The Kitty Katswell Show

Kitty & Dudley Finally Do It!

Alright, since there wasn't room & space in Chapter 8 & I didn't have any other ideas for Chapter 9. I decided to make Chapter 9, a Easter Egg Chapter. Which means, that it's a special type of chapter, that haves stuff, that usually doesn't happen in other chapters. This chapter is the first for this and hopefully, there's gonna be more 'Easter Egg' Chapters in the future.

This very chapter will be rated M, for sexual scenes. Anyways like always, enjoy.

Dudley immediately runs into his house and runs to his room.

Peg was watching some boring show on tv, when he ran by.

"Dudley." she called. "What the hell are you doing, running inside of my house?"

"Sorry. Can't talk!" he answered. "Gotta take a shower!"

Peg just sits there, looking surprised and stunned.

"I wonder, what that Kitty do to get him a shower?" she wondered outloud. "But whatever it is, I like it!"

The audience laughs.

Dudley goes to the bathroom & turns on the shower.

"Gotta get all nice & clean for Kitty." he said, as he grabs some towels & soap.

He gets into the shower & start showering.

20 to 30 minutes later.

He gets out of the shower.

"I wonder, if I need to shave?" Dudley asked outloud.

He goes over to the mirror & looks at himself.

"Hmmm? Nah!" he said.

Then he opens up the bathroom cabinet & takes out some deodorant.

He wipes it on his armpits.

Then he goes to his room, picking up his shirt with the hidden money along the way.

Meanwhile, at Kitty's house.

Kitty was deciding on what to wear.

"Damn!" she sniffed, as she took out some clothes. "I don't know, what to wear. I want to impress my Dudleykins & I want this night to be rememberable."

Then she come across a sexy black cocktail dress, which it's top half was red.

She picks it up.

"I can wear this!" Kitty said, as she looked at the dress. "Yeah, I can wear this, alongside with some sexy closed-toed black stilettos."

Then she picks up a shoe box, that had the stilettos and set them on her bed.

"Dudley's gonna go wild, when he sees me." Kitty said, as she walks over to her mirror & started putting on some makeup, you know like lipstick & the like.

Back at Dudley's house.

Dudley had just put on some neatly ironed black dress pants & a white muscle shirt.

"Now, that I got my pants on, all I need to do is iron my shirt." he said, as he put on some colonge.

Then he grabs a light blue dress shirt and a black tie.

He sets the tie on his bed, and he set the shirt onto the ironing board.

Then he starts ironing up his shirt.

Soon, his shirt was ironed.

"Good. My shirt's all ironed." he said.

Then he looks at his cane, that he had from chapter 2.

"Maybe, I should use this cane?" he said to himself, as he picked up the cane and twirled it around. "You know, just to look fancy."

His freshly ironed shirt had cooled down now.

He puts the shirt & the tie on.

"Well, Kitty should be here anytime soon." Dudley said to himself.

He looks at the clock.

It was almost 8:00.

"It's after 8." he said. "Hope, Kitty be here soon."

Just then, Peg's voice was heard.

"Dudley!" she shouted. "You got a visitor!"

"I know, who that can be!" Dudley said, as he grabbed the cane. "Time for my wonderful night with Kitty!"

Dudley walks into the living room.

"Look who's here, Dudley." Peg said.

Dudley looks to see Kitty, in all her sexy glory.

"Hi, Dudley sweetie." she said. "You're looking fine & handsome."

Dudley's eyes went wide & he started to drool a bit. His tail wags.

The audience laughs at this & so does Kitty.

"Looks like, my strong man's ready for tonight." she laughs.

"You know, I am!" Dudley exclaims, as he walks over to Kitty.

He holds her hand & looks dreamingly into her eyes.

"Now, don't have too much fun, Dudley." Peg said. "I don't want to become a grandmother."

Then she thinks it over.

"Aw hell, go ahead & have as much fun as you want!" she said. "I want some grandkids!"

"Don't worry, mom." Dudley said, as he looks back at Kitty. "We'll have plenty of fun!"

The audience laughs & whoos to this.

"That's good." Peg said as she looks to Kitty. "Make sure, that you take care of my Dudley, dearly."

"Oh, don't worry, Ms. Puppy." Kitty said. "I'll take great care of him. Come on, Dudley sweetie."

Then the couple leaves the house.

Dudley runs over to the car & opens the driver's side door.

"Thank you, Dudley." Kitty said, as she got into the car.

"Anytime, Kit-Kat." Dudley said, as he got into the car. "So, what fancy restaruant are we goin' to?"

"This restaruant's called; Chez Costa Plente." Kitty said. "I've heard, that they have some wonderful food & wine."

"Do they have chicken?" Dudley asked.

"Yes, I'm sure they do." Kitty said, as she started up the car. "Let's go."

Then she starts up the car & pulls off.

At Chez Costa Plente.

The Maitre'D had just set Kitty & Dudley at a private table.

Dudley looks around at the place.

"This is not a bad place, Kit-Kat." he said. "Not a bad place."

"I know." Kitty said, as the waiter walked up to the table.

"Good evening." he started in his british accent. "I am Gil, and I'm going to be your waiter tonight."

Then he gives them menus & two champagne glasses filled with water.

"I'll give you two several minutes to decide." Gil said & lefted.

Dudley looks at the menu.

"Why can't I read this?" he exclaims. "It's all in a strange language!"

"That's the french side, Dudley dear." Kitty said, as she flipped over Dudley's menu to the english side. "There."

"Okay." Dudley said & started looking through the menu. "Thank you, babe."

"Anytime, baby." Kitty said.

Then Gil reappears.

"So, what do you want tonight?" he asked.

"I'll take the chicken." Dudley said.

"Good choice sir." Gil said.

"And I'll take a rib-eye steak too." Dudley said. "Well done."

"Okay sir." Gil said, as he turns to Kitty. "And you Ms?"

"I'll take the Beef Wellington & the lobster salad." Kitty said.

"Good choice, madam." Gil said. "Would you like some wine?"

"It depends what it is." Kitty said.

Gil takes out a wine bottle.

"It's Whiterspoon & DeLisle wine." he said. "The finiest wine in Petropolis."

"Okay, we'll take that." Kitty said.

"Nice choice madam." Gil said, as he took out two more champagne glasses.

He opens up the wine, & starts pouring it.

"Okay. I'm gonna place your order now." he said, then left.

Dudley starts drinking his wine & so is Kitty, but she only took a sip.

"Dudley, baby. Don't you know, that you're suppose to sip wine, not gulp it?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"No." Dudley said, as he continued gulping his wine, as the audience laughs.

"Well, you do now." Kitty said.

Dudley looks at Kitty.

"Damn! You look really sexy in this candle light, Kit-Kat." he awed.

Kitty blushes & laughs.

"Thank you, baby." she said.

Then she starts thinking.

"Dudley." she said.

"What?" Dudley asked.

"What d'you think of me?" Kitty asked.

"Well." Dudley started, as he blushed & the audience laughs. "I think, you're the most beautiful, sexiest, athletic & smartest girl in Petropolis."

Kitty blushes & laughs.

"Why, thank you sweetie." she said.

"So, what d'you think of me?" Dudley asked.

"Well, Dudley." Kitty started. "I think, you're funny, sweet, athletic, strong, & handsome."

Dudley blushes.

Kitty laughs & so do the audience.

"Thank you, Kitty." he said as he looks at her. "Why can't all cats be like you? Especially the females. Then the world would be a better place."

"Yeah." Kitty said.

"And get rid of those assholes like that Money Bags!" Dudley sniffs. "Fuck that bitch!"

"Don't let what she said earlier, ruin this evening." Kitty said, as she took a sip from her glass. "Let's talk about our past adventures over the past year."

"Good idea, Kit-Kat." Dudley said.

So they started talking about their past missions together.

Half an hour later.

The food had arrived.

"Enjoy your food." Gil said. "Do you want more wine?"

"Yes." Dudley said. "It's good!"

So Gil leaves to get another bottle of wine.

Dudley turns to Kitty.

"You're paying for this, right?"

"Yes." Kitty said, as she picked up a fork and started eating her lobster salad.

Dudley started eating his steak.

"You know, Kitty. I'm thinkin' about moving out of my mom's house."

"You are?" Kitty said. "That's good. Do you have a place to stay yet?"

"No." Dudley said. "But I'll still look."

Kitty then thinks.

"Well, if you can't find a place, you can always stay with me." she said.

"Really? Dudley asked.

"Yes." Kitty said. "I have that extra room, that needed to be filled."

"Great. I'll remember that." Dudley said. "So, how much do I need to pay for rent?"

"How about $70 dollars?" Kitty asked. "Per month."

"Okay." Dudley said. "Now, let's eat some of this food."

So they continued eating & remembering their year together.

40 minutes later.

Gil comes up to them.

"So, do you want some dessert?" he asked, as he took away the empty plates.

"Yes." Kitty said, as she looked at her menu. "The Cherry Soufflé please."

"Nice choice, madam!" Gil said, as he took the menus away.

"Uh, what is a 'Soufflé', Kit-Kat?" Dudley asked.

"It's a light baked cake, that's made in a ramekin." Kitty explains. "You can put a lot of stuff into a soufflé like, berries, chocolate, fruit, jam, & other shit."

"Oooh! I like that!" Dudley exclaims. "A cake, that you can stuff with a lot of tasty stuff!"

"You know, Dudley." Kitty started in a sexy voice. "I make a pretty mean-ass soufflé."

"Really?" Dudley asked.

Kitty nodded.

"Can I have one for my birthday!" Dudley asks, drooling as the audience laughs.

"Sure, baby." Kitty said. "What d'you in it?"

"Can I have chocolate?" Dudley said. "Oooh! Can I have berries, fruit, cherry pie filling in it?"

"Yeah." Kitty said.

"You know, my birthday's in October right, Kit-Kat?" Dudley asked.

"Yes, baby." Kitty said. "And you know, my birthday's in September?"

"Yes. Yes." Dudley said. "I know. Matter of fact, I got a gift for you."

"Really?" Kitty asked. "What is it?"

"I'm not telling." Dudley said in a teasing voice. "You gotta wait, til your birthday to find out."

Kitty playfully pouts & stomps her foot on the floor, as the audience laughs.

"That's not fuckin' fair, Dudley!" she pouted playfully like a little kid. "It's not fuckin' fair!"

Then Gil came with the cherry soufflé.

"Here's your soufflé." he said, as he set it down in front of them. "Enjoy."

Then he leaves.

Dudley looks at it.

"So, how do you eat it?" he asks.

Kitty picks up a fork.

"Like this."

She stabs the fork into the soufflé. It sort of falls down. She get some of it on the fork & puts the fork into her mouth.


"Yeah!" Dudley said, as he put his fork into the soufflé.

He put the fork into his mouth.

"Damn! This is good!" he exclaims, as the audience laughs.

"I know, right?" Kitty said, as she got some more.

"Yeah." Dudley said, as he got some more of the dessert.

A little later, the soufflé was eaten.

"Damn!" Dudley said, as he burped & the audience laughs. "That soufflé thing was good. Hell, the entire dinner was good."

"I'm glad, that you enjoyed it, dear." Kitty said.

Then Gil walks up to them.

"Shall there be anything else?" he asks.

"No, thank you." Kitty said. "Give me the check."

So Gil gave her the check.

"$550.79." she read outloud. "Okay."

Then she reach into her small black purse & took out the money.

She turns to Gil.

"And here you go." Kitty said, as she gave the waiter the money. "You can keep the change."

"Why, thank you madam!" Gil said, as the couple stood up. "Have a good night."

Kitty looks at Dudley.

"D'you know, what time it is. baby?" she asked in a amourous voice, as the audience whoos.

"It's almost 10:00." Dudley answered, as he looked at his watch as the audience laughs.

"Uh, yeah?" Kitty said.

Then she gets closer to him.

"I mean, do you know what time it is?" she said in a sexy tone.

Dudley then realizes what Kitty meant.

"Oh! I get it now." he said, as the audience laughs. "What time is it, Kitty babe?"

"It's time to go to the hotel & have our special time together." Kitty said, as the audience whoos.

"YEAH!" Dudley exclaims. "Let's get to it!"

Then they get into the car & Kitty drives them to the 5-star hotel.

Soon, Kitty pulls up at the 5-star hotel.

"Okay, baby." she said. "We're here."

"Alright!" Dudley exclaims, as he jumped out of the car.

"I see, someone's ready." Kitty said, as she gave the valet the keys to the TUFF mobile.

She turns to him.

"If there's a scratch on it, there's gonna be a scratch on your ass!" she said to the valet, as the audience laughs.

Kitty goes over to the desk.

"A room for two, please?" she said.

So the desk clerk gave her the key card to the room, & Kitty paided.

She turns to Dudley.

"I've got the keys, baby."

"Good!" Dudley said.

Then they go to the elevator & get in it.

"So, what floor, Kit-kat?" Dudley asked.

"Twenth floor." Kitty said.

So Dudley presses the button that said; 20.

At the 20th floor.

The couple walks down the hall, until they get to their room.

Kitty slides the key card into the slot & opened up the door.

They enter.

"You want me to lock the door, Kit-Kat?" Dudley asked.

"Yeah." Kitty said. "We don't want any interruptions."

So Dudley put the 'Please Do Not Disturb' sign outside on the doorknob, then he locks the door.

"So, what now?" he asks, as he turns to Kitty.

"You get on the bed, while I'll slip into something a little more comfortable." Kitty said amoursly, as the audience whoos.

Then she walks to the bathroom.

"Oh shit!" Dudley exclaims, as he jumps into bed.

He takes off his tie & tosses it to the floor.

"Should I take the rest of my clothes off?" he said. "Or should I keep them on, & let Kitty take them off?"

He thinks about this.

"I'll go with the second choice!" he said with a wide smile on his face. "Now, that's one of my dreams, that's gonna come true!"

Then he lays back in the bed & wait for Kitty.

It wasn't long, before he hears Kitty's voice.

"Are you ready, baby?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Dudley repiles.

"I've got a surprise for you." Kitty said. "And it's somethin', that you're gonna love."

"I hope, that's she comin' out naked." Dudley said to himself. "Or something close to being naked."

Then Kitty stands at the enterance to the bathroom.

She was in a sexy lacey dark green nightgown, which stops above her thighs.

The audience whoos at this.

"So, how do you like it?" she asked in a sexy tone, as she did a sexy pose.

A wide smile spread across Dudley's face & his eyes went wide.

"I don't like it." he said. "I LOVE IT!"

Kitty laughs as she walked sexy up to the bed.

"I knew, that you would, baby." Kitty said, as she started scratching Dudley's chin.

"Uh, d-d-did you buy t-t-this?" Dudley stuttered, as he was enjoying this sexy action from Kitty.

"Yes, sweetie." Kitty said in a sexy tone. "I brought this several days ago, just for you."

Then she smiles sexually, as she sees Dudley enjoying her under chin scratching on him.

"So, you're ready now?" she asked in a sexy tone.

"Yeah!" Dudley said.

Then Kitty climbs into the bed & Dudley grabs her by the waist.

He pulls her close to him, until they had their lips locked and was kissing each other passionately.

Kitty then put her hands onto Dudley's shirt & started undoing the buttons. And in response to this, Dudley directed his hands upward to Kitty's breasts. He rubs them softly. Kitty moans to this.

"Mmmm." she mutters, still kissing Dudley.

In response to Dudley's breast rubbing; Kitty then started pulling off the unbuttoned shirt. Dudley stops kissing & lifts his arms in the air, to make it easier on Kitty to take the shirt off.

Kitty tosses the shirt onto the floor.

"Now, to take off that undershirt." Kitty said.

Then she takes off Dudley's undershirt & tosses it alongside with the dress shirt.

She then looks at Dudley's muscular chest.

"Mmmm!" Kitty said, as she started rubbing & tickling his chest. "I love your muscular chest!"

Dudley laughs from the sensation from Kitty's fingers, as he was quite ticklish.

"I see someone's enjoying my tickling?" Kitty said in a sexy tone.

"Yeah." Dudley said.

Then he starts to feel an erection coming.

"Oh shit!" he exclaims. "I'm starting to feel hard!"

Kitty then looks real closely at the middle of Dudley's pants.

She touches it & slides her hands on and off of it.

"Mmmm." Kitty muttered in a erotic voice. "You're hard & horny for me, ain't ya, Dudley baby?"

"Uh, no!" Dudley lied, even though he haves evidence.

Kitty squeezes his bulge and Dudley lets out a satisfied moan.

"Well, if you're not, then why do you have a smile on your face?" she asked in a sexy voice, still squeezing the erection.

Dudley grit his teeth.

"I don't know!" he hissed.

Kitty then decides to unbutton his pants & takes them off.

"Mmmm. Dudley," Kitty said in a erotic voice. "I don't think you'll be needing your pants anymore, wouldja?"

"No, I guess not." Dudley said, as Kitty tossed the pants away.

The erection stuck out in his boxers. Kitty shot her eyes wide open at the long length and huge size that Dudley's tool had, smiling heavily in the process.

Kitty marveled at Dudley's erection for a little bit, then proceeded to tease Dudley by kissing & licking his cock with his erection still in his pants.

It didn't feel as good as it should to Dudley, but Dudley enjoyed it nonetheless. The licks were short, shallow, and soft, and Dudley felt Kitty's tongue brush along his draws & erection. Kitty then reaches into Dudley's boxers & pulled out his hard dick.

Kitty marveled at it's size, hardness, & length.

"Oh my!" she said as she stroked it. "And you said, that you wasn't hard & horny for me."

Kitty then proceeded to take a little lick on the head of his shaft. Yes, just a little lick with the tip of her tongue, but a lick nonetheless.

Kitty gave his dick a taste, and she couldn't help but go back for more. So she proceeded to take another lick on the head of Dudley's dick. This time, the lick was a little harder, and she did it with her whole tongue. She tasted it again, and this time, Kitty knew it was good. So she proceeded to put her right hand on his shaft, and her left hand on his nuts. Kitty then proceeded to lick the head of his dick long, deep, and hard.

Dudley could hear the sound of Kitty's licking & tasting, as he let out quiet pleasure noises each & every time Kitty licked his cock. Kitty was licking & slurping away at his dick, as each & every lick made Dudley one second away from busting a nut.

As Kitty's tongue kept connecting with his cock, Dudley felt more blood rushing through his penis, resulting in a bigger, longer, and harder erection. Kitty really enjoyed licking Dudley's penis, as she got in giggles in between every 10 to 15 licks.

"Oh yeah!" he said with a smile.

Dudley's cock was just about flooded with Kitty's saliva. After twelve long, erotic minutes of Kitty licking his dick, she got in three more long, deep, and hard licks. Then she thought she wanted to try sucking it.

"Now to suck it!" she said erotically.

"Oh shit!" Dudley exclaims to himself. "This is gonna feel good!"

Kitty once again marveled at the long length, huge size, and brick hardness of Dudley's cock. Then she proceeded to open her mouth, guide his brick hard dick inside it, and close her mouth on it. And, just like she would do for a straw, she sucked his cock again, and again, and again.

Kitty was bobbing her head up and down as she sucked on his brick hard cock. Dudley heard all of the sucking sounds Kitty maded, as she continued this free blowjob.

"Oh yeah, Kitty!" Dudley said, as he enjoyed Kitty's mouth and tongue running up and down his shaft.

Kitty would occasionally swallow the taste of Dudley's doghood, but she kept sucking and sucking away. Almost the full length of Dudley's erected penis was inside of Kitty's mouth. Dudley could could feel fluids rushing up his penis, but amazingly, he's able to prolong the cumming.

"Mmmm! This tastes so fuckin' good!" Kitty said in a erotic voice, as she took Dudley's dick out of her mouth. But very shortly, she guided his cock back into her mouth and continued sucking it. The sucking sound became even louder, Kitty's smooth blowjob became just a little rougher.

Kitty continued bobbing her head, and Dudley continued to feel more and more fluids rush up his penis. To make this moment more special, Kitty began to massage his balls as she continued with this blowjob. Dudley reached down & ran his fingers through Kitty's black hair. She felt it, but continued on sucking.

After sixteen hellacious minutes of hard sucking, Kitty stops. Then, for good measure, she got in ten hard licks on the head of Dudley's cock, and then kissed the tip of the head to seal the deal.

Kitty then stood up, and placed her hands on Dudley's cheeks, giving him a small passionate kiss on his lips, despite the place where her mouth has just been.

"Mmmm, didja like that, baby?" Kitty asked in a erotic voice, touching Dudley on & around his cheeks.

"Oh yeah!" Dudley exclaims, completely memerized & satisfied.

"Now, it's your turn." Kitty said in a erotic voice. "Come make love to me, Dudley baby."

Dudley nods as Kitty lays herself on the bed, and Dudley straddled himself on top of her. They started kissing passionately gently at first, but it intensified quickly.

Dudley kissed Kitty's neck & then worked himself down to her bouncing breasts, kissing her shoulders, throat, and Adam's Apple areas. Kitty felt the tingling sensation of Dudley's lips connecting around her upper body, and this sensation made her purr lightly.

Dudley got near Kitty's breasts and takes a sniff.

"Is that lemon, I smell?" he asks.

"Yes, it is." Kitty said in a erotic tone. "I put some lemon scent on, just for you."

Then Dudley started pulling down on Kitty's sexy nightgown, until it was off.

His eyes went wide, when he saw her breasts.

"Oh my god!" he said quietly.

Kitty giggles erotically.

"Like 'em huh?"

Dudley nods quickly.

"Good. I'm glad then." Kitty said, as she took her nightgown & tossed it to the floor.

Kitty's breasts was in Dudley's mercy. He buries his face in between Kitty's 42B breasts, and Kitty would hold the back of Dudley's head in order to keep him there.

After that was all said and done, Dudley licked Kitty's bustline long, deep, & hard. Dudley would lick up & down between Kitty's breasts all while enjoying the fresh lemon scent that it had.

"Mmmm." Kitty said, as she felt her lover's tongue on her bustline.

Dudley also fondled with Kitty's sexy bosoms, as he continued licking the middle of those bosoms. Kitty mustered out a quiet; "Mmmm." each & every time Dudley's tongue connected with her bustline.

After three & a half minutes of this, it was time for Dudley to go to work on Kitty's breasts.

He started on her left breast. Kitty was smiling, letting out pleasure sounds as Dudley sucked on her nipple real hard, like he's being breastfed. Kitty held the back of Dudley's head to keep him on sucking. After two minutes of sucking & licking the left, it was time for Dudley to work on the right breast. He treated the right breast as he did with the left.

Two to three more minutes of this, Dudley moves down on Kitty's body. He kisses his way down, making Kitty let out even more purrs of pleasure everytime she felt his lips connect with her body.

When Dudley got near the middle of Kitty's legs. He sits up & so does Kitty.

"Like your sexy green thong." he said.

Kitty laughs.

"Why thank you, sweetie." she said, in a sexy voice. "I brought these, just for you too."

Then Kitty takes off her green thongs, and Dudley did likewise with his boxers. Both of them was naked. Dudley looks at Kitty's body.

"Whoa! You sure got a sexy body, Kitty baby." he said.

Kitty giggles erotically.

"Thank you, sweetie." she said.

Then Dudley lowers his head to the middle of Kitty's legs and Kitty brought her hands behind his head to prevent him from escape. Dudley buries his face in between Kitty's opened legs, and Kitty rubbed the back of Dudley's head all while holding the back of it as well. Dudley felt his cock get stiffer and stiffer as he took a little time to breathe in the musky aroma of the center of Kitty's legs.

Dudley then took one long, hard, & deep lick on her sex. When Kitty felt her partner's tongue connect with her sex, she moaned in pleasure.

"Oh yes." she mustered out.

Dudley then took a then took a longer, harder, and deeper lick on Kitty's pussy, almost touching her clit. Dudley got a bigger taste of the sweet nectar that Kitty's bud had. So Dudley would go ahead and give Kitty some sweet vagina sex. Dudley's licks on Kitty's pussy alternated between long, deep, & hard to short, shallow, & soft and back again.

Kitty gripped the back of Dudley's head in enjoyment of this sensation, and she heard all of the licking & tasting sounds Dudley was making.

"Oh yes, Dudley!" she screamed erotically in pleasure, as Dudley was licking her out. "Eat me! Eat my pussy!"

Every single of Dudley's licks, made Kitty get closer and closer to orgasm, and ultimately ejaculation.

After awhile, Kitty opened her legs even wider & she pushed Dudley's head deeper. Despite this, Dudley kept licking Kitty's womanhood. Kitty constantly felt Dudley's mouth & tongue connect with her vagina and she would scream her head off in pleasure, as this moment felt far too good to her.

Kitty kept gripping the back of Dudley's head and the harder Dudley licked & sucked, the tighter the grip was. Kitty was clearly enjoyed Dudley giving her vagina sex, as her screams of pleasure pretty much said it all. Dudley also clearly enjoyed giving Kitty vagina sex, as he mustered out a few satisfied sounds all while he continued to lick Kitty out.

"Oh my fuckin' god!" Kitty said in a erotic voice. "This feels so fuckin' good!"

Dudley continued this tasty torture for fourty-five minutes, then he finally stopped. For good measure, Dudley planted a kiss on Kitty's sex before escaping the confines of the middle of Kitty's legs.

Kitty looked up at Dudley & smiled at him, showing Dudley that she was completely satisfied. Dudley & Kitty shared another small passionate kiss, before smiling at each other again.

"Didja like that?" Dudley asked, smiling with his eyes wide open.

"Mmmm sure did, baby." Kitty responded in a erotic voice, as she sat up. "Now, I wanna ride. Now lay down."

"Okay!" Dudley exclaims as lays down on the bed.

Dudley's fully erect cock stood high in between him and Kitty, as Dudley watched Kitty slowly and erotically crawl toward him. Dudley was brick hard and it began twitching and moving in pleasure as soon as Kitty straddled herself on top of him. Kitty leaned over to give Dudley a small passionate kiss, then rocked herself to get the position just right.

Kitty was on her knees with her womanhood next to Dudley's doghood, with her hands on Dudley's chest to hold her upper body up at a little past a forty five degree angle. Dudley began breathing in fear, pleasure, & anticipation, as he saw the black haired cat girl above him smile at him seductively. After that was all set and done, Kitty proceeded to collide her cunt with Dudley's penis, making both lovers feel the great sensation of making love. Kitty got out a moan of pleasure, as she felt the pure togetherness of her bud and Dudley's cock. Kitty then proceeded to rock her lower body back, forth, up, and down, forcing Dudley's tool to enter her open pussy.

The movement was slow, passionate, and enjoyable, as the two lovers felt their most private parts slowly collide with each other. Kitty's movement would plunge Dudley's brick hard cock deep into her vagina, then slowly ease it out, then plunge deep again. Kitty stared down at Dudley with a huge-ass smile on her face as she enjoyed the love making ride that she was getting.

Dudley looked up at Kitty and saw her 42B breasts swivel from side to side slowly, and he would occasionally look under Kitty's stomach to try to get the sight of penetration in progress. Kitty got out quiet pleasure sounds as she felt Dudley's cock invade her insides over & over again. Dudley reached back to fondle Kitty's sexy derriere, and Kitty would get out a beautiful reaction when she felt Dudley's warm hands touch her big sexy booty.

Kitty and Dudley eventually began to hear the crackling like sounds coming from the collisions of Kitty's vagina and Dudley's penis. Dudley felt more huge flows of fluids rush up his member, but he was still able to maintain the climax. Kitty's vaginal lips squeezed onto the huge size of Dudley's fully erect shlong, and the moment and feeling felt even better to Kitty. This moment felt so good to Dudley, that Kitty had him call her name a few times. Kitty would ask Dudley what her name was.

"Baby. What's my name?" Kitty asked in a erotic voice.

"Kitty." Dudley answered quietly.

Kitty had her eyes locked on Dudley as she let her vagina repeatedly enter and exit Dudley's erected member.

Both lovers continued to listen to the crackling like sounds from the slow and enjoyable collisions, and they would seemingly get louder with every collision. Kitty also felt fluids rush down her vagina, but she was also able to hold on to her orgasm. Kitty continued this love making ride she was getting, and boy did she enjoy every single moment of it. Kitty occasionally leaned over and gave Dudley a small kiss on the lips each time she collided her womanhood with Dudley's doghood. Kitty had complete control over this moment, but Dudley sure as hell didn't mind one bit.

"Oh my god!" Kitty said in a erotic voice. "This shit feels so fuckin' good!"

After one long hour of Kitty riding Dudley, Dudley persuaded Kitty to cease her love making, as Dudley had an idea of his own.

"Hey, Kitty." Dudley said, smiling grabbing Kitty. "I think, it's my turn now."

"Mmmm okay, baby." Kitty agreed in a erotic voice, as she & Dudley switched sides. "Give me all your seed, sweetie."

Dudley's dick was rock hard now. Kitty smiled at the sight of it.

"Mmmm! Dudley." she said erotically.

Dudley straddled himself ontop of Kitty.

"Ready for this shit?" Dudley asked.

Kitty gave him a passionate kiss.

"Yes, Dudley! Yes!" Kitty responded in a erotic voice, as she wrapped her arms & legs around him.

Then the moment came. Dudley rocked himself into the correct position. He collided his cock with Kitty's vagina for the very first time. They both felt the sensation of making love and it was great. So they would proceed to make love to each other. The movement was of course rhythmic, slow, passionate, and enjoyable.

"Mmmm yes. That feels good!" Kitty said erotically & quietly.

"I agree." Dudley said quietly.

In, out, in & out Dudley's penis went, and they moving in rhythm with each other, so that Dudley was able to go deeper. Kitty held on to his back, and Dudley would keep making love to each other.

After a while, crackling like sounds from the collisions of Kitty's vagina & Dudley's penis returned. They were both quiet. They can feel & hear the collisions. Dudley felt more & more fluids rush up his penis, but he's able to hold on to his cumming. Kitty wanted him to make love to her as long as he could, as this moment felt far too good to her.

After a while, both lovers closed their eyes and began remembering & visualizing. Dudley was remembering the exact day, that he first met Kitty. She was cruel to him at first. Then he started remembering the day, that the Chief had fired him, because he was under Snaptrap's spell and Kitty had called him pretty and later on the same day; they both had defeated Snaptrap & the Chief rehired him and he & Kitty hugged.

Then another memory pops up into Dudley's mind. The memory was the day, that she & Dudley had gotten lost in the woods and he was forced to reveal his crush on Kitty. Kitty had dressed so sexy that day.

That memory alone, maded more fluids rushed up his dick. As for Kitty, she was visualizing her future with Dudley. She visualize, herself & Dudley getting married in front of their friends, family, & co-workers of TUFF. Then she visualize her in the hospital, having her & Dudley's first child.

That visualization alone, made her smile as well as Dudley pumping his dick in & out of her insides.

To return the favor from earlier, Dudley had Kitty call out his name a few times as Dudley kept on with the love making moment. Dudley would ask Kitty what his name was.

"What's my name, baby?" he asked.

"Dudley." Kitty answered erotically.

"And don't you know it." Dudley said.

Both Dudley and Kitty had their eyes closed as they let the rhythm of their lower bodies, the crackling like noises, and the repeated collisions of their most private parts do the pleasurizing work for them.

Dudley and Kitty also started to visualized if they could really see the penetration in progress. Their visualizations did make the moment feel much better, as the crackling like sounds seemingly got louder.

Then Dudley felt his cock move and twitch in pleasure even harder, and one very hard pump set off his orgasm. Dudley was just seconds away from ejaculation, and he shot his eyes wide open at that sudden vibration of his cock.

"K-K-K-K-Kitty!" Dudley said quietly. "I'm about to cum! I can feel it!"

"Oh yes!" Kitty said in a erotic voice in response to those four magic words. "Give it to me! Fill me up with your cum, Dudley baby!"

Thirty pumps later, the ejaculation could no longer be prolonged. Dudley immediately shoves his knot into Kitty. Dudley proceedes to release his enormous, heavy load deep into Kitty's insides. Kitty felt splash after splash after splash of cum shoot into her real hard, as the ejaculation pressure was insanely hard, which drove her over the edge & ejaculate her own juices.

As Dudley continued to deliver his juices into Kitty, Kitty smiles at him.

"Oh, Dudley. I love you." she whispered in a erotic voice.

Dudley smiled in response, while still delivering his love juices to Kitty.

"And I love you too, Kitty." he whispered.

Dudley had shot ninety five shots of seed into Kitty and Kitty smiled at the enormous results. After he shot his ninety fifth & final shot of seed into Kitty's insides, Dudley's knot went down and he got off of Kitty.

Both lovers took time to catch their breaths, as they had the time of their lives. When the breath catching was over, Kitty & Dudley shared another passionate kiss on the lips before smiling at each other again.

Kitty draped her right leg over Dudley's stomach and rested her head on Dudley's chest. Dudley also reached down and gave Kitty's rump a little rubdown, & Kitty giggled at that tingling sensation.

"Mmmm Dudley." Kitty said in a erotic voice. "That felt so fuckin' incredible."

"Agreed, Kitty babe." Dudley said. "It was worth the wait. And it was a dream, that finally came true."

"You can say that again, baby." Kitty said.

"I bet, that made any Kitty/Dudley couple supporter's day." Dudley said.

"Yep." Kitty said. "Maybe we should do this again sometime."

"Okay." Dudley said. "It's a date, babe."

"Maybe next time, you'll shoot a lot more cum into me." Kitty said.

"That sounds nice." Dudley said. "Are you sure, that you won't get, uh, what's that word?"

"Pregnant." Kitty answered.

"Yeah, pregnant." Dudley said.

"I'm sure." Kitty said. "I took the pill, before I came out here. I don't want any kids yet."

"But are we still gonna have kids?" Dudley asked.

"Yes, one day." Kitty replied. "But after we're married though."

Then Kitty & Dudley shared another passionate kissing moment.

After six minutes, they stopped kissing and hugged up to each other.

"I really enjoyed this 'Easter Egg', Kit-Kat." Dudley said, getting drowsy.

"Me too, Dudley sweetie." Kitty said. "It had everything, that I ever wanted."

Dudley yawns.

"Good night, Kitty my love." he said his final words, before falling asleep. "I love you."

"And good night to you too, Dudley baby." Kitty said. "I love you too."

Then she looks at the camera.

"I sure hope, that you readers enjoyed this 'Easter Egg Chapter'." Kitty started. "I know, I did. Next chapter, everything's goin' back to normal. The ratings', going back to T, and the annual TUFF late August vacation is coming up in the next chapter. So stay tuned for that. So please review."

Then she gives a sexy smile, before yawning & turning off the lights.

The audience whoos, & applaudes.