Chapter 10

A/N: Hello. Ok this story is going to start out at lunch time because I'm a lazy ass. Anyway there are going to be less people at the table.

Seating order- Antonio is sitting beside Francis, across from them Toris and Alfred, and Matthew and Gilbert are sitting across from each other.

Disclaimer- No, i don't :(

On with the story…

3rd POV (Let's see if it'll be easier like this)

Matthew sat down with his tray of what they consider to be food at the cafeteria. It looked like vomit on top of a piece of bread; he pushed it away wondering why he got that thing. He knew he should have made his lunch, but he didn't have enough time Matthew didn't want to be there when is dad woke up and what he-

"BIRDIE! Are you in there?" Gilbert basically yelled in his ear. Before he went and sat down. He soon started poking Matthew in the arm with his fork.

"You… PERVERT STOP TOUCHING MY MATTIE!" The angry as hell Alfred yelled, one of his legs was on the table smothering poor Toris's vomit food while his other was on the bench, he was pointing at Gilbert dramatically. Nobody bothered to look over, because it was Alfred.

"THE AWESOME ME IS DEFFINETLY NOT A PERVERT I'M WAY TOO AWESOME!" Gilbert shouted back. Matthew starred at Gilbert and his brother, Antonio sat there starring at a picture of his angry tomato, Francis ditched the table and went to the library to grope Poor Arthur, and Poor poor Toris sat there staring at his destroyed food that was still under Alfred's foot. Just like any regular day until…

"Anyway Matthew, wanna go out with me tonight?"


Sadly my school's cafeteria actually served that once, it was a sad sad day. I know it's short. I'm sooooorrrrrrry, I didn't mean to. Anyway I promise next one will be longer. I'm going to write a Halloween fic soon. To all the people reading this I hoped you enjoyed it!

RRD interesting fact- Hippos kill up to 2,900 people in Africa