200 words exactly. I was gonna make it two like the Franky&Nami&Robin one, but I couldn't split it evenly. So.

Robin has already tuned them out when little Chopper pushes his chair back, ginger-glazed salmon only half-eaten. "Chopper?"

"Just a minute," he says, sighing, and stepping to the next table in Brain Point. He's tall enough now to see the papers the government archaeologists have by their plates, and he peers at them with a puckered brow, adjusting his backpack. "Excuse me," he says, and points to a graph. "You've miscalculated the significance twice here. It should look like this one," he taps the other paper.

The men stare. "Kid, you lost? Where's your mom, huh?"

Chopper transforms briefly into Human Point. The few patrons who see the transformation rub their eyes. The archaeologists' jaws drop. "I'm a doctor," Chopper says calmly, "and I know how to do a pairwise comparison. You have to do a correction with so many –"

"L-look here, whatever you are, you're trying to tell us how to do our jobs!" says one man. "This paper –" he waves the second in Chopper's face – "was written by a notorious pirate! Are you saying her work is better than ours?"

Chopper grins and winks discreetly at Robin. "Hell yeah. She's a way better archaeologist than you."