~AN~ I have a new story! I hope you all like the idea!

Summary- The other nations have noticed America has started wearing these weird, colored bracelets. What do they mean? The nations are determined to find out.

~Disclaimer~ I do not own Hetalia.

Color of first broken bracelet- Yellow

Meaning- wearer is willing to hug

Slight pairing alert: America/N. Italy or Alfred/Feliciano

Warnings: Maybe slight OOC-ness...?

America was busy gathering his papers at the end of the meeting, when he had a feeling someone was standing behind him. He felt a slight tug on his jacket sleeve. Turning around, Alfred was surprised to see North Italy smiling at him.

"What did you need, Feliciano?" "I wanted to see your pretty bracelets!"America smiled slightly and pushed up his jacket sleeve so North Italy could see all of them.

"Ve~! There are so many pretty colors! I like this yellow one the best. It looks the same color as butter, butter goes on pasta, and I love pasta!" Alfred smiled his heroic smile at Feliciano's rambling. What America did not see was North Italy reaching out his hand to grab the yellow bracelet and starting to pull on it. What he did hear was the snapping noise of said yellow bracelet. The snap seemed to echo through the meeting room, stopping all the other conversations. All the other countries focused their eyes on Feliciano and Alfred. The Italian was looking at the broken bracelet in his small hands, then the American, then back at the bracelet. His eyes were wide and he started whimpering. The other countries started whispering among each other.

"What, like, happened? ", Poland whispered, rather loudly actually, to Lithuania. The other nations were wondering the exact same thing. By now, Feliciano was waving his ever present white flag faster than the speed of sound, whimpering in unintelligable Italian and English. Alfred was looking at the broken bracelet on the floor where it had fallen during North Italy's flag waving. America took a step towards the tiny Italian with his idiotic 'hero' smile in place. Feliciano started waving his flag even faster and mumbling more unrecognizable words. The American suddenly grabbed North Italy's arm, pulling him to his chest. the smaller man squeaked audibly at the sudden jerking motion that pulled him to America. Now everyone was dead silent as they witnessed America pulling North Italy in to a rather fierce hug.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BROTHER, DUMBASS AMERICA?", Romano broke the eerie silence with his loud yelling. Alfred let go of Felicano quickly and bolted out of the room while shouting, " 1 down, 15 to go!"

~AN~ Meh, its short but I hope you all liked it!