Evil Little Pixie

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Bella's POV

It's been one week and one day since Edward and I have spoken or have been near each other. It was like pure torture for both of us, Alice got what she wanted – to torture Edward – but I am the one who is suffering here for no reason. It's not fair!

I was at the Cullens house sitting to the far right corner of a long red sofa and Edward was sitting to the far left corner of the same sofa; we were both watching TV.

Alice silently skipped towards us with a one metre ruler and placed it between me and Edward to see if we were exactly a metre apart. The ruler fit perfectly between us, we were exactly a metre apart. "Alice, what do you think you are doing?" Edward asked looking confused and annoyed.

"I'm checking if Bella is doing her dare properly." She replied with a cheeky smile, and then she left looking a tiny bit disappointed.

For a second I quickly turned my face towards Edward and he happened to turn towards me at same second. That one second was long enough for me to once again be hit by how breathtakingly beautiful Edward is. And I couldn't stop staring and neither could he. I couldn't turn my head away from his mesmerising golden eyes, his pale stone-like skin, his smooth cold lips and his tousled bronze hair.

Suddenly I couldn't stay in my spot a metre away from my vampire boyfriend and I forgot all the reasons why I am staying away from him. I leaped across the sofa into Edward's open arms and he caught me by my waist and pulled me into his lap. Without waiting we interlocked our lips and a second later we heard a huge banging noise, it sounded like a piano cracking in the half.

We pulled away and looked to see Edward's piano trashed and cracked in half and Alice darting to the door on her way to Charlie's house. Edward horrified, ran and fell to his knees at what used-to-be his piano.

I ran after Alice but of course she was already at Charlie's house before I was out of the Cullen's.

I got into my truck and started the engine and drove to Charlie's house. But never in my life have I ever hated my truck so much. It is the slowest thing ever, I probably could have ran faster than it. I was running out of patience when I finally reached the house.

I jumped out the truck, ran up the porch and ran into the house to see Charlie's horrified face.

Alice's POV

(A/N: This chapter retold in Alice's POV)

It has been one week and one day since Edward and Bella has talked or touched each other. Jasper kept telling me their emotions and I am glad my plan worked, Edward is in torture.

Bella and Edward were sitting on the same sofa but they were sitting in the opposite corners. I am pretty sure they were more than a metre apart from each other but just to annoy them I got a metre ruler from Carlisle's study and put it between them pretending to check the distance between them; they were exactly a metre apart.

I went back to Carlisle's study and put the ruler back and came down stairs to see the two love birds, Edward and Bella staring at each other. I slowly inched closer to Edward's piano.

Out of nowhere Bella leaped across the sofa and Edward caught her by the her waist and pulled her into his lap. I didn't see what happened next because I was too busy destroying Edward's piano.

Then I ran out of the house and ran to Charlie's house – I had to run because my Porsche was underwater.

When I reached Charlie's house I stopped and knocked on the door impatiently. Charlie answered the door immediately.

"Hi Alice, come in. What's up?" he said as I came in and took a seat.

"Hi Charlie, guess what? I asked sounding excited.

"What is it?" he asked.

"You're going to be a grandfather!" I squealed.

His face expressions changed dramatically, "What do you mean?" he asked really tensed.

"Bella is pregnant!" I squealed again.

He froze, his face slowly turning white, "Just last week she told she was a virgin…and already…it's hardly even possible." He said.

"Anyway…Charlie I have to go. I was promised I would be godmother so I have some shopping to do." I said lying so smoothly.

I left before Bella even got here. Laughing my head off all the way.

Bella's POV

(A/N: Continuation from before.)

Charlie turned to me his face furious, "Isabella Marie Swan…you told me you were a virgin just last week!" he said trying to sound calm, but failing terribly.

"Dad, you have to believe me. I am still a virgin. I am not pregnant. Alice is lying!" I said pleading for Charlie to believe me.

"Prove it, young lady!" he said still not believing me.

This was so embarrassing, "How do you want me to prove that?" I asked blushing worse than ever.

"I'll take you to the hospital, right now." He said and before I knew it we were at the hospital.

(Carlisle is the doctor.)

After so many embarrassing medical tests Carlisle came to me and Charlie and said, "Well chief Swan and Isabella." Why is he speaking so professionally?

"These tests have proven that your daughter," Carlisle continued looking at Charlie only, "is not pregnant…and in fact she is still a… virgin." Carlisle finished and left me and Charlie alone.

This is so wrong. I was blushing so much…I could feel the heat and my heart beat in my cheeks. I was never more embarrassed in my entire life. How could Carlisle and Alice do this to me.

The ride home with Charlie was quiet and awkward but then Charlie said, "I am sorry I doubted you Bella… I love you and I will always trust you." Charlie said hugging me when we got home.

"It's alright dad, I love you too." I said and went to my room for some privacy. To get over all this embarrassment.

It all happened because of my soon-to-be, evil, little, pixie-like sister.

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