The Carnal Desires of Victorique, Avril and Kujo

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Victorique pouted as she watched the scenic countryside fly by. The train was speeding south towards the Sea, and she knew she should be happy at this rare opportunity to leave the school, but instead she was feeling quite aggravated. For one thing, she was peeved that Kujo had made her leave behind most of the baggage she had meticulously packed the night before; he had only allowed her two suitcases... how was she supposed to survive all summer with just two suitcases? But most of all she was feeling extremely irritated at how excited Kujo had been behaving.

Ever since the invitation had arrived, Kujo had been bouncing around like a small child on Christmas day. He seemed clueless at how the invitation for both Victorique and Kujo, together with a permission note from Victorique's father, had manifested; but neither did he care. All he seemed interested in, was the fact he was going to be able to see Avril Bradley - without having to leave Victorique alone. All the pleasure without the guilt.

Kujo had been so excited the night before he barely got any sleep. He was now napping on the seat opposite Victorique. It annoyed Victorique that Kujo was not going to be much company for the long train ride. But at least it allowed her time to think.

At the beginning of the school summer vacation, Victorique had resigned herself to be alone, as she had always been every summer. She had even gone as far as to be be purposely mean to Kujo - well... meaner than usual, just so that he would not feel guilty about leaving her alone to be with Avril. Pity was the last thing Victorique wanted from Kujo.

She had been surprised, and secretly quite pleased, when Kujo returned from the train station and announced that he was going to be spending the summer at the school with her. Victorique had concluded that Kujo had chosen to be with her because he liked her more than Avril. But now that she had seen Kujo behave with so much excitement at the prospect of seeing Avril, she wasn't so sure anymore.

Had Victorique been too unpleasant, or too boring for Kujo? Victorique had continued her usual habit of demeaning Kujo and generally behaving like an immature brat. Had this behavior begun to wear on Kujo? Victorique had never met Avril, but she had heard that Avril was popular among the students; Victorique guessed that she was likely to be quite pretty too – that would explain Kujo's exuberance.

Victorique knew she should have behaved in a more mature manner. Despite her petite childish appearance, Victorique was the same age as Kujo and Avril. Victorique was all woman inside, with all the carnal desires of a mature teenage female, yet she just could not break her habits. No matter how many books she read, including the cache of adult books she had discovered hidden in the library, Victorique had continued to interact with Kujo like a spoilt elementary schooler.

It was only in the darkness of the night, as Victorique's consciousness fell towards dreamland, was she able to give release to her hidden desires. She would imagine Kujo and herself as the main characters in one of the myriad romance novels she had read. After some contrived adventure, they would kiss and profess their love for each other. Some nights her thoughts would even venture to the more adult activities. These thoughts would leave Victorique with a wetness and a pleasurable ache between her legs. In these dreams, Victorique had behaved like a woman, able to touch and hold Kujo with affection, speak words of tenderness, express her desire. Yet in the light of day, the mere thought of saying something affectionate to Kujo, made Victorique turn bright red. She could not understand why it was that despite her superior intellect, Victorique could not will her emotions and body to behave logically.

As the train drew into the station, Kujo awoke from his nap and incredibly, went in seconds from deep sleep to a state of excited anticipation.

The seaside train platform was crowded with people. Kujo was looking out the window; no doubt searching for Avril. Victorique watched Kujo carefully, she wanted to see what Avril looked like so she could mentally prepare herself.

The train had now stopped. Suddenly, Kujo started to wave frantically and leapt out of his seat towards the exit. "Come on Victorique, I found Avril," he said.

"What about our luggage?"

"We'll come back for it, I'm sure Avril has some porters who can help us."

As she reluctantly got up to follow Kujo, Victorique scanned the platform in the direction Kujo had been waving. She saw a girl about Kujo's age waving excitedly in their direction. She was well dressed and obviously wealthy, but to Victorique's relief she was rather plain looking. Maybe it won't be so bad after all, Victorique decided.

She followed Kujo out of the train in the direction of the plain looking girl. But instead of greeting that girl, Kujo walked right past... into the arms of a tall pretty blonde. The girl hugged Kujo in a display of affection that drew several stares from the people in the crowd. But the girl and Kujo were oblivious to their surroundings. They were now chatting excitedly with each other their faces almost too close for decorum.

Victorique's heart sank... how could she possibly compete with this girl?

Then Kujo spun around and introduced Victorique to Avril. There was a hint of surprise in Avril's bright blue eyes as she saw the 'Golden Fairy' for the first time. But this was followed by an expression that was all too familiar to Victorique. It was an expression that told Victorique that she had just been assessed as: very cute, but much too young to be of any threat.

Avril had been accompanied by a manservant who quickly retrieved their luggage and had them on a carriage in no time.

As the carriage trundled towards the seaside mansion, Victorique felt small and insignificant. Kujo had continued his chatter with Avril. The only thing that gave Victorique some comfort was the fact that Kujo sat next to her in the carriage. Then she felt his hand grab hold of hers and give it a squeeze. "Don't worry, we'll have fun," Kujo whispered. Then he added, "I won't leave you alone."

For once, Victorique did not pull her hand away, or retort with a sarcastic bratty remark. She returned the squeeze and held onto Kujo's hand tightly. With just that touch and those words, Victorique felt a little of her confidence return. Kujo hadn't forgotten about Victorique - even with this dazzlingly affectionate beauty in front of him. Perhaps, it was time she tried to grow up a little inside. Maybe Victorique did have a chance against Avril after all.


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