"Itachi-kun? Kisame walked over to the young man on the bench. "…Is that you…?"

The young man looked up with wide eyes, and Kisame was just relieved to see that he was right - it was Itachi.

"K-kisame…?" Itachi whispered with shock in his voice. Why the hell would Kisame even bother trying to find him after everything Itachi had done? "…Why…?"

Kisame picked Itachi up and carried him away to his hotel room, trying not to cry; did Itachi feel bad for what he had done? He shouldn't; Kisame had always forgiven him. "'Why what, Itachi-kun?"

"…" Itachi couldn't help but let out a loud sob. He was so sick of keeping his emotions bottled up inside. "…Why do you still care…? All I've ever done is to be cruel to you and put you down…"

"…" Kisame smiled gently. "It's because I love you, Ita-kun. So much."

Itachi clung to Kisame desperately. "…I…" Itachi gulped; he had never told anyone what he was about to tell Kisame. Not even Sasuke. "…I love you, too, Kisame… Please forgive me…"

"Shh…" Kisame soothed, smiling at him gently. He rubbed soothing circles into the Uchiha's back lovingly, not wanting him to be so upset. "Let's just get you back to the hotel room. We can talk and make apologies later on."

Itachi nodded and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.


When Itachi awoke a few hours later, Kisame had laid him down in the bed, said Kiri-nin lying next to him, holding Itachi in his strong arms. Kisame was sleeping happily next to him. Itachi smiled and snuggled in closer to Kisame, quite content with being so close to his love.

Beside Itachi, Kisame's eyes opened slowly and a soft smile crossed his lips. He reached out and pulled Itachi even closer to him, kissing him on the forehead. Kisame didn't miss Itachi's own smile and, taking a chance, Kisame rolled over on top of Itachi and kissed his lips softly.

Surprisingly, Itachi allowed it and he kissed back himself. Kisame couldn't believe Itachi's reaction - he had honestly expected Itachi to flip out over it.

As they broke apart for air, Itachi spoke, a hint of fear in his voice. "…While you were gone…" he began softly, "…Orochimaru raped me…"

Kisame's eyes filled with anger, and the Kiri-nin pulled Itachi into a hug. "…I won't ever let anyone hurt you like that again, Itachi-kun. I swear on my life."

Itachi nodded and cuddled in close to Kisame, remaining silent for a few moments, but replying to Kisame with a soft kiss. Kisame smiled to himself and ran his hands over Itachi's slim body and before they knew it, their clothes had been shed and Kisame was making love to the beautiful creature known as Uchiha Itachi.

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