The Kitty Katswell Show

Enter The Roz-(aka One Year Anniversity & A New Third Partner)

Alright, this chapter is gonna introduce a third partner for Kitty & Dudley. On related news, this fic is the very first fic out of the ten fics I typed since fall of 2007, to have more than 30 reviews. With 'Timmy's New Babysitter' second. So keep reading & sending those reviews. This chapter will takes place, after Kitty moves to DeLisle Park. It also takes place on the very first day, that Kitty & Dudley returns to work. So enjoy & review!

It was a warm July morning in Petropolis. Kids was out in the streets, screwing around and all that bullshit. But enough with that lame crap, let's see what the Tuff agents are up to.

It shows Dudley, sitting at his computer.

He was on his Headpage account, chatting to his friends.

"LOL!" he laughed, as he typed down the internet slang. "That sure is a funny picture!"

Then he clicks under his favorites, to save the funny picture.

"There." he said. "It's all saved, under my favorites."

Then he looks around, to see if anybody was around.

After making sure, that no one was around. He scrolls further down on his favorites page, until he reaches a photo. The photo looked exactly like Kitty, except she was wearing a cheerleader's outfit, that was two sizes too small.

He clicks on it, and starts drooling.

The audience laughs at this.

"Oh yeah!" Dudley exclaims, as his tail wags. "I really enjoying, the hell outta this! I can't wait until later! I'm gonna wreck the hell outta this sexy girl cat!"

Then Kitty walks up to him.

The audience whoos, cheers, whistles, & applaudes for the main star.

She smiles at the scene, that was happening.

"Well!" she said outloud, to get Dudley's attention. "Looks like, someone can't wait until tonight."

Upon hearing her, he quickly clicks on one of his extra pages.

He turns to her.

"Uh, hi babe." he said with a nervous smile on his face, as the audience laughs. "I was, just uh, watching an edited Ed, Edd n Eddy episode on 'wetube'."

"Oh, really?" Kitty asked, as she raised a sexy eyebrow and the audience laughs. "Then howcome, you're drooling and your tail's wagging?"

"Uh," Dudley started. "Because, they had a photo of a well done steak, with a side of those tasty potato cubes, that I like so much."

"Really?" Kitty asked, as she went closer to his computer. "Can I see?"

"No!" Dudley shouted. "It's, uh, a secret."

Kitty then smiles to herself.

"Look Dudley!" she exclaims, as she pointed in a different direction. "Is that Red Forman over there?"

"Where?" Dudley exclaims, as he looks in the direction, that Kitty was pointing.

The audience laughs, as Kitty pushes Dudley in his chair.

She clicks on the page, that had the sexy photo.

"Ah ha!" she said. "I knew it! Why didn't you want me to find out about this picture, Dudley?"

"Because." he started in a sad voice. "If you found out about that picture on my Headpage, you'll get pissed at me, and you'll breakup with me."

Kitty chuckles.

"Oh, Dudley." she started. "Don't be so silly. I'm not gonna breakup with you over that. I was the one, who posted that on there in the first place."

"You did?" Dudley asked.

Kitty nodded.

"Whoa." Dudley said. "Now, that's something to think about."

"Speaking of which." started Kitty in a sweet voice. "Maybe you should try and stop lying to me. Just a suggestion."

"I can't help it, Kit-Kat." Dudley said. "I have to lie. I don't you mad at me! You're my very first serious girlfriend."

"Oh." Kitty said. "I didn't know that, Dudley. Well, we can always work on that."

Dudley sighs.

"You know, Kit-Kat?" he asked.

"What is it, sweetie?" Kitty asked.

"I sure can go for a doughnut right now." he said.

"I know, what you mean, Dudley baby." Kitty said. "I sure can go for a brownie right now. Chocolate filled brownies, with chocolate chips on top, along with a glass of milk. God! That sounds good!"

Dudley then looks at Kitty.

"I, uh, see that you're not wearing any pants today." he said. "You're going commando?"

"No." Kitty said. "I'm wearing a black skirt."

Then she lifts up the bottom of her jacket & showed her small black skirt.


The audience whoos at her sexy thighs & legs.

"Why you're wearing that?" Dudley asked.

"Because, it's summer." Kitty said. "If I wear my pants, I'll be hot as a motherfucka."

"Oh." Dudley said. "I see."

Just then, the Chief's voice was heard on the PA system.

"Attention all agents! Report to my office for an important meeting!" he shouted.

"I wonder, what does the Chief wants?" Dudley asks.

"I don't know, Dudley sweetie." Kitty started. "Let's go and see."

Soon, anybody that was important, was in the Chief's office.

Some of the background poser agents was there also, talking.

The Chief was on his big-ass monitior.

"Alright, bitches." he started. "Shut the fuck up."

So everyone did.

"Okay." The Chief started. "As if any of you didn't know, that today's a special day for two of our agents."

Then he looks at Kitty & Dudley with a smile on his face.

"Yep. Today marks the one year anniversity, that I made these two partners. And to commemorate this, I have this special photo of them, beating the hell out of some villians."

He shows the photo of the two, beating the hell outta Snaptrap, Bird Brain & some other criminals.

All of the background poser agents applaudes to this.

"And this very same photo, is on a wonderfully maded cake, that I ordered, just for this occassion." The Chief said, he turned his head to a different direction. "Bring in the cake!"

Then Keswick pushes out a cart, that had a huge sheet cake.

The cake had a vanilla frosting on one side. Chocolate frosting on the other side. It also had the words; 'To a wonderful duo! For a year's worth of ass-kicking!' on it.

Then the Chief gives Kitty a knife.

"And agent Katswell, will cut the first piece."

"Okay." she said and started cutting the cake.

Soon, at least everyone had a slice of cake.

The Chief was talking.

"Okay, now the cake had been served. Here's the second reason, that I called this meeting."

"What? Are we gonna have ice cream too?" Dudley asked stupidly, as the audience laughs at his retardedness.

"No, agent Puppy." The Chief started, before being interrupted by Dudley.

"It's Big Dudley P." Dudley corrected, as the audience laughs.

"Who the fuck cares!" The Chief shouted.

Then he regains his compsure.

"Anyways. I would like to introduce a new agent, that's gonna be joining T.U.F.F."

"It is a dude?" Agent Nuts asked. "I hope, it's a dude. We need more dudes around here."

"No, they're female, agent Nuts." The Chief said.

"Dammit!" Agent Nuts sniffed. "Thanks for getting my hopes up, tiny duck!"

The Chief ignores him, as does everyone else, as the audience laughs at the squirrel's stupidity.

"Anyways, here she is." The Chief said.

Then walks in a tan cat. She haves fiery red hair, which was in a ponytail, ala Kitty's wig in 'Purr-fect Partner'. She also haves green eyes, a small cute black triangle-shaped nose, medium to large sized breasts, sexy slim hourglass waist, sexy thighs and legs, & a big sexy booty.

She was also wearing a dark blue spy jacket, with a white shirt underneath, a small black skirt, dark blue high heeled boots with black trim on top and white gloves with black & red trim on top.

"Introducing, Roz Katswell." The Chief said.

Everyone, except Kitty & Dudley applauded.

Dudley leans over to Kitty.

"Damn, Kitty." he said. "She looks exactly like you. Kinda creepy, huh?"

But before Kitty can respond to Dudley, The Chief started talking again.

"Roz is a former S.W.A.T. team member and police officer." he said. "And since, she doesn't need that much training & she got all that S.W.A.T. training and all that shit, I'm just gonna assign her with Agents Katswell & Puppy."

"It's Big Dudley P." Dudley said, as the audience laughs.

"Whatever." The Chief said boredly, as he turns to Roz. "You may go join your new two partners now, new agent Katswell."

Then he turns to the other background poser agents.

"Alright. This meeting's over, you unimportant posers! Now get back to work!"

Then everyone except Kitty, Dudley & Roz leaves quickly.

The Chief turns to Keswick.

"Come, Keswick. Let's get drunk."

"You m-m-mean, you'll get drunk & v-v-vomit on the floor and you'll have me c-c-clean it up!" Keswick sniffed.

"Yeah, that's right." The Chief said, as the audience laughs. "Now, let's go."

Then he turns to the three main agents.

"And you three finish up your anniversity cake & get to know the new agent also."

Then standing on Keswick, the Chief leaves.

Roz sits next to Kitty.

Dudley starts talking to her.

"So, Roz. I'm Dudley and this is Kitty." he started. "So, tell me. Why you & Kitty look exactly alike? Are you her cousin?"

"No." Roz replied. "She's my older twin."

"What?" Dudley asked, as he turns to Kitty. "You never told me, that you had a twin sister, Kitty?"

"I've told you, that I was a twin." Kitty said.

"When?" Dudley asked. "I don't remember that."

"That probably because, you was too busy staring at my breasts and was spaced out & drooling, when I told you." Kitty said, as the audience laughs.

"Oh." Dudley mutters, as the audience laughs.

Roz picks up a fork.

"Mind, if I have some cake, sis?"

"Sure." Kitty said, as she shoved her piece of cake towards her twin. "Knock yourself out."

So Roz started eating.

Kitty turns to Dudley.

"Can I share with you, Dudley baby?" she asked in a sexy tone.

"Sure, babe." Dudley said. "I'm lucky. I got one of the pieces, that haves both of our heads on it."

Kitty picks up a fork.

"I'll eat your face and you'll eat mine." she said in a sexy tone.

"That's fine with me, babe." Dudley said.

So Dudley starts eating the cake Kitty's face.

"Mmmm! Your face tastes good." he said, as the audience laughs & whoos.

"So do yours, honey." Kitty said in a sexy voice, as she ate some of cake Dudley's face.

Roz notices this.

"So, are you two in love or something?" she asks. "Or this is the way, you two work?"

"Yes, we're boyfriend and girlfriend." Kitty answered.

"Really." Roz said. "Did you two fucked yet?"

The audience laughs & whooed, as Kitty blushed.

"No!" Kitty exclaims, as the audience laughs.

Soon, the cake eating was done.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" Roz asks.

"We're gonna show you around." Dudley said, as he turned to Kitty. "Isn't that right, Kitty?"

"Yeah." Kitty said, as she stood up. "C'mon. Let's go."

Then they all leave, the meeting room.

So the couple shows Roz around the T.U.F.F. headquarters.

"And this is the lethal weapons room." Kitty said, as she showed her twin sister the room.

"Cool." Roz awed. "It's just like the weapon room, that's my old S.W.A.T. team haves."

"By the way, Roz." Dudley started. "What city did you come from?"

"I came from Seattle, Washington." Roz replied. "I was the top police officer & S.W.A.T. team member."

"That's very interesting & cool." Dudley said, as he looks at both Katswell sisters. "I'm around the top police office/SWAT team member & the top agent of TUFF, who happens to be twins."

Roz looks at Kitty.

"You're the top agent?" she asks.

"Yeah." Kitty said.

"I've never known that." Roz said. "Mom always told me, that you went to work for the FBI."

"Well, she wanted me to join the FBI." Kitty started. "But being a secret agent for Tuff sounded more exciting."

"And it is!" Dudley butted in. "I want you, to show you my favorite room of Tuff."

Then he picks up both Roz & Kitty and throws them over both his shoulders.

The audience laughs.

"C'mon, let's go." Dudley said, as he carried the two cats.

Roz turns to Kitty.

"Uh, Kitty. Why is he doing this?" she asks.

"You'll get used to this." Kitty said. "He's stronger, than he looks."

At the snack room.

Dudley sets the two Katswell sisters down.

"And this is my favorite room. The Snack Room!" he shouted.

"Ah!" Roz said, as she took out two dollar bills. "Don't mind if I do."

She goes over to the soda & chips vending machines.

She gets her soda, but when she put the dollar in the chip vending machine & pressed in the number, the chips, that she wanted got stuck in the rack it was in.

"Dammit!" Roz sniffed. "It's stuck."

"Not to worry, Roz." Dudley started. "This always happens to me, all the time. I know, just what to do."

Then he runs out of the room.

Then he comes back running. He slams against his head against the vending machine.

Then the entire machine falls onto him.

The audience laughs, as this happens.

A shitload of chips comes out of the machine.

"Take your pick, Roz." Dudley said, from under the machine, as the audience laughs.

"Nice move, Dudley." Kitty said with sarcasm, as the audience laughs.

"Stop bitching, Kitty." Roz said, as she picked up a couple of bags of Dorito's. "And start grabbing these free chips!"

So Kitty started picking up some of the chip bags.

A few minutes later, Roz & Kitty was back at Kitty's desk.

"And this is were, we do our deskwork." Kitty said.

"You mean, secretary work?" Roz asked.

"No." Kitty started. "We always update on criminals files & profiles."

"That's it?" Roz asked.

Kitty then looks around.

After making sure, that it was clear, she turns to her twin sister.

"No, that's not all." Kitty started. "I don't want this to get around the office, but we can do anything on the computer."

"Anything?" Roz asked.

"Yeah." Kitty said. "We can go on our Headpage & Wetube accounts, without the Chief figuring out."

"I like, the sound of that!" Roz exclaims, but no too loudly for anyone else to hear.

"Good." Kitty said, as she sat in her seat. "Grab a seat."

So Roz grabs a spare chair & sits right next to her sister.

Roz looks at Kitty's desk. She sees Little Kitty Katswell by the computer. She picks her up.

"What's this, Kitty?" Roz asked, as she looked at the toy stuffed cat. "This looks exactly like you."

Kitty turns to her.

"That." she started. "That is Little Kitty Katswell. A toy stuffed cat, that brought Dudley & me more closer."

"Really?" Roz asked. "Please tell me the story."

Kitty sits back in her chair.

"A month ago. Dudley & I went to a toy store, after the Chief sent us, to buy some food for the headquarters. I was buying him a brand new frisbee, after the one he had was taken by a killer hippie commume, that we accidently walked upon, while on a camping trip. Anyways, when we was about to leave the toy store; he sees this toy cat & grabs it. I decided to buy it."

"So, was it always dressed like this?" Roz asks.

"No." Kitty said. "Dudley dressed up the toy to look like me. So after, Dudley & me came back from sending four criminals that broke out from jail back to jail. The Chief had made Little Kitty an agent, and giving her a badge. And he made me a secretary."

"He maded you a secretary?" Roz asked.

Kitty nodded.


"Damn!" Roz said. "That's cold."

"Anyways, two days later. I have to go out and save Dudley & Little Kitty, after he tried to stop Snaptrap, who was gonna blow up T.U.F.F. HQ, with air bombs. After coming back here. I got a lot of heat from the Chief, because I wasn't up in my secretary desk, to give him his erotic massages. And right there & then, Dudley stood up for me, saying that Little Kitty's a stuffed cat, who couldn't save the world and I was real. He even threatened to quit & so did I." Kitty explained.

"So, what did the Chief do, to keep you two here?" Roz asked.

"He gave me & Dudley a paided month vacation." Kitty said. "And after we lefted the Chief's office, Dudley decided to give me Little Kitty, as he said; he already had a cat in his life; me."

"Aw." Roz said. "That's so sweet."

"It is." Kitty said. "So, he gave me Little Kitty and I offically retire her to my desk, as a reminder for how our love for each other offically started on that day."

"Whoa. That was a nice & sweet story, Kitty." Roz said, as she took a sip of her soda. "That was a nice & sweet story."

Dudley then walks up to the Katswell twins.

"There you two are." he said, as he was eating some chips. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, I was telling Roz on how I got Little Kitty, Dudley." Kitty said.

"Yeah." Roz said. "It was a very sweet story."

Just then, the Chief's big-ass monitor comes down.

"Agents Katswell, Puppy, & Katswell! I have a memo, that the Chameleon might be up to something. So, I want you three to stakeout at his house to make sure, that he isn't doing something!"

Kitty grabs her hat.

"We're on it, Chief!"

"So, what's up with the hat?" Roz asks.

"It's makes me look sexy." Kitty admitted with a embarassed smile on her face, as the audience laughs.

"Okay?" Roz said. "Who's car are we taking?"

"Mine's, of course." Kitty said. "Mine's have the proper spying equipment."

Roz rolls her eyes.

"Okay, fine. At least, we're gonna be staking out. That's one of the things, that I'm best at."

Then Kitty presses a button, that send the three of them into the pipe, that lead to the Tuff moblie.

Later, they was at the Chameleon's house.

Roz turns to Kitty.

"So, do this car have a cloaking device?" she asks.

"Yep." Kitty replied.

"Is it useful?" Roz asked. "It's not something stupid like; a ice cream truck or anything?"

"No." Kitty said, as she turned to Dudley. "Press the cloaking device."

"What?" Dudley asked, as the audience laughs at his stupidity.

"Press that green button next to you." Kitty said in a bored tone.

"Oh!" Dudley said. "That!"

So he presses the button, which turns the Tuff moblie into a large berry bush.

Kitty takes out some spying equipment.

"Okay. All we have to do is, wait for The Chameleon do something stupid." she said.

Dudley takes out some binoculars.

"Damn! He don't have any tastes." he sniffed. "Just look at the lawn gnome."

Roz looks into some bincolours.

"Yeah. That is tacky." she said. "Just like his Barney Rubble looking house."

"I wonder, how long this is gonna take?" Dudley said outloud.

"As long, as it takes, Dudley." Kitty said.

"Who knows, when that's gonna be!" Dudley exclaims, as the audience laughs at his stupidiness.

Kitty turns to him.

"There's some food in the mini fridge." she said.

Dudley started drooling.

"Food." he said, as he licked his lips and the audience laughs.

Roz turns to Kitty.

"Do he always do this?" she asks.

"Yep." Kitty said. "It's something, that you gotta get used to."

Meanwhile, on the northside of Petropolis.

It shows a black limo pull in front of a jewerly store. The chaffuer gets out & opens the door, for the important person, who was in the limo.

"Here we are, madam." the chaffuer said. "Gino's Jewerly."

"Now, to rob them blind." said a woman's voice.

Inside of Gino's, the jewler was putting away some jewerly.

"Ah, it's been a wonderful day." he said. "People came in & looked at the jewerly. Some of them brought some and best of all, no one didn't hold up this place."

"You wanna bet?" said a voice.

"Oh snap!" shouted the jeweler.

There standing in front of the jeweler was a female orange cat with black stripes. She had black hair. She was wearing a red top, black skirt, black high heels, diamond necklace & a huge diamond ring.

She had a gun aimed at the jeweler.

"Gimme all your diamonds!" the orange & black striped female cat shouted. "Or, you'll perish!"

Then she starts shooting some warning shots into the air.

"Alright! Alright!" said the frightened jeweler as he took out all of the jewelery.

He put all of the jewerly into a sack & gives it to her.

"Here! Take it!" the jeweler shouted. "Just don't shoot me!"

The orange & black striped cat smiled evily.

"I'll go ahead & do it anyway!"

Then she let out several rounds into the jeweler. She turns to her chaffuer.

"C'mon, Jeeves. Let's get the hell outta here!"

"Right away, madam." the chaffuer.

Then they both ran out of the jewerly shop, but not before the cat turns to the wounded jeweler.

"Here's my card!" she said, as she tossed a card at him. "I'll be back to buy this place!"

She jumps into her limo and it takes off.

The injured jeweler looks at the card.

"'Money Bags, Esq. Buyer of properties; robbed or not. Villian & rich cat. Founder & mayor of Richville.'" he read outloud. "I better call the cops & maybe an ambulance."

In the black limo, Money Bags was talking to the chaffuer.

"Onto Petropolis' First National Bank, Jeeves." she said.

"Okay, madam." Jeeves said & pulls off.

Back at the cloaked bush.

Dudley stomach rumbles.

The audience laughs.

"My stomach's rumbling." he said. "It must be lunchtime."

Roz looks at her watch.

It was after 12:30.

"Yep. It is." she said. "Lunchtime."

Kitty sets down her bincoulors.

"Well, since the Chameleon's not doing anything." she said. "Let's go get lunch."

"Where at?" Roz asked.

"There's this pizza parlor called; 'Mario's & Luigi's." Kitty said. "Their pepperoni pizzas are to die for!"

"And so is their spaghetti!" Dudley added. "One time, I ordered some of their spaghetti & I ate a whole lot of it, when I got home. Boy, that was some eating!"

"So, are we gonna drive down there?" Roz asked.

"Of course, we are." Kitty said, as she turned to Dudley. "Dudley. Press that blue button."

Dudley pressed the blue button, which turned the car back into it's normal apperance.

Then Kitty drove off to Mario's & Luigi's.

Meanwhile, still on the northside of Petropolis.

Money Bags was at the northside branch of Petropolis' First National Bank. Everyone was on the floor, as she was shooting some of the patrons.

"GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!" she shouted.

The bankers complied & gave her the money.

Money Bags looked into the bags.

She takes out some dye bombs & threw them away.

She aims her gun at the bankers.

"How dare you, put dye bombs into my money!" she shouted. "If I see anymore dye bombs, I'm gonna start blasting more people!"

Then one of the bankers gave Money Bags a bag full of money.

She looks into it & takes out a dye bomb.

"That's it!" she said, as she aimed the gun at some patrons. "People are gonna get shot!"

She shoots some patrons & some bankers.

"Good aim, madam"! Jeeves praised.

Then after checking all of the money bags, Money Bags turns to Jeeves.

"Let's go, Jeeves!" she said, as she tossed some bags of money over her shoulder.

"Right away, madam." Jeeves said.

Then Money Bags turns to the bankers.

"Here's my card!" she said, as she tosses her card to the bankers.

Then she & Jeeves go into her limo.

"That was a smashing good job, you did in that bank, madam!" Jeeves said.

"Yes, I know, Jeeves." Money Bags said. "I know."

"Where to next, madam?" Jeeves asked, as he got into the driver's seat.

"Back home to Richville, Jeeves." Money Bags said, as she poured herself a glass of champange. "I need to restock some ammo in my gun. And to plan, my late afternoon/early evening heist."

"Okay, madam." Jeeves said.

Then he pulls away from Petropolis' First National bank & drives to Petropolis' city limits.

Thirty to fourty minutes later, at Mario's & Luigi's Pizza Parlor.

Kitty, Dudley, & Roz was eating their lunch, which consisted of an XXXXL triple pepperoni pizza, lasanga with pepperoni, spaghetti with sauce, some italian dessert & some Sierra Mist.

Roz was eating a slice of pizza.

"Damn!" she said, as she took a bite from her slice. "These are some huge-ass slices!"

"Yep." Kitty said, as she ate some of her lasanga. "They make the biggest pizza in the state."

"Yeah, tell me about it." Dudley said. "One time, I had one of their pizzas. And it took me about a week to finish it!"

Then Kitty's watch communicator goes off.

She answers it.

Keswick was on it.

"There has two v-v-v-violent holdups, on the northside of Petropolis, by a n-n-new c-c-criminal!" he said.

"So, you want us to investigate the scenes?" Kitty asked.

"Y-Y-Yes." Keswick said.

"We're on it, Keswick!" Kitty said, and turns off her watch communicator.

"So, we gotta go investigate now?" Dudley asked.

"Yep." Kitty answered.

"Dammit!" Dudley sniffs. "I was enjoying myself, too!"

Then he pouts like a little kid, as the audience laughs.

"Well, looks like we gonna have to put some of this stuff into carryout trays." Roz said, as she stood up to get some carryout trays.

"Damn robbries!" Dudley sniffs. "Always occuring, when I'm enjoying myself!"

Roz returns with the carryout trays. She put the food into them & she put a italian dessert into her mouth.

"Okay, I'm ready." she said, eating the dessert.

"Okay." Kitty said, as she stood up. "Let's go."

Roz follows, but not before being stopped by Dudley.

"Can I have some of that dessert, that's in your mouth?" he asks.

So Roz bends down to Dudley, and she puts the untouched end of the dessert into his mouth.

They start pulling, until it breaks in two.

Dudley eats his.

"Thanks, Roz." he said. "You're the best!"

"Anytime, Dudley." Roz said, finishing off her piece of the dessert. "Anytime."

An half an hour later.

They was at Gino's Jewerly.

Kitty was asking questions, while Roz & Dudley was looking at what's left of the jewerly.

Dudley was talking.

"So Roz." he started. "You're a girl. What would you like?"

"Why you ask?" Roz asked.

"Oh, I'm just wondering, Roz." Dudley said.

Roz smiles at him.

"You're planning on getting Kitty something, are ya?" she asked in a teasing voice.

Dudley looks around.

Then he turns to Roz.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes." Roz said.

"Well, then." Dudley started. "I've already got Kitty something for her birthday."

"What is it?" Roz asked.

"It's the Emerald Egyptian Cat Diamond Necklace." Dudley whispers. "It's something, that she really wants."

"Really?" Roz asks.

"Yes." Dudley said. "I've got it hidden in my room, at home."

Roz laughs.

"Oh, will she be surprised."

Kitty then walks up to them.

"Well, it appears, that this new criminal had left their calling card." she said. "Literally."

Roz takes the card.

"'Money Bags, Esq. Buyer of properties; robbed or not. Villian & rich cat. Founder & mayor of Richville.'" she read. "Well, that's one clue right there."

"I like the way, the card lights up." Dudley said, getting distracted by the card. "It's so fancy!"

"So, is this new criminal a male or female?" Roz asked.

"Female." Kitty answered.

"Do she have an accompliance?" Roz asks.

"Yeah." Kitty said. "She have a butler named Jeeves."

"Jeeves?" Dudley asked. "Isn't that, that guy, who used to own that website?"

The audience laughs, as Kitty & Roz stared at him.

"What?" he asked. "Do I have a boogie?"

Then he started wiping his nose with his shirt, as the audience laughs.

Kitty turns to Roz.

"We have to go to Petropolis' First National Bank now." Kitty said. "Money Bags probably strucked there too."

"Yeah, probably." Dudley said.

"What do you mean probably?" Roz asked. "I have an inkling, that she hit that bank. Let's go."

At the northside bank.

Roz & Kitty was questioning the bankers about Money Bags.

Dudley was sitting in the car, eating the lunch leftovers.

"Oh god!" he exclaims, as he eats a slice of pizza. "This pizza's good as hell!"

Then he looks at Money Bags' calling card.

"I like the green on this card!" he exclaims.

Then Dudley starts thinking.

A smile spread across his face.

"This gives me an idea, for what Kitty to wear later." he said, as the audience laughs.

Kitty & Roz walks back up to the car.

"So, according to witnessess. Money Bags & her butler Jeeves; drove away in a black limo, that had dark green dollar signs on the license plate." Roz said, as she got into the car.

"Yeah." Kitty said, as she got into the driver's seat. "And it's a good thing, that the bankers got a snapshot of Money Bags too."

Then she looks at the photo for a second.

"Oh shit!" she muttered.

"What?" Dudley & Roz asked.

"I know her." Kitty said.

"What?" Dudley asked.

Kitty turns to Dudley.

"I know her." she repeated. "Her birth name's Judith Patrica Lafayette. She was in the very same class, as I was when I was in Secret Agent College. She was a total bitch, snob, and know-it-all. At least, she gave me the respect."

"Is it just me, or do I feel a flashback coming?" Dudley asked.

"Yeah." Kitty said. "A flashback is coming."

Then it fades into Kitty's memory.

It shows a younger Kitty, studying a book. She was wearing some glasses & her hair was tied back in a bun. She was wearing a white t-shirt. A black vest. Dark blue jeans, which stops midway on her legs. Short white socks and black & white Nikes. She was also wearing some light lipstick.

In other words, she's a pretty sexy nerd.

"To hurt a criminal. You gotta slam the criminal down into the ground, and twist the criminal's arm back, until they give up or it breaks." she read. "I gotta write this shit down! It sounds like, it might be useful!"

Just then, Judith Patrica Lafayette; aka Money Bags walks up to her. She was also wearing the same shirt, vest, & pants as Kitty. But she was wearing short black high heel boots & had some jewerly on. Her black hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing some blue sunglasses and had on heavier lipstick.

She looks at Kitty.

"I see, that a certain someone's studying her little heart out." Judith said.

Kitty looks up at her.

"Yeah." Kitty said. "I wanna pass."

Judith sits next to her.

"You're always studying, Katswell." she laughed. "You're always studying."

Kitty turns to her.

"What about you, Judy? Did you study?"

"Yes. Yes." Judith said. "I studied already."

Kitty closed her book.

"So, Judy. Which secret agent agency are you planning on going to?" she asked.

"Well, I'm planning on starting my own secret agent agency." Judith said.

"Really?" Kitty asked. "Sounds cool."

"Yeah, it is!" Judith said. "My secret agent agency will have only one rule."

"And what's that?" Kitty asked.

"No dogs allowed." Judith said in a dark tone.

"No dogs?" Kitty asked. "Why?"

"Because, I hate the hell outta those flea-bitten things!" Judith sniffed. "And when I open up my secret agent agency, it will be all cats. Just cats, no other animal allowed."

"Yeah?" Kitty said as she went back to her book. "What if, you don't pass, Judy. What you gonna do then?"

"Then, I'm gonna have to work my way up, in my father's business, as I work as a tour guide in the museum." Judith said. "But I'm not worried. I'm gonna pass. Regardless."

"So, is your father rich?" Kitty asked.

"Yes, he is." Judith said. "He owns a shitload of companies & real estate in Petropolis and the metro area."

"That's great." Kitty said, as she continued studying.

Judith stands up.

"Well, good luck, Katswell." she said, as she started walking away. "If you fail, you can always join my brand new secret agency."

Kitty looks at her.

"Well, that's one thing, that I'm not gonna do." she said to herself. "I'm gonna study hard, pass, & gradulate. Then I'm gonna join the local secret agent agency!"

Then she goes back to studying.

It fades back to present-day Kitty.

"And afterwards, I passed, gradulated, & joined Tuff." she said. "Meanwhile, Judith also passed, but decided to be a criminal instead. I guess being a villian was better to her."

"Ain't it always the way?" Roz said, as she nodded her head. "Ain't it always the way?"

"Whoa!" Dudley said. "You really looked sexy there, Kitty!"

Then he started drooling a bit & his tail started wagging a bit. The audience laughs at him.

"Especially, that light lipstick, tied back bun, sexy glasses, & half showned legs." he panted. "Oh god!"

Kitty turns to him & smiles.

"Well, I can always dressed like that for you later." she said, as she shook her hip, as the audience whooed.

"Promise?" Dudley asked, as the audience laughs.

"Cross my heart and hope to die." Kitty said. "But not literally."

The audience laughs at Kitty's comment.

"ALRIGHT!" Dudley exclaims, as the audience laughs.

"Now, let's get back to HQ, to get more intel, where Money Bags is gonna strike next." Roz said.

"That what I was about to say." Kitty said.

"Oh damn!" Roz said. "Sorry."

"Well, let's go anyway." Kitty said.

So Kitty & Roz gets into the car and they drive back to Tuff HQ.

Back at Tuff headquarters.

Kitty gave the info about Money Bags to Keswick & the Chief.

"Here's the villian right here, Chief." Kitty said, as she gave him the photo & business card. "Her name's Money Bags and she's,...oh look at the card for yourself."

Keswick & the Chief looks at the card.

"Damn!" the Chief exclaims. "This is some business card!"

"Y-Y-Yeah." Keswick said. "Maybe we should do something l-l-like t-t-that."

"Yeah, maybe." The Chief exclaims, as he turned to the three agents. "I want you three to go make business cards like these for Tuff."

"Alright!" Dudley exclaims loudly, as the audience laughs.

"Uh, Chief?" Kitty asked as she looked at him.

"Oh yeah!" The Chief said. "Ignore what I said about the business cards."

"Dammit!" Dudley sniffs, as he kicked a chair, as the audience laughs.

The Chief turns to Keswick.

"Keswick. I want you to examine this card & photo."

"Y-Y-Yes sir." Keswick said, as he went to examine the card & photo.

"All we need to know, where Money Bag's gonna strike next." The Chief said.

"I got it!" Roz exclaims.

"What is it, new agent Katswell?" the Chief asks.

"Well, since she's rich & probably lives outside of the city limits, and she's probably planning on a late afternoon/early afternoon heist. Since she already robbed the bank & the jewerly store, I think that we should stakeout The Petropolis Money Mint." Roz said.

"Good idea, new agent Katswell!" the Chief said, as he turns to the trio. "I want you three to stakeout the Petropolis Money Mint, and if this Money Bags and her person should show up, you know what to do."

"We're on it, Chief!" Kitty said.

Later, at Petropolis Money Mint.

The trio had the Tuff moblie cloated as a black van that said; 'A ordinary black van'.

Kitty & Roz had their binoculars out, looking out for Money Bags' limo. And Dudley was sitting behind them, looking bored. He yawns.

"God! I'm so bored, Kitty!" he groaned.

Kitty turns to him.

"Well, why don't you spin in your chair for awhile?" she suggested. "That'll keep you entertained."

"Good idea, Kitty!" Dudley said.

Then he starts spinning in his chair, as the audience laughs.

Kitty turns her attention back to the money mint.

Roz sets down her binoculars and turns to Kitty.

"Does he always do this?" she asks.

"Yes." Kitty responded. "Soon, he'll be asleep."

Then it shows him asleep in his chair, snoring loudly.

The audience laughs at his dumb ass.

"See?" Kitty said to Roz. "He's asleep."

"Yeah." Roz said, as she picked up her binoculars. "At least, that'll keep him busy. I wonder, how he got this job anyway, is anyone's guess."

"Well, the Chief gave him a badge." Kitty said. "And all was said & done."

"Something tells me, that Chief Dumbrowski must've been pretty desperate." Roz said.

"Yes, he was." Kitty said. "And drunk."

The audience laughs at this.

Hours later.

It was getting close to sunset now.

Kitty looks at her watch.

"It's almost 7:00." she said. "It should be right about now, that she should strike."

Dudley was awake now.

His stomach was rumbling loudly.

"Damn! I'm hungry, Kitty." he whined, as the audience laughs.

"Just three more hours, Dudley." Kitty said. "Just three more hours."

Just then, a black limo pulls up in front of the money mint.

Jeeves gets out of the limo & lets out Money Bags.

"Ready, madam?" Jeeves asked, as he gave her some weapons.

"Yes I am, Jeeves." Money Bags said. "Now, let's get this shit started."

Roz sees this.

"That's them right there!" she exclaims.

Kitty takes out her weapons.

"Looks like, this is gonna be a battle." she said. "I better use the other gun."

She takes out a black gun-like weapon.

Roz looks at her.

"Where can I get a gun like that?" she asks.

"Yeah!" Dudley added, as the audience laughs. "Where can I get one?"

"There's a couple of them in the trunk." Kitty said. "I told you that, Dudley."

"How come, I can't remember it?" he asks.

"Probably, because you was daydreaming about me again, when I told you." Kitty said in a teasing voice, as the audience laughs.

"Oh." Dudley said.

"Go get the guns." Kitty said. "I'll meet you outside."

Inside the mint, Money Bags had just shot some of the guards and some of them was putting the money & gold bars into the bags.

"That's right." Money Bags said. "Put those gold bars onto of the cash, not the bottom. If I find some bars on the bottom and the money's on top, you'll end up like your friends over there."

"Not so fast, Money Bags!" shouted a voice.

"Who the hell said that!" Money Bags exclaims.

Kitty then jumps in & aims her gun at her. Roz & Dudley did the same.

"You're not gonna rob this mint!" she said.

Money Bags looks at her.

"Well. Well. Well." she started. "If it isn't my old secret agent collegemate; Kitty Katswell. Who gradulated top honors & went to join T.U.F.F."

"Yep." Kitty said. "I'm T.U.F.F.'s top agent."

"Oh, really?" Money Bags said. "If you're top agent and know all of your secret agent college learning, then prepare for this!"

Then she starts blasting her gun at the trio, fortunately, they take cover by a turned over table.

Kitty takes out her gun & responds by shooting back.

Dudley & Roz did the very same.

Money Bags shot the gun from Kitty's hand.

"Ha!" Money Bags laughed. "Perfect shot."

Roz then shoots the gun from Money Bags' hand.

"Ha! How did you like that, bitch?" Kitty called out.

"Ow!" Money Bags cried. "My fuckin' hand! It seems that, you know a lot, Katswell. Now it's time to fight!"

Then she turned to Jeeves.

"Jeeves. Attack the other cat & that disgusting, smelly-ass mutt!" she ordered.

Jeeves jumps in front of Roz & Dudley.

"Yes, madam."

Then he frowns at Dudley & Roz.

"Well, looks like you two are about to enter the zone. The Pain Zone!" he said, as he did a karate pose.

"No, we're not!" Roz exclaims. "You're are! Because, I'm an former police officer & SWAT team member, grade A karate black belt, & one pissed off bitch!"

"Yeah." Dudley added. "And I scored over 1.5 million points in Super Mario Bros."

Roz turns to him.

"What does that have to do with anything?" she asked.

"It don't." Dudley said. "I just wanted to say that."

The audience laughs as Roz rolled her eyes.

Jeeves attacks Dudley & started fighting him.

"Take this, mutt!" he said in a evil voice, as he threw a punch at Dudley.

"You take this!" Roz said, as she piled ontop of Jeeves and started giving him a shitload of brutal punches.

Money Bags attacks Kitty, but fortunately Kitty was quick on her feet and manage to avoid the full attack.

Money Bags stands up.

"Let's see, what that female, cat-hating Tuff taught ya!" she said, as she took out some knunchucks.

Then she attacks Kitty with them.

Kitty skillfully avoids getting hit, as she did some karate-like jumps.

"Ya! Hi-ya!" she said.

She lands behind Money Bags.

"You may had attended Secret Agent College, but here's one thing, that you were always bad at." Kitty said.

Money Bags turns to her.

"And what's that?" she asked.

Kitty raises a fist.

"Being a good fighter!"

Then she delivers the punch right into Money Bags' face, which knocks her to the floor. Then Kitty delivers several roundhouse kicks to the rich cat's head.

Meanwhile, Roz & Dudley was winding down their brutal ass-kicking to Money Bags' chaffeur/butler.

Jeeves decided to give up.

"Alright! Alright!" he cried. "I give! I give!"

"So much for takin' us to the Pain Zone, eh Belvedere?" Dudley said, as the audience laughs at his reference at the old 80's sitcom character. "You got your ass handed to ya."

"Yes." Jeeves said. "I am pathetic."

"You sure are." Roz said, as the audience laughs. "Trying to defeat two secret agents. You must be outta your fuckin' mind."

"Yes, madam." Jeeves said. "I am. Please arrest me."

So Roz take out some handcuffs and put them on around Jeeves' wrists.

"One down." Roz started.

"One to go." Dudley finished, as he turned to Kitty & Money Bags.

Money Bags was coughing up blood, as Kitty continued giving her punches & kicks.

"Oh s-s-shit!" Money Bags coughed. "Y-Y-You're not bad, f-f-for a traitor."

Kitty stops kicking, when she hears this.

"What?" she asked.

"Y-You heard me." Money Bags said. "You're a traitor!"

"Why, am I a traitor?" Kitty asked.

"Because, you j-j-join that agency, that hates female cats." Money Bags said.

"They don't hate female cats." Kitty said. "If they did, they wouldn't of hired me or my twin sister. And besides, you demanded a whole lot of shit, that the company didn't want to do."

"L-Like what?" Money Bags asked.

"Like, separate working quarters for cats and females only." Kitty started. "A five-hour lunch break. Extended pay for working holidays. Paided vacations. Shorter hours & to be an assistant to the Chief, making sure that he doesn't hire any dogs. Just face it. You're just too damn demanding."

"Demanding! Me!" Money Bags shouted. "I wanted those demands, so it'll be easier on us, Katswell."

"You mean you." Kitty said. "I can live without most of that stuff, that you wanted."

Money Bags laughed.

"Of course, you would. You are willing to work for a company, that doesn't hire as many females as males & the very same company, that hires smelly, dirty, disgusting, diseased-ridden, & stupid mutts; like that dog over there." she said, as she pointed & looked at Dudley. "Disgusting-ass waste of a life! Hmmpth!"

Dudley feels hurt and starts to cry.

"I'm a waste of a life!" he cried.

"You sure are!" Money Bags said snootily. "There's no one in the world, that loves your species. Now get the hell outta here, before I slash your throat."

So Dudley, still upset, walks sadly away.

"I'll be waiting in the Tuff mobile." he said.

Kitty was really angry from what Money Bags had said about her Dudley.

"Shut up, heffa!" Kitty shouted.

"What did you call me?" Money Bags asked.

"You heard me." Kitty said. "No one, but no one talks about my Dudley that way, but me!"

"Y-You actually like this dog?" Money Bags asked.

"Yes, I do." Kitty said. "Matter of fact, I love him!"

Money Bags laughs.

"I always knew, that you was a sucker for dogs, Katswell." she said. "And you call yourself a cat? Ha! You're not a cat, you're a fuckin', good-for-nothing dog fucker!"

And on that sentence, Kitty delivers a roundhouse kick to Money Bags' face, which knocks her unconcious.

"And you're a spoiled, self-centered, racist, bigoted, slutty-ass ho'!" she said, as the audience applaudes to this.

Then she spits at Money Bags.

The audience laughs.

"Bitch!" Kitty sniffs.

"So, do you want me to arrest her, sis?" Roz asked.

"Yes." Kitty said, turning her attention to where Dudley went. "You do that, I gotta talk to Dudley."

She runs outside to the Tuff moblie.

Dudley was sitting in the car, crying his eyes out.

"You okay, Dudley sweetie?" Kitty asks, as she sits next to him.

"A little bit." Dudley said. "It's just, what that bitch said about me."

"Ignore her, Dudley." Kitty said softly, as she put an arm on Dudley's shoulder. "She's just a two-faced bitch. She would always say stuff like that to me too. Matter of fact, she does that to everybody, who doesn't agree with her beliefs."

"I hate assholes like that." Dudley said. "It's those type of people, that ruins good things in this world."

"Yeah, I know." Kitty muttered, as she continued pampering her beau.

"And she was actually threatened by our relationship." Dudley cried. "I hate people like that."

"I hate people like that too, baby." Kitty said. "It's assholes like that, is the reason why we gotta prove, that our relationship gonna have to work."

Dudley looks at her.

"And besides." Kitty started. "Money Bags is one of those women, that don't need a man in their lives. She may have the money, but I have you."

Then she massages the back of his neck.

"D'you feel better now, sweetie?" she asked in a sweet voice.

Dudley smiles at her.

"Yeah, Kit-Kat." he said. "I feel a lot better now."

"Good." Kitty said, as she stood up. "Let's get these assholes, to where they belong. In jail."

"Wise idea, babe." Dudley said.

"Good." Kitty said.

Then they both go back into the money mint.

Later, the Tuff police was taking Money Bags & Jeeves to jail.

Money Bags was pissed.

"You may have won this time, Katswell." she sniffed. "But I'll be back! I'll buy your little secret agent company, and then you, your sister & your little doggie will be unemployed & poor!"

"Aw, shut up!" Kitty replied.

"So, what are we gonna do now, sis?" Roz asked.

"Well, we gotta go back & report this." Kitty said.

"Okay." Roz said.

Kitty turns to Dudley.

"C'mon Dudley. Let's go."

"Okay, Kitty." Dudley said.

Kitty looks at him.

"Dudley?" she asked.

"What?" Dudley asked.

"Put it back." said Kitty sternly.

"Put what back?" Dudley asked with a nervous smile on his face, as the audience laughs.

"You know what." Kitty said.

So Dudley rolls his eyes & takes out thirty stacks of $100 dollar bills.

The audience laughs.

"There. All the money's put back." he said. "Happy?"

"Yeah." Kitty said. "Let's go."

Kitty goes back to the car.

Dudley laughs to himself.

"Ha! It's a good thing, that she doesn't know about my secret pocket." he laughed, as he went to the car.

Back at T.U.F.F. HQ.

Kitty & Roz was typing in the report.

"So, there." Kitty said. "Money Bags' report is in the computer now."

"So, how did you enjoy your first day here in TUFF, Roz?" Dudley asked.

Roz takes a sip of water from a glass.

"Well, Dudley." she started. "I quite enjoyed it. Hopefully, there's gonna be more crime."

"Don't worry." Kitty said. "There will."

Just then, The Chief's big-ass monitor comes down.

"New agent Katswell. Come to my office!" he shouted.

So Roz stands up & goes to the Chief's office.

Dudley turns to Kitty.

"So, what are we gonna do after work, Kit-Kat?" he asks.

"Well, I'm planning on taking us to one of the city's fancist restauraunts. The one's that you have to make a reservation for. Then we go to one of Petropolis' fancist 5-star hotels & spend the night." Kitty explained.

"I like that plan!" Dudley exclaims. "Hell, I love it!"

"I knew, that you would, Dudley baby." Kitty said, as she crossed her left leg over her right & she ran her hand through her hair at him.

The audience whoos at this sexy scene.

"Oh baby!" Dudley awed, as the audience laughs.

Just then, Roz walks up to them.

Kitty turns to her sister.

"So, what did the Chief wants?" she asked.

"Oh, he just wanted to give me a badge, a watch communicator, & several ray guns." Roz answered. "So, it means, it's all good then."

"Yep." Dudley said. "It is."

Kitty looks at her watch.

"Well, what do you know? It's time to punch out for the day." she said.

"Oh really?" Roz asked.

"Yeah." Dudley said. "Only, the background poser agents stay after, at this time."

"Oh." Roz said. "That's a good thing to know."

Then she turns to leave.

"Well, I gotta be going." she said. "See ya, Dudley. See ya Kitty."

Kitty turns to Dudley.

"Let's punch out too, Dudley."

"ALRIGHT!" Dudley exclaims loudly, as the audience laughs.

After punching out, Kitty & Dudley get into the Tuff moblie.

Roz pulls up in her car, which was a black convertible.

She honks at them & they waved back.

Then she speeds off.

Dudley turns to Kitty.

"So, are you gonna dress up, in that tiny cheerleader uniform later on?" he asks.

"Maybe." Kitty said, as the audience whoos. "You just have to wait & see, along with the rest of the readers."

"What d'you mean by that, Kit-Kat?" Dudley asked.

"I mean, there's not enough space for our night in this chapter." Kitty said. "So, the author's gonna make the next chapter about our night ahead."

"Dammit!" Dudley sniffs. "I was looking forward to the sex in this chapter!"

"Don't worry, Dudley baby." Kitty said. "The next chapter will be sort of a 'Easter Egg' for everyone."

"Easter Egg?" Dudley asks. "Is it really an Easter Egg, that the Easter Bunny delivers?"

"No." Kitty said. "The term means, that it's something that extra & special."

"Oh." Dudley said.

"Let's get you home, so you can get ready for the date." Kitty said, as she started up the car.

"Okay." Dudley said.

So Kitty pulls out of Tuff's garage.

Soon, she reaches Dudley's house.

"So, when will you be ready, Kit-Kat?" Dudley asked, as he got out of the car.

"Maybe in a hour or an hour & a half." Kitty said. "Don't worry. I'll call you."

"Alright!" Dudley said, & ran into his house.

Kitty looks at the camera.

"Make sure, you readers come back for the next chapter." she said. "It's gonna be good!"

Then she drives off.