11:30 Heirlark AFB

"Here is the point of fire of the laser. A full 360 degree angle, similar to Excalibur." the Base commander said as he used a laser pointer to point at various parts of a map. The Phoenix will fly in and destroy the laser installation and hopefully the OADF will show up and allow us to shoot them down and we can finally have vengence for what they [the Oseans] did to us for the longest time."

I was The Phoenix, The One, hand chosen by the Fuhrer himself, The Golden Child so to speak. In the room was: The Gelb Team, Wolfgang Buchner (who was Grabarc 1 at the time), Ashley Bernitz (Grabarc 2), and the rest of the Grabarc squadron, and finally Griswing squadron (members of a renowned B-2 Bomber squadron).

After the shortest breifing over, Buchner hunted me down and asked to speak with me. "Schmidt, a provoked attack against Osea is not wise."

"I know, but we have no choice, I have no choice. If I don't do this, my honor will be stripped."

"No! Either way your honor will be stripped. Rald is sneaky. He has plans that even I, a LT. Col. of the BAF don't know of."

"Pops I will be fine."

"Don't call me that. It makes me feel old."

"You are like a father to me. I have a right so to speak.."

"Your pride will be the death of you Schmidt." said a voice from the shadows. It was Bernitz. "And good luck. May the Belkfrauleins wait for you when you land."

"ALL PILOTS! TO YOUR ASSIGNED AIRCRAFT!" said a voice over the intercom.

"Let's get going." Buchner said as we head out to the hanger.

THis is going to be fun. I thought as I looked through the map of the city Wesson. 4 Cannons: North, South, East, and West. Along with a munitions plant in the center of the city. What? This is crazy, if I attack that, the entire city will burn.

"All aircraft: Launch." Buchner said as one plane after plane started to fly off base. I was in the rear.

"This is AWACS Thor, to all aircraft. "Der Fuehrer has a message for us, patching it through: 'Today is the day we return our land to its rightful owner: US! For years we have been humiliated, cursed, our mighty armies destroyed, and homes burned. Now is the time, for vengence, now is time for Belka to return to the world as a major international power. Those damn Oseans are the cause of our pain, and our suffering. BUT WE WILL COME BACK STRONGER! WE WILL COME BACK AS THE SUCCESSOR TO THE OSEAN FEDERATION!'" This was the announcement to our military and our people the day the war began. "Ein Reich! Ein Belk! EIN FUHRER!"


The combined voices of the nation's people saying the nation's motto compelled us with resolve, revenge, and power. At the time, I felt I was doing my duty for my nation. Boy was I in for a surprise.

"Osean border, at vector 280, 30 miles." Thor spoke with a growl, "Vogel [Me], break off and continue to Wesson, Fuhrer's orders. Rest of you: get ready near the border."

Operation: Verrat
April 13, 1995
11:55 AM
Wesson, Osea

I was officialy Black Ops now. No radio whatsoever. Just me, my jet, and my missles. I could hear the Osean broadcasts from the local radio station.

"Beautiful day so far, isn't it Robin?" said a male voice.

"Yes it is, Sam." the female replied.

Yeah its going to be a beautiful day. I then pushed a button on the joystick and flew straight towards the tower-like laser cannon. A message confirming a target lock appeared and fired one of my loaded RBS-15s at it. I tracked the missle and it hit the tower, right underneath the laser emitter. I flew at a speed of 750 knots and looked over to see the tower collapsing. I then looked at the time: 11:56.

"What was that? Sounded like a explosion! The Tower! The Wesson Cannon is under attack!" Sam said, "Call the airforce! Tell the President we are under attack!"

I then steered towards the second tower. Launched the second of the RBS, and it hit the tower's base and it collapesd shortly after.


"Wolfgang, enemy planes will be at your position in 5 minutes!" Thor yelled in the mic.

"I see them." I said as I took out the next tower. I then looked at my long range radar. The Oseans were coming in fast.

"Who can be behind this attack on Wesson?"

"Can't be Wellow. Belka? Anyone?" Robin sadly sad.


Another target lock. The missle trailed and smacked right into the emiter.

"Wesson Cannon destruction confirmed. Proceed the attack." Rald commanded the airforce to make its move against Ustio and Osea. "Reclaim our land and our future."

"Wolfgang! What the hell are you doing?" Thor yelled.

What? I looked around and saw a plane with the exact same markings as mine, attacking the Belkan population."I am not attacking! Can't you see the rogue?"

"Return to base, you and Hucklebein. The others have this down. Bernitz, you have been given the Title of Grabarc 1. Congratulations."

"Thanks Thor."

Belkan Office of the Fuhrer

Me and Pops stood up as Rald himself stood in front of us. "Wolfgang you have done your nation a great feat, destroying the cannon and all, but due to the proof and circumstances of your crimes against the Belkan Population of Wesson. I hereby strip you of your honor and instead of putting you in prison and to death. You will walk with this scar for the rest of your life. You and your mentor, Lt. Col. Buchner are hereby assigned to the 799th Tactical Reserves where you will be serving with till the end of twenty years."

"I havn't attacked the Belkan Population there was a fi..."

"There is substantial proof that you did this. You are free to go to the nearest town, but thats all. NO SORTIES unless its deemed fit by the base commander. If its Excalibur you can defend it. Even if the base commander denies it. A small fighter intrusion in B7R, you can go. But nothing more."

Present Day

Thats the event that caused me to go this path I have chosen. My background and my so called 'criminal offense.' Our airforce had a major victory that day. I heralded it and I was not seen as a hero, but as a criminal.