I had to do it. In light of recent events. It had to be done. I think you'll agree.

This is totally optional, and not in any way a mandatory part of the story. It ended with chapter fourteen and it will remain ended there, but this is a little tidbit that I wrote that didn't deserve its own story. So I added it on here. Just because I am a firm believer in happy endings. And because I realized I forgot to add Mercedes in on the last chapter. -_-

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June 24, 2011

They were sixty-nine years old when Blaine kneeled down on one knee.

Kurt had gotten home late from Mercedes' fancy dinner club act at a late hour, mainly because he had spent so much time catching her up on his week afterward, and before he could even kick off his shoes and sink his aching bones down to the couch for his daily news-watching session Blaine was throwing the remote aside and pulling Kurt to his feet in astonishing speed.

"Blaine, honestly," Kurt protested, turning to frown at his partner.

There were tears in his hazel eyes.

Kurt, rendered speechless, allowed Blaine to drag him all the way to the middle of Times Square.

Soaked in glittering lights and rainbow beams of color in the square, Blaine pulled him into a bone crushing hug before easing himself down.

To propose to Kurt.

"Blaine, what are you-"

"Marry me," Blaine whispered brokenly.


"It's legal," Blaine croaked, and Kurt realized that he had his class ring in hand. "I'll buy you a real one tomorrow but there was no time tonight, so I fished this out of a box in the basement before you got home. Marry me, Kurt."

Kurt's heart stopped. He opened his mouth, formed words, but no sound came. After all the years of being denied the right to love each other in every way possible...

It was unreal.

For the first time in fifty two years Kurt found himself debating the whole reality versus fantasy thing.

"Yes," Kurt mouthed. "Yes, thank God, oh yes, yes, yes!"

And for what felt like the first time, Kurt pulled Blaine to him and kissed him in front of anyone and everyone.

No one was glaring.

No one was insulting.

No one was throwing fruit.

In fact, if Kurt didn't know any better he would have said that people were applauding.

"That day you talked about," Kurt started, "When we were seventeen." And Blaine smiled a sunshine-defying smile in response.

"I think it's here," Kurt squeaked, voice taught with emotion.

"Told you so," Blaine whispered, eyes spilling over.

They're real. They're perfect. And they're in love.

Who's to say they never were?

Well my hands are shaky and my knees are weak
I can't seem to stand on my own two feet
Now who do you thank when you have such luck?

I'm in love.

I'm all shook up.