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Needle Through a Bug

-by A'isha Ishtar-

Shino Aburame was not one to forget about things... to forget about people. Even though others forgot him quite easily, he made it a point to never forget anyone. Their face, their name, and possibly their scent if he decided to plant a kikaichu on them. Sometimes, they would swat at the insect, and... yes, kill it.

This girl had done nothing of the sort.

She had come with Hinata, to their very first team meeting. She was by the blue-haired girl's side the entire time, going everywhere that she went and hardly ever taking her eyes off her. The only time she looked away from Hinata was when she glanced at Shino and Kiba in turn, and pivoted her attention to Kurenai when she called for it.

Shino didn't keep his own eyes on this girl the entire time, but he did steal a look at her every so often. He had sent one of his bugs to land on her, to catch her scent so she could be tracked if need be. He watched her very closely when he did this, to see how she would react.

The insect flitted over to her shoulder, and settled itself down on the soft skin there. The girl had seen it land, and her eyes stayed fixated on it, staring with soft, warm blue eyes. Slowly her hand raised, and he thought she was going to do the same thing as everyone else... try to hit it. But she didn't. She uncurled her index finger and held it out toward the bug, smiling slightly when it crawled onto her finger. She watched it quite intently for a few seconds, as long as she was able.

When Kurenai spoke, the girl glanced up at the unfamiliar voice. She silently brought her hand down to her side, allowing the kikai an effortless escape.

"So, this is our team?" Kurenai frowned when her eyes rested upon this strange girl. "I thought I was only supposed to have three Genin," she commented directly to the girl.

All eyes turned to her, Shino's included. She blinked a few times before finally answering their sensei. "And you do," she said, rather calmly. "I am a Chunin, assigned to protect Lady Hinata and serve this team at all costs."

"And they assigned someone so young?"

"Forgive my frankness, Kurenai Sensei, but I am nearly fourteen years old. Not to mention I am a Chunin, just a step down from yourself, and... not to brag, but my Kekkei Genkai is the skill I take most pride in."

"I see. So officially, you're not a member of Squad 8?"

"Officially? No. But I do fully intend to behave like one. I will serve as whatever the situation calls for - medic, defense, offense, diversion... my talents are quite well-versed, if I may say so."

"I suppose you may, then. You seem trustworthy enough." Kurenai put her hand on her hip. "To be a Chunin at age thirteen is very good. Were you on a team before this?"

"No, ma'am. I competed in the Exams last year alone."

Shino questioned her word choice on that last part. She had not competed alone; many others had competed as well, albeit against her, but still she was not alone. Why had she not said "by myself" instead? That would have conveyed the message of having no team much more clearly than "alone". Certainly there must have been people supporting her, even if she had no team.

"Impressive, and you still managed to become a Chunin?"

"Several others became Chunin, Kurenai Sensei. The competition was rather stiff that time around. I simply was one of the ones who was strong enough, there were a good number of others."

"Yes, but I assume those other Chunin had teams, didn't they?"

The girl's sapphire eyes shifted to look at the ground, following a creeping worm with her gaze. "Yes."

"Did you not have the opportunity to join a team?"

"Of course. But I wished to challenge myself."

"Ah. It's good to challenge yourself, but not too much." Kurenai took a few steps back. "Even though she is not a member of our team, we are going to treat her as such. Does everyone understand me?"

The girl's eyelashes remained pointing downwards as the chorus of "Yes, Kurenai Sensei" in three voices was issued. One voice, determined and slightly wild. Another, shy and very quiet. And the last voice, stoic and even, coming from Shino himself.

"I'm glad we're understood. First, we introduce ourselves. My name is Kurenai Yuhi, I am a Jonin, and my specialty is genjutsu. I don't have a set Kekkei Genkai. My favorite activity is reading, and my least favorite is washing dishes. For my future, I hope to get married and have children, as well as moving ahead in my rank." She pointed at the boy at the end of the line (or beginning, depending on the way you looked at it). "You first, and then we go on down."

"Okay! My name's Kiba Inuzuka, I'm a Genin, and my specialty is animal communications, plus tracking." As if on cue, a little dog popped out from

under his jacket and gave a loud bark, to which Kiba replied with a laugh, patting the dog on the head. "And this is Akamaru, he's my ninken. All of my clan have one, sometimes more - I'm pretty sure that's our Kekkei Genkai, along with Man Beast Clone. My favorite thing to do is train with Akamaru, and walk him, and feed him, and my least favorite thing to do is sit around while there's stuff that needs done. And for my future... well, I want to be a great ninja with Akamaru by my side forever."

"Very good, if a little garrulous."

Kiba raised his hand. "Hey, what's that mean?"

"It means you talk too much," the blonde girl responded, before Kurenai could say anything.

Kurenai shook her head. "Perfect, rivals on the first day. Just what we need." She pointed to Hinata. "And you?"

"U-Um..." Hinata poked her first two fingers together as she stumbled over her words. "M-My name is Hinata H-Hyuga, I'm a Genin, a-and my speciality is m-my Kekkei Genkai, the B-Byakugan. M-My favorite thing to do is... um... um... h-hang out with my friends when I-I-I'm not on missions, and... m-my least favorite thing to do is... um... I-I don't think I have one. B-But, um... my dreams for the future are, um... I want to be as good a k-kunoichi as I can be."

"Good." Kurenai next pointed to the girl beside Hinata, whose name nobody knew. "You're up."

The girl pushed back a lock of her hair before beginning. "My name is Chuusha Hae, I am a Chunin, and my specialties are tracking, insect manipulation, and insect breeding. My Kekkei Genkai is referred to as Sansei Semi. The activity I like most is observing insects, and the activity I like least is being forced to spend time with people I do not like. My plans for the future include making strides for those of us whose techniques involving insects, and continuing to serve the Hyuga clan and Lady Hinata. Also, I would like to become an entomologist in addition to being a shinobi, so that I can develop useful techniques."

"Great. And finally..." Kurenai raised her finger at Shino. "Last but not least."

He adjusted his sunglasses. "My name is Shino Aburame, I am a Genin, and my specialities are the same as Hae-san. Although, another of my specialties is espionage. My Kekkei Genkai is called the kikaichu, which are a breed of insects with which my clan is infused. The thing I enjoy most is, again like Hae-san, observing bugs. And the thing I enjoy least is being forced to forfeit a battle. As for the future..." He shrugged. "I'm still deciding what my main goal is going to be. For now I'll just settle for advancing."

"Very good." Kurenai crossed her arms over her chest and nodded at her three new students, plus the young lady technically placed under her care as well. "You all have good hopes, good dreams. Many people will tell you that aspiring to things... dreaming and working for a future that does not yet exist... they will say it is impossible. Too hard. A waste of time. And I'll tell you right now, if I find out that you've taken on this mindset you'll be trapped in a genjutsu for a month." She uncrossed her arms, leaving them at her sides, and looked up in the direction of the sun.

The four in her company did the same, hoping to see what she saw as a small smile spread across her lips before she began to speak again.

"Every great achievement in this world, the well-known and the not-so-well-know, was considered impossible at first. Amazing things can come from trying that which others dare not do. As for the difficulty... well, anything that's worth working for will be hard. Sometimes it gets easier as you go along... sometimes it doesn't. It just depends, and when it's finally achieved... the pride you feel will be worth all of the work. And the last thing... nothing is ever a waste of time. Whether you're doing it for yourself, for your friends, for a stranger on the street, or for all the people out there who are considered nobodies, unimportant, ordinary... if something good comes of it for anyone, then it was worth it. For all of you... I can't promise when, but when the time comes, you will all know that feeling."

The four closed their eyes, soaking up her words. They were trying to imagine themselves changing the future, molding it into something that was different, something that was... great.

Kurenai let out a breath. "Now! Since it's the first day..." She smiled, turning and taking a few steps. "I figure I'll cut you guys a break, you've been practicing nonstop for the last few years. Who's up for ramen? My treat. C'mon... everybody."

Shino glanced over at Chuusha, and noticed a small smile from her when Kurenai said this.

Hmm, he thought inwardly as he trailed at the end of the group following Kurenai. She has a nice smile.

Chuusha = needle

Hae = fly

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