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He balanced his TV tray carefully on one knee before reaching for the remote and flicking to the channel broadcasting an ice hockey match. He settled back on the couch until he was comfortable and was about to dip his fork into the steaming dish when the doorbell rang.

"For crying out loud!" he yelled, slamming the tray on the coffee table and making his way to the door.

He threw it open and was about to give whoever it was a piece of his mind until he realised it was Sam.

"Sssorry to bother you Sir, I just… I didn't know where else to go and…" Sam blubbered, twisting a handkerchief around her fingers.
Blotches of red tainted her usually cheery face that was damp with tears. He opened the door wider to let her through and closed it behind her. He wrapped her in a hug and held her till the crying became sniffles and her breathing began to slow and return to normal.

"Carter, what's happened?" he asked eventually, stepping back from her.

"It's Alex. We had a fight," she replied mournfully.

"About what? Did her hurt you?" Jack asked, anger rising inside him.

"No, no. It doesn't matter what it's about. I just couldn't stay there anymore. He kept shouting at me… oh it doesn't matter," she said.

"I think it matters. If you are this upset, it matters a lot," he said softly.

"Well… it was about…

"Yes…' he prompted.

"It was about you," she said simply.

A puzzled expression crossed his face. He couldn't possibly imagine why they would be discussing him, let alone arguing about him.

"He asked me if I was in love you," she supplied, unable to look into his eyes, "then he said that he only asked because it was obvious that you are in love with me."

Jack froze, and he suddenly felt as though he was suffocating. How could he answer that?
"Then why the hell would you come to my house?" Damn, he thought, as soon as the words escaped his mouth, plainly avoiding the question.

"I wanted to know if Alex was right."

He brought his hands up under his armpits and rocked gently on his heals. He knew he couldn't say what he wanted to. That would change everything between them, and he didn't want to risk losing everything they had right at this moment - a wonderful and fulfilling friendship, not to mention careers that they lived for. And there was no way they could maintain that if he told her the truth. Most of all, he wanted her to be happy.

"Do you love Alex? And does he love you?"

"Yes and yes," she replied, still unable to meet his gaze.

He shuffled forward and tilted her chin upwards, forcing her eyes to draw level with his own.

"Sam… I love you. But I'm not in love with you. You are my best friend and I don't want anything to change between us," he finally managed.

"Neither do I," she supplemented quickly and drawing him into a tight hug, "thank you, Sir. I better get going home."

"Did you want me to drive you?"

"No, I think I'll walk," she stated, wiping her face with her hands, "and Jack, thank you for being a great friend. I always know you'll be there for me. See you tomorrow."

She turned and opened the door, walked down the stairs and started along the pavement. He watched her for a moment, before closing the door and leaning heavily against it. No Sam, you're wrong. I'm not a great friend. Friends shouldn't tell lies, even if the lie preserves their relationship and prevents them from getting hurt.

See you tomorrow? Yes, that's why he had lied to her. He couldn't live with the idea that they would be forced apart if his admitted his deepest feelings.

He closed his eyes, breathed out deeply and shook his head. Yes, Sam, I will see you tomorrow.


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