that's war


for elibubble's the Battle of Hogwart's challenge.


Was it bad? Bad that she felt so damn happy. All she wanted to do was laugh.

All around her, people were sobbing and holding one another. Sobbing over their dead, over the people who'd never get to live in a war-free world.

Even the Weasley's and Harry were crying. And yet, all Hermione could manage was a smile. They'd done it. They'd beaten Voldemort. Sure there were a few, or a lot, of causalities, but that's war. People die. Why linger on the negative?

So while the people all around her were focused on the present, Hermione was thinking of the future.

Her children wouldn't have to grow up in a world filled with hate and violence. They'd be free to befriend muggles and purebloods alike. They'd never be called 'mud bloods'.

Hermione absently lifted her hand to the scar that still clearly showed on her forearm and a wide smile broke out on her face. Silent tears fell down her dirt-covered face.

She turned and faced Ron, who had his own tears running down his unusually pale cheeks. His blue eyes were focused on Fred's lifeless body over her shoulder.

"We did it, Ron," she whispered. A sudden urge to giggle hit her, but she managed to repress it. "We did it." It felt so odd for her. The war had been going on almost her entire childhood and now it was over.

Voldemort was dead.

Before she knew what she was doing, she was jumping at Ron. It was like earlier, when she'd kissed him, before they started fighting, but this time, he responded roughly. His lips attacked hers. His hands tangled in her hair and hers in his.

A lot of bad things came out of that war, but one good thing came out of it, too; Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, best friends, became Hermione and Ron Weasley, husband and wife.