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Yes I know this story will probably suck. This is my first one after all. Hope you enjoy though.

Declaimer- no I do not own the characters or HAP wish I did… but I do own my dream!

Pairings so far- PruCan Gilbert/Matthew

When 14 year old, Gilbert goes to the hospital to visit his sick younger brother, Ludwig. He bumped into a strange 13 year old boy with blonde hair and turns out to be a patient which is where are story begins…

Gilberts POV

'Why does bruder , Ludwig have to have Hepatitis A it's no fare he doesn't deserve this. But of course the awesome me will bring him my awesomeness, soup, and a couple of awesome movies picked out by the awesome me.'

Just 5 more blocks. Stupid dad, not letting me leave, till I ate the omelet. I hate eggs you think he would understand that the awesome me doesn't eat eggs.

"Hello may I help you?" The girl at the front desk asked me with a huge smile on her face. "I'm looking for my bruder, Ludwigs' room," I said, giving her an even bigger smile that I could product because no one beats the awesome me at anything!

"Ah, yes, 3rd floor, room 288. There are stairs right down this hall," she said pointing to the left. "thnx," I said, still holding my big smile while turning around and going up the stairs.

Reaching the 3rd floor, turning to the right to keep walking, then. "OW! What dares bump into the awesome me!" I yelled. But when I looked down to see what I crashed into, it wasn't a something it was a someone, with golden lock of hair one straying from the rest, wearing light blue hospital clothes that look like pajamas, and her eyes closed, she looked like an angle.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to," the angle said looking up at me opening her eyes that were a pale violet, "I-It's alright," I said, damn I sound so un-awesome right now. "let me help you up," I said since I am a gentlemen. "T-thank you," the angel said cutely grabbing my hand to get up.

"My names Gilbert and you are my little angel," I said coolly. "My name is Matthew, but there is no point in remembering my name you'll probably just forget it," Matthew said, so quietly I was barely able to hear the last part, WAIT, SHES A HE! And what does sh- he mean I won't remember his name?

"What do you mean I won't remember who you are?" I asked him, ha! I got it right suckers! "Well no one else ever does" Matthew said with a sad smile on his face. "Um, y-your still holding on to my hand…" Ahh I didn't even notice that. I pulled my hand away apologizing to him.

"So why are you wearing the hospital clothes?" I asked realizing how un-awesome it was for me to ask to late I guess. "W-well um I can't see…" he said nervously. Wait he's BLIND? "Are you saying your BLIND?" oh crap I just said that out loud. "Yeah" The boy named Matthew said.

"So where are you going?" I asked Matthew another question. "I was heading to my room… then I bumped into you… sorry" he said looking really sad about bumping into me. So out up my hands in defence saying it was alright over, over again telling him to continue. "Well now I can't seem to remember which way I was going so I'm kind of lost…" He sounds so cute, "since I am so awesome I'll help you get back to your room little birdie!" I said happily, he blushed and let out a little chuckle.

"Why are you laughing at the awesome me little birdie?" I asked. "No, no I'm not laughing at you, you just remind me of someone I know," Matthew said "And who would that be?" I said curiously who could be as awesome as me? "My older twin brother, Alfred he's always been helping me and says he's the hero" he said blushing. "I see, now tell me which room is yours so I can lead you to it," I finally said.

"It is room 287, 3rd floor," Matthew answered. "Well were on the 3rd floor so it shouldn't be that hard, let's go left," grabbing his hand to guide him to room 287, hey that's right next to bruder's room what are the chances!

"I don't mean to be rude or anything but why are you here?" he asked me politely. "I'm here to see my bruder, Ludwig, He's right beside your room he has hepatitis A," I answered the question about my cute little bruder. "I see, how long has he been here?" "Just about 5 weeks, how old are you by the way?" I said, deciding to change the subject to find out more about him. "I turned 13 on July 1st" he said. "Cool, I'm 14 born on February 25," I said.

Ok let's see room 276 just a little farther. Wonder how bruder is doing right now. Room 287 finally here.

"MATTIE!" someone shouted. We both turned around hearing the noise. There was another blonde boy, with blue eyes, and had glasses on, waving his hand in the air smiling.

"Alfred this is a hospital don't be so loud," Matthew said. So this is his brother Alfred, he looks just like him except not as cute. "Yeah, Yeah I know. Jeez Mattie I was looking for you everywhere. Where the hell did you go?" The boy named Alfred said.

"I went to the roof the wind started picking up so I came back," Matthew said.

"AND WHO THE HECK IS THAT WITH YOU MATTIE! For all you know he could be a spy or a villain!"

"Alfred your being paranoid," Matthew said

"No I'm not for all we know he could steel your innocents, considering how week you are in this state!"

"Week? Innocents? Are you confusing me with someone else?" Matthew said

"Ok maybe you're not so week, but you're still innocent,"

"Fine believe whatever you want,"

"I am the hero you can't stop me from protecting my little brother, so get your hands off of him" Alfred said pointing to me. "Wait the awesome me wouldn't do that to someone venerable," I said having my arms up in defence. "Are you saying my little brother is too good for you," Alfred said

"No I'm not saying that," I countered

"Hey guys can I please go to my room now," Matthew said trying to stop the fight.

"Then what are you trying to say? Huh!" Alfred said ignoring Matthew

"I'm saying that-" I was about to say till I got cut off by Matthew, "GUYS! I would like to go in my room now," Both me and his brothers eyes went wide from the big outburst of Matthew, I mean he seemed so shy and quiet a minute ago. "Ummm... sure whatever you say Mattie," Alfred was the first to say.

Taking Matthew into his room, saying good bye to him and his brother. Leaving to go next door to see my bruder who the awesome me just about forgot about

"Hey little bruder!" I shouted happy to see him, hugging him happily. "Get off me Gilbert! And be quiet this is a hospital," Ludwig said, where have I heard that line before, wow déjà vu.

"Guess what Ludwig, guess what!" I said happily.

"What is it?" he said sounding angry, while handing him the bag of food I said "I bumped into an angle with blonde hair and pale violet eyes, I thought it was a girl turned out to be a boy and his name is" wait what was his name again? "His name is, what?" Ludwig asked while blowing on the soup.

"I can't remember what is name was," I said dumb founded by not being able to remember his name. He said I wouldn't be able to remember his name why is that? "You can't remember his name?" Ludwig said sounding annoyed from the waste of time.

"No I can't. All I know is that he's 13, is blind, and looks like an angel," how can this be...

1) Tell me if made any spelling mistakes or anything I've been learning French for so long my spelling is horrible.

2) Prussia ended on February 25th so that's why I put that as his birthday

3) I might have over used the word awesome

4) might be ooc

I came up with this idea becuz I had a dream about it but with characters I made up but I think they look cute as Canada and Prussia ^_^ Hit the review button on the bottom if you want me to continue!