Truth or Dare

The Cullens play truth or dare. I didn't make it rude or inappropriate, it's for people of all ages. I guarantee laughter!

Takes Place After Eclipse and before Breaking Dawn, so Bella is still human.

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Bella's POV

I was at the Cullens house since Charlie was at work. Somehow Emmett forced us all into playing truth or dare today. And so here we are, the eight of us sitting in a circle deciding who should go first.

"I should go first cause it is my idea!' Emmett said.

"I should go first cause this is my first time I am playing truth or dare with you guys." I said trying to say my point.

"Bella is right, she should go first." Edward said backing me up.

"That's not fair." Emmett whined when everyone agreed for me to go first.

"Ok, let's see." I said deciding who I should ask first. "… Jasper. Truth or dare?"

"Um…Dare." He said bravely, he will definitely regret under-estimating me.

"I dare you to…dress like a traditional vampire and go trick or treating to at least three houses. If they reject you then say to them, 'I want your blood, you better watch out night.'"

( N/A It's not Halloween, it's Easter time.")

Jasper's POV

I was horrified, what kind of sick person is Bella. Edward glared at me and I had to apologise and control my thoughts.

"Bella then everyone would know our secret." I said hoping she would decide on another dare.

"No they wouldn't, first they won't recognise you because you will dress up and second they will just think you're playing around." She said confidently.

I sighed, "Alright, you will provide me with the costume and everything right?"

"Yeah, of course." She said and she gave me a black cloak with a large standing up collar, she gave me red contacts and she gave me fake vampire fangs.

Unwillingly I put the costume on while everyone was laughing. I never thought that I would wear red contacts on purpose.

After I finished putting the costume on I grimaced as I went to look at myself in the mirror. I really looked scary. Since it's not Halloween, I bet people would be scared. I couldn't stare at myself in the mirror for very long, cause I hated seeing my eyes bright red again, even if it's just contacts or not, it brought back unpleasant memories.

I went downstairs and was welcomed by my laughing family. I sighed, "Let's go." I said as they followed me outside.

"First destination, the house of… Mike Newton." Bella said excitedly. We made our way over to the Newton's place and my family hid in the background and watched me do all the action.

I walked up their narrow porch and gently knocked on their wooden door. "Who is it?" we heard Mike ask from inside the house.

I didn't answer, I just knocked again. Foolish boy opened the door without confirming who was at the door.

What happened next was priceless, "Arrrggggghhhhh, VAMPIRE! There's a vampire at the door, with red eyes, he wants my blood!" Mike screamed his face showing pure terror. He shut the door in my face, locked it and we could hear him run to his room, lock all the doors and close all the windows.

That was hilarious beyond telling, my family and I quickly moved away from Mike's house and we unleashed our laughter after we were out of sight of any humans. I never knew it was so easy to fool humans, or maybe Mike is just a big wuss.

After we were all done laughing it's time for the next house, "Next destination…let's frighten poor Ms Cope." Bella said (The reception lady at Forks High School.)

We went to Ms Cope's place and once again my family hid as I knocked on the door. I don't know what's wrong with the people in Forks because the door was opened once again without checking who was knocking.

What happened next scared me, as soon as Ms Cope saw me her face showed confidence as she threw a whole bottle of holy water on me and held up a wooden cross as she exclaimed, "Die, beast die!" and shut the door on my face.

It took me a minute to comprehend what just happened, I was wet all through.

My family started laughing at me instead of with me. "Haha Jasper; Die Beast Die!" Emmett imitated Ms Cope. I think Carlisle and Esme were laughing more than anyone, I think I know who I would be picking on next.

Finally after everyone got over laughing at me, "Our last destination, Chief Swan." Bella said laughing excitedly. We made our way over to Charlie's house and for the last time I knocked on the door while my family hid in the background.

"Billy is that you?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah!" I called.

A second later Charlie opened the door saying, "Billy, is Jacob here with you…" He froze when he saw me; his face turned pale white.

I could hear Bella whispering worriedly to Edward, "What if he gets a heart-attack?"

"Don't worry he won't; Alice would see if he did and anyway Carlisle is with us if anything happens." Edward answered. Bella relaxed a little.

Charlie took a few steps back, if looked like he wanted to scream but couldn't, he looked like he was going to faint.

He sprinted quickly into the house and came back with his gun, he shot me right in the middle of my forehead, closed and locked the door without seeing my reaction to getting shot. That's a good thing because the bullet bounced right of my head and on to the floor.

It didn't hurt me but I was shocked, good thing I am a vampire. Everyone started to laugh including me it was very funny.

We went back home and I dressed back into normal clothes, took of the contacts and the fake fangs. We sat back in the circle as I decided who I should annoy next.

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