The Carnal Desires of Victorique, Avril and Kujo

Victorique realizes she is developing strong feelings for Kujo; but her emotions defy her intellectual logic... she finds herself lapsing into illogical bratty behavior around Kujo. To make things worse, that pretty girl Avril is starting to make moves on Kujo. By some clever maneuvering, Avril had somehow got permission for Victorique to leave the school and go with Kujo to Avril's Grandmother's seaside summer home. Now they are all going to be spending summer together, is this going to be an opportunity or a nightmare?

Summary of story to this point for those who haven't watched the latest episode (This story begins at ending of Anime Ep. 12):

After accepting Avril's invitation to spend the two months of summer vacation at Avril's Grandmothers seaside summer home at the Mediterranean Ocean, Kujo stands her up and leaves Avril on the train at the very last minute to spend the summer vacation with Victorique. Avril also finds out that Victorique is female. After stewing for several days on this with increasingly paranoid thoughts of what Kujo and Victorique might be doing together, Avril takes action.

Rated T for sexual references. May possibly be changed to M in later chapters.

The story starts from Avril's perspective to set the scene, but fans of Victorique will see her appear in Chapter 2.

Chapter 1

He stood me up for another girl! Avril fumed. She had always assumed that Kujo's brainy friend at the library was a boy named Victor or something. It was painful enough that Kujo had got her all excited about spending the summer together only to leave her on the train alone. But to do it for another girl, the same girl he was always dashing off to the library to meet. I bet she is some plain looking bookworm, Avril thought, imagining a younger version of Cecile with large librarian glasses.

This idea seemed to placate Avril for a while as she sat on the balcony of her grandmother's palatial home overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. Avril was wearing a thin blue summer dress that showed off her slim, but more than adequately curvaceous body, and accented her bright blue eyes. It wasn't the type of dress that could be worn on school grounds; it was much too revealing, but here by the warm beach it was just about acceptable. She had picked out this dress especially for Kujo. Avril knew Kujo found her attractive, she could see it in his eyes every time he looked at her. She had so wanted to see how he would react on seeing her in something so tantalizing.

Wait a minute. Is this girl Victorique the one they called the Golden Fairy? That thought shattered Avril's image of the plain bespectacled librarian girl... replacing it instead with a gorgeous blonde haired nymph. The more she thought about it, the more Avril became convinced this Victorique was maybe just as pretty as she was, maybe even prettier. She got up and paced back and forth trying to shake off the feeling of depression that was threatening to overtake her emotions.

"Avril, come join me for tea," a voice called out.

"Yes grandma, coming," Avril replied dutifully.

As Avril sipped her tea, her grandmother watched her appraisingly.

"You haven't been yourself ever since you arrived," Avril's grandmother said. "Has this anything to do with that boy who you were going to bring here?"

Avril could feel the heat rise to her cheeks and she knew that the blush on her face had given her grandmother the answer. It would be useless to try and deny it now.

"Come tell me about it dear," Avril's grandmother said soothingly.

Avril had always been close to her grandmother, unlike her parents who were very strict; her grandmother had always been lenient and understanding. The words came slow at first, but before she knew it Avril had spilled everything from how they had first met - when Kujo had rescued her from her kidnapper, to her concerns about Victorique.

Her grandmother listened patiently then said, "Well it doesn't look like there is any other way. You'll just have to invite both of them here."

"But, Kujo said his friend can't leave the school grounds," Avril said.

"Are you going to look for excuses to keep moping all summer, or, are you going to do something about it? ... Besides, I think you are underestimating the influence our family has," Avril's grandmother said in a tone that revealed a hint of the steel that hid under her unassuming demeanor. "You just leave it to me dear."

True to her word, within a couple of days Avril's grandmother had confirmed that Kujo and Victorique would be arriving the next day.

Then there was a telephone call from Kujo, "Avril, I don't know how you did it but I'm going to be able to spend the summer with you after all. We are arriving tomorrow." Kujo's voice sounded genuinely excited. There was a pause then he said, "Uh... Avril, I'm really sorry about leaving you to go on the train alone at the last minute. I thought I was being nice to Victorique, but in the process I neglected the feelings of another important friend."

"Well... you'll just have to work extra hard to make it up to me when you arrive. I'll meet you at the station tomorrow," Avril said as a huge smile spread across her face.

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