Part 1: The Belkan War

1500 Hours

Los Canas


Brett Thompson, who worked with the Osean Broadcasting channel, learned of an Ace that was involved in numerous conflicts across the world. Rumors had it that this ace fought in The Belkan War, The Usean Continental Rebellion, The Tyumen Dispute, and the Usean Continental War. Rumors or not, Thompson was determined to interview him in order to see his view of conflicts and if he had any information on the Demon Lord of the Round Table and to ask questions about his involvement with the mercenaries.

So he is now sitting here with me, Wolfgang Schmidt, in order to complete his project. I myself, have blue eyes and brown hair. I am also fluent in many different languages due to the fact I've been to many different countries like Romny, Kaluga, Yuktobania, Osea, Belka, and Erusea. "My name is Wolfgang Schmidt; I was born in the Belkan Federation around the year 1975 in the city of Tauberg. Growing up I could see the construction of Excalibur. At this time it was nothing but a foundation for the sword. I always wanted to become a fighter pilot, in order to protect the fatherland. My father was from Belka and my mom was from Ustio which was known at the time was East Belka." I said introducing myself to the reporter.

"Nice to meet you." said Brett as he shook my hand. "I have a lot of questions."

"I can tell. What do you want to know?" I said in a voice that sounded wise, at least I thought it sounded that way.

"I want to know everything about your time in the Belkan Air force and your Mercenary career." Brett responded as he got his camera out.

"My story? It begins the first week the Belkan War began. I was not assigned to any squadron at the time. I was one of few pilots to be assigned a Su-37 fighter, seems how Gelb team was the only squadron to use them. I was stationed near the border also known as B7R. It was a typical mission. There was this guy whose name was 'Pixy' who was flying into our Priority Airspace."

"I interviewed him. He didn't mention you. Then again I asked him only about The Demon Lord." Brett said.

"Well let me continue."

[Begin Flashback] "Alright, this is Vogel to all allied planes! We have a small squadron headed our way!" I said as I flew my plane southeast. "So I assume it's you Larry?" There was just Pixy in his F-15 surrounded by F-5s. The small F-5s were being piloted by rookies. Pixy was the only one there to really do anything against the Belkan squadrons.

"Wolfgang? Is that you?" Pixy said as he flew straight towards Wolfgang.

"Yes, how's the Usties treating you?" I said as I pulled the joystick left and down to make a sharp turn to follow Pixy.

"Hey!" An allied Belkan AWACS said, "Shut up and engage!"

"Yes sir!" I said as I got a lock on Pixy. "Take this!" I then launched two sidewinders at Pixy's plane. One of the missiles missed while the other blew his right wing off.

"Damn you!" Pixy said through the headset, "I'll make it back. I know it."

The HUD ID for Pixy went from green to yellow for neutralized. "You're going to be forced to eject, Larry." I said turning in the opposite direction to return to base.

"That's what you think..." Pixy said as his plane left the mission area.

The allied planes took down the rest of the squadron of only three. There was just Pixy in his F-15 surrounded by F-5s.

[End Flashback] "So you're the reason why he is called Solo Wing?" Brett asked.

"Yes, I am." I quietly said looking down at my hands. "I meet him on the ground a couple of months later on my birthday."

"And what day was that?" Brett asked as he continued to film me.

"June 6, 1995." I said with a tear coming down my eye. I said the date very quietly but Brett heard what I said.

"I am so sorry, I didn't know." he said as he turned his camera off. "Your fine. It was a very hard day for me. Half of my family died that day, and I couldn't stop it. No matter how many bombers that me and my fellow South Belkans shot down. It still happened. Every time someone tells me happy birthday, I collapse into tears to a tragedy that we could've prevented. After the war we blamed it on the Right Wing extremists that brought the nation to hell. You have to be the Devil to nuke your own country. I will tell you more about it in an hour or so. I need to regain my composure." I said going to the bathroom to wash my face that became red and watery due to the tears that came. I started to remember the people I met at Valais air force base and my flight to Kaluga. I will tell you about my story and how I became a force of different rebels' downfalls.

An hour later, I and Brett sat down again. I was going to tell him of my defection and of Belka's fall. I pulled myself some Usy Cola which I loved so much since I was introduced to it by a friend on arrival here in Usea so long ago. I never thought that I would enjoy living here in Usea so much to the point that I forget what Belka was like. Los Canas is also a lot different than Sudentor. Here in Los Canas you can breathe the air with not so much trouble, while in Sudentor, the air was not as breathable (it was because of the blasted munitions facility).

The weather here was also a lot pleasant while in Sudentor the weather was stormy and the fog always covered the sky. Which I guess is the reason why I became a pilot. When I was young growing up, I never saw the blue sky until a visit to my aunt, who happened to live in Tauberg. During my visits, I would occasionally go to the Excalibur construction site and watched it grow.

Two years before the Belkan War, I watched them test fire it into space. It was perhaps the most exhilarating sight in my entire life. Watching the sky split in two because of the laser was indeed a sight. Learning of its destruction brought a tear to my heart. I remember the radio broadcasts stating that the Tauberg Sword has been pulled from the stone.

During my time in school, we read various books about the history of the fatherland. From the first Belkan tribes, to the middle ages (which heavily impacts our culture to this vary day), and to the rise of the Great King Dinsmark (who united Belka into what it is today, well before The Belkan War at least), and the Osean-Belka War of 1910 in which our air force took the mantle of the Belkan Knights.

It is said that modern Belkans are direct descendants to these knights. Coming from a Belkan like myself, we automatically believed that. We also learned a lot more advanced fields than the Oseans, such as advanced math and science. Obedience, honor, and strength were the main point in Belkan schools when I was a kid growing up. It has all changed now since the fall of the Rald party.

South Belka was now a part of our most hated enemy: Osea and the nuclear wasteland have blocked all land routes into the country, well except for East Belka. I was actually supported the cession of Ustio and the other territories and I was somewhat opposed to the declaration of war against Ustio, Sapan, Osea, and Yuktobania. How could we win 1 vs. 4?

Maybe that's what the government put all of the students in advanced classes for. To have an edge against the allied nations. We still lost but around this time I was halfway across the planet. In some small country called Kaluga.

"So Mr. Schmidt, ready to tell me the rest of your story?" asked Brett as he turned on the camera.

"Yes, I am. Brett, is it? I asked him as we sat down to talk.

"Yes sir." he said as I started to tell my story.


"This is Vogel. Requesting permission to land." I said through the mic inside my aircraft as I closed the throttle and pushed the stick forward. The sky was clear blue and small clouds dotted the sky. Here, in central Belka, the airbase Hammerung was where I was stationed. Green fields surrounded the airbase and various farmhouses dotted the landscape. Hoffnung was located southeast and Sudentor was south of it.

"Did you enjoy the engagement?" asked a fellow Belkan pilot."You had to've. There was only a couple to bounce." he said as he followed me to land.

"Yeah, but it felt a little... odd. Only 4 fighters?" I replied knowing that 4 fighters couldn't take down the mighty Belkan Knights of the Round Table. Even though 1-2 months later saw the collapse of B7R to the allied nations (which I will get to).

"Save the talk for when you land. Permission Granted" said the air traffic controller in a very annoyed voice.

"Yes sir." I and the Belkan pilot said as we landed on the runway.

Back in the barracks, I did some meditating on what I would do. Most of the fighting was taking place on the frontlines near the Great Lakes Region and Ustio. Seems like the base command here just

decided to put me on reserve to fly against any incursions in B7R and here in the Fatherland. I didn't mind it as much. This was just the time in which I felt it safe to say that we were winning the war. I then got up from my cot and picked up my Belkan Air force Leather flight jacket and decided to go to the bar for a drink. Drinking when your 18 is actually legal here in Belka. Well as long as you're in the military at least. "So if it isn't the Phoenix of Belka!" said the Barkeeper as I entered the bar located in the neighboring town. "What can I get you?"

"Just a little rum is all. I don't want much." I said as he gave me what I asked for. It wasn't too bad but this would be my last since it really didn't agree with my stomach.

"Ha-ha, too young, more you drink the more you get used to it!" the Barkeeper said as more pilots from the base came in and had themselves a nice drink.

"Yeah, no today." I said as I gave him the money for the drink.

Their was Belkan soldiers singing Der Nightingale near a pianist. There was also a couple in a corner knocked out because they got too drunk. The bar itself was actually an Inn and the owners decided to build a bar to make a little extra money during the Belkan Depression. I then asked for some Riese cola which a started to drink since I wasn't very fond of alcohol. While I was drinking it, a blond haired guy with blue eyes sat down next to me. It was Ashley Bernitz, known in the air force as being Grabarc one. He was a mean one, and very cold hearted. He hated Osea and Yuktobania with such a passion, that we all could tell that deep within his heart, he wanted to see them nuked to the ground. "So if it isn't Vogel." he said as he turned his gaze upon me.

"I heard stories about you, Ashley." I replied as he reached his hand out to shake mine.

"I heard stories about you too. You flew with Silber during the Rectan War and downed more planes then them. I was wondering if you would join Grabarc. We could use someone like you. You are a freelance aren't you?" he said as he drank a beer.

"Yes I heard stories about you too. Sorry, Ashley not interested." I replied as I got up and left the bar.

I will never join Grabarc, they are worse than Schwarz. Same with Ofnir. I will never join those snakes. They fly with hate not with pride.

The past weeks have been brutal. The Allied forces have managed to break through Futuro Canal and have since then been mounting up air raids after air raids into our nation. Then the Ustian uprising of Directus which combined with a small allied force, managed to liberate the city. Again, I was stuck here in the airbase without any orders. Even though 2 weeks ago I managed to shoot down a SR-71 as it was dropping speed during a skirmish near the Great Lakes region.

They usually fly at a high altitude and assume they are safe (because of the fur ball below) and drop down to 1000 Mph. As it did this, I fired a XMA4 at it and took the right engine out. After that I shot it with my gun. I don't know how I managed to do it, but I did. That was 2 weeks ago, now we learned that Excalibur, The Sword of Belka, was under attack. It was fairly close and again, I was prohibited from taking off.

"Vogel, you will not take off!" the control tower operator told me as I jumped into the cockpit. "You will be written up for this!"

"I have family in Tauberg! We are supposed to protect our citizens! Not sit back and watch them suffer!" I yelled back in the mic as is sped off the runway. The mic then when silent and then I heard a familiar voice in the mic. "You can keep going, Wolfgang Schmidt. Go protect your family." It was Wolfgang Buchner. He was a Lt. Colonel in the Belkan Air Force. We all looked up to him for advice and he was very cynical about the Rald Party's involvement in Belka.

"Thanks Mr. Buchner." I replied in the mic.

"You're not going to be written up for this. I do have that kind of power you know." Buchner said, "Thanks." I replied knowing that he would look after me. He was like my father figure in the Air Force. He also personally trained me when I first flew in the air.

"Vogel engaged!" I said through the mic as I entered the airspace in Tauberg. The assault had already begun. I then checked my radar and noticed that a handful of enemy fighters were flying in circles around Excalibur. I then saw the light blue laser being fired up and down to try to hit the allied fighters. There were also these tiny railroad lasers that were trying to hit them (Through little to no success).

"New enemy planes entering Belkan Airspace." it was the enemy AWACS Eagle Eye. "Scratch that, one enemy plane entering airspace. Galm Team, continue Assault; Crow Team engage." "Are you crazy Eagle Eye?" It was Pixy. The pilot that I shot the wing off. "He's here."

"Who's 'he'?" said a young pilot who was about Pixy's age.

"Cipher, it's the guy that shot my wing off at the beginning of the war!" Pixy replied as they continued to shoot missiles at Excalibur.

"Nice to meet you again Pix." I said through the Mic. "But I'm too late. I'm sorry Tauberg. I tried my best." The laser then broke in half; the top of the emplacement slid off the bottom part and fell on the ground. To this day the wreckage is still there. The leaders of Belka refused to clean it up.

"Why are you backing off?" said Cipher as he and the other fighters were doing some fancy maneuvers around the remnant of Excalibur. "Are you going to stay here and fight?"

"No, I'm not. I was too late to defend Tauberg. Too late to defend Excalibur. You pulled the sword from the stone, Cipher. I have no interest in a dogfight now. Good day to you." I said as I turned my plane around and head back to base. I was too sad to fight; Belka lost her sword and me to. We are too busy bickering about accepting different pilots into the squadrons that we can't even defend the Pride of Belka against enemy attack.

A/N: In the next chapter we will take a brief look into Belka's air force strategy and the ace squadrons. Due to his family history (similar to Nazi Germany) some people were discriminated by the Rald regime. Since his part Yuke, Osean, and Ustian, his frowned upon. But to his comrades, his seen as the Phoenix.