much I like the aftermath of sex compared to the actual sex."

Blaine laughed breathlessly, tracing a heart on Kurt's back much like Kurt did to his chest, "I love you."

"I love you, too."

And they did.

That moment, out of all of their moments, was truly, utterly perfect.

"Right here beside me."

That night when Rachel came home, she was totally ready to come home to an upset Kurt because, honestly, she didn't trust Blaine after what he did.

When she came home, there was the low hum of the TV from Kurt's room, and she feared that he really was upset, curled up on his bed under his covers with a carton of Rocky Road ice cream with a movie going. She walked over to the door slowly, grabbing the knob and opening it slowly, peeking inside—

Rachel was thoroughly surprised when she saw Blaine and Kurt lying in bed together, cuddling and curled up in the sheets, Mulan playing quietly on the TV… Her eyes surveyed the bed and surrounding area briefly, widening slightly when she saw the kind of abused bottle of lotion—it looked pink in the dark light of the room, she really hoped that wasn't her favorite strawberry-scented lotion, but it probably was, sadly—lying on the floor and the lamp that had fallen off his Kurt's bedside table that was somehow still in one piece…

She backed out of the room slowly, closing the door as quietly as she could manage… before smiling a little bit and walking off towards the living room to relax a little bit after a long, hard day.

"I need to get a pair of noise reducing headphones," she muttered to herself as she flopped down onto the couch and turned on the TV, "something tells me that one of them is a screamer."