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Front Line

Chapter 1: Leaving Shinjuku! Enter Jiyugoaka

Honestly what is it with guys being such jerks! Each one is an idiot, how was I so blind right from the start? I'd been hanging around with the guys for so long strictly for Digimon matters and now that blasted Takato goes and wrecks everything…he liked Jeri to begin with…what stuffed his mind to blunder out those three words out of his mouth just before I was about to move to Jiyugoaka for the rest of my life. It's like someone whacked him with a mallet and he was forced to say it.

I bet it was just a trick set up by Kazu and Kenta to see how would I react, well their plan worked my brain's all riled up and I have no idea how to react to his words. I guess moving away isn't that bad, that way I won't ever have to see his tender soft face again. There my mind goes again pouring memories of him flushing into my one tracked mind. That light brown hair and his watery crimson eyes, and those bright yellow hideous goggles that just seem to complete his image. Stupid Takato!

The sun was vivid and looming over everyone's heads as they had all gathered to wish me my farewell. They made it out as if I was leaving like the Digimon had two years ago. Now their back and making it seem like I will never see the group of idiots ever again. The sky was an eternal endless ribbon of happiness that apparently tied and linked us nine tamers together, despite only moving to the next town round and wouldn't take more than fifteen minutes by train over to Jiyugoaka on the Shibuya line. For Pete's sake Jeri and Ryo lived further away.

I never went to their school to begin, I don't understand why there making such a big deal. They had forced me to put on a silly dress that had no fashion sense, well my mum was the who suggested the idea to Jeri who spread word to the guys and Kazu and Kenta couldn't resist doing wolf whistles just to make me annoyed. Why was I friends with those two blunder brains to begin with?

We all gathered at the usual park by the central fountain made out of mortar stones and the rest barred by forest and that secret hideout Guilmon used to be kept it. Renamon was actually there beside me, but I felt bad having to take out some of my anger on her. It was my way of releasing the bitterness that built up every few minutes in me. I knew Renamon didn't mind, she thought it was better having some form of communication that rather none.

The blunder brains Kazu and Kenta had been the first to grab me by the hands and jokingly mock me like I was Cinderella in a ball gown about to escort me to my prince. I just wanted to punch their brains out, they even had the sashes and mini trumpets to go with the theme. Why couldn't we do this indoors, instead of out here in public view? I wanted to hurry up and leave before anyone I didn't know saw me.

As if the day couldn't be any worse Jeri had forced me to get up and dance, somehow the dweebs had figured a way to get portable loud speakers filled with music to play and I was encouraged to dance. What choice did I have? I started off with Jeri and she laughed, I laughed. She was the only partially sane one from everyone here. My hand was next offered to Kenta, I wanted it to end then and there…his joking kissy faces were making me want to barf. God help me!

The song had changed to a more upbeat tune and I was given over to Kazu, hopefully this would involve less contact since the song had a more dance techno beat that required moves like Michael Jackson to incorporate with it. Kazu was the perfect one for the song. I just watched laughing brainlessly as he imitated moves failing at the moon walk and pelvis thrust. Maybe if I loosened up a bit I could actually enjoy it.

My mortal enemy was next, Akiyama Ryo. Every time I see his grinning ugly tanned and blue eyed face I just want to punch it out. It's like since the day we met he's been wanting to crawl up my sleeve and get me to compliment him for something, I wasn't going to and never was I going to.

"You know you still have time to say something," Ryo suggested planting a smirk on his face.

"Is your name Maple Syrup? - Well, it damn well should be, you sap!" I shot back, I always had to come up with a good enough insult to get him off my shoulder. I didn't mind Ryo, but he just wasn't my type and someone that tries to humiliate me in front of the others only deserves insults thrown back at him.

He gave a light chuckle like this was a usual thing for him getting turned down, "You missed your chance Rika."

"Did I ever have a chance from the start?" I hinted sarcastically offering an evil smirk of my own as he planted a kiss on my cheek and took me by surprise. He withdrew his head and my face was blistering with red, I hated him for doing that!

"What are you doing you idiot!" I was taken on the spot and Kazu and Kenta continued with their useless wolf howls which I vouge now to punch them in the faces at least 100 times before I leave Shinjuku for good. But first I had to punch Ryo out for taking me by surprise. I landed a sucker at his arm and he flinched and only laughed it off.

"Just because you're moving it doesn't mean you won't be seeing me in the future. It'd be the same distance from my place to Jiyugoaka. You might be seeing me a lot more," Ryo said with a smile, trying to cover up how stalkerish he sounded. I told him to buzz off before Ryo escorted me to a dance with Henry. He was another boy I had gotten to know over the two year period and he was probably the most level headed of them all. Though his voice could sometimes put you to sleep when it came to declaring something over about peace or fighting.

His bluish grey eyes stared me in a way knowing he wasn't going to try anything like what Ryo had tried, we had a strictly friendly relationship and I was happy about that. He treated me with respect unlike the other goofballs; I wouldn't have minded dancing like this more as the song changed to something more jazzy. He had his hands one gently placed around my hand and the other on my shoulder I followed and we kept a quiet dance until the end of the song. He smiled and left without a word, did a cat catch his tongue…it was almost awkward the way he was completely quiet…maybe he was hiding something.

Next up to dance with me were the three young ones, unlike Henry, his younger sister Suzie had double the energy of the gogglehead and his partner Guilmon. Which was ready to give me a headache before I had to leave, the two twins Ai and Mako were rather quiet. I never really spoke to them other than about their partner Impmon. We didn't really dance but rather played a round of ring-a-ring-a-rosie, despite the R&B song playing in the background. It was good since these children were still innocent and wouldn't play any games with my mind. I was just like another older sister to them and I smiled as I watched their giant grins expand.

"And we all fall down!" Suzie and the twins exclaimed falling to the ground. I sorta just bent down on my knees not wanting to dirty the dress if I took a seat on the dusty floor. I laughed as the the three scurried off…now where was the gogglehead. I needed to dance with him to be able to cut the cake and then get out of this blasted place once and for all. He was nowhere to be found.

Until I heard a commotion with the partner Digimon that had scurried of on their own on the grassy field to play tag with each other excluding Renamon who was standing confidently beside my mother and grandmother who smiled as they watched me dance like a mature women. It made me slightly embarrassed and turn red as I was waiting eagerly for that goggle head to show up. Then I saw the flash of yellow appear before my eyes. His appearance took me by my breath as Kazu and Kenta had him linked in each arm dragging him forward towards me.

His face obviously filled with nervousness and blushing fumingly, he was hiding something so I stormed up to him and Kazu and Kenta smirked evilly at each other as they took off leaving the two of us alone. I could also notice Ryo and Henry exchanging glances and smiling heartedly at me. I noticed Jeri also sitting beside Ryo and was waving with a bright smile planted on her face. Something was up. Soon I was face to face with the light haired brunette.

What game were they playing at, suddenly everyone had taken a seat as well as the Digimon watching as I took the last dance with a coincidental slow song that had been played during our dance. Were they setting us up or something? I flustered red hoping it didn't show on the outside as Takato wasn't eyeing me in the face and looking at the ground. His feet dancing around steadily and his hands lightly placed around my waist. I just noticed he had grown several inches since I had last seen him or just really noticed.

I knew what this was going to be worked up to and I braced myself to hold in my reaction once Guilmon blurted out towards the gogglehead, "Tell her Ta-ka-to!"

He rushed his face to his red dinosaur partner and mouthed words that looked like 'Shut up' to his partner; he then looked up at my confused face from the corner of his eyes and slowly raised his head. I noticed the colour red creep on his face and it reacted on me as well causing me to fluster for no obvious reason and then he said it. The very three words that would catch any girl in a bind.

"Rika," He said my name subtly.

"What is it goggles?" I raised an eyebrow at his sudden tone.

He held his head up high and looked me deeply in my eyes, he had never acted this way before it's like someone had replaced the twelve year old crybaby boy I knew with a mature young man. His eyes determined showed how much I hadn't noticed about him, crap why was I thinking like this all of a sudden.

"I love you!" Takato forged out of his mouth. It seemed like everyone had an idea about this all along and I was the only one left out of this prank or matter whatever it was. Everyone in the background was wolf-whistling, howling or clapping the bottom's off like this was truly a moment in some Disney fairy tale happy ending.

"Did you set this up as a prank Takato?"Of course my stupid self at that moment hadn't taken it seriously noticing the confident cocky face on Kazu and Ryo – it just had to be a prank right? I was definitely wrong.

Takato's eyes looked almost watery and he shook his head disagreeing he then lowered his head and repeated his confession once more, "I love you Rika! And I want you to be with me from this day on. I don't care if you're moving!"

Words were stuck, I wanted to say something, something to tell him off but no matter how much I forced the words they wouldn't come out. My face was crimson and I could feel the heat pressuring off, everyone could tell I was embarrassed by his confession, it was obvious. But I couldn't accept it myself, at least when Ryo had kissed me on the cheek I was able to shove him away easily, but why is it when Takato says he loves me my body ties into knots and restricts me from speech.

"Rika…" Takato silently called my name calling me back to reality.

As soon as speech came back I reacted in a way I totally regret, I knew that I would hurt him, but the frustration and embarrassment I had suffered had taken over and my mouth practically moved on its own.

"You idiot! Those morons put you up to it to do that!" I blurted out of frustration, "Get out of my face, goggle head!"

He was taken aback by my response, his hands up squirming not knowing how to react to my aggression soon there were appalled and worried faces in the background. Jeri had her hands to her mouth looking as depressed as she was when the D-Reaper got to her, Ryo gave me an eye saying that I had gone too far and the pair of goons stared at me like their prank had gone wrong. I soon realised later this was no prank at all. If I knew that I would be hating myself for that in the future I wouldn't have said anything like that to the fragile heart of his. It took him a whole two years to grow that confidence and I had just crushed it in a second.

"Rika…" I heard Rika telepathically whisper into my mind. I ignored any response from anyone. I ripped the ribbon that had tied my hair letting my shoulder length red hair fall to my shoulders and turned heel and ran away like there was no tomorrow.

I didn't have the dignity to look back all around my surroundings until I ran to the delivery truck that would be taking us to our new location. I just wanted to move on my own and not suffer the talks from my mother or grandmother.

Before my eyes were several cars and I was in the back seat sitting as my mother's driver ushered us to our destination, with grandma in the front passenger seat and my mother left to sit next to me in the rear I was a little peeved and still needed to let off steam. Renamon was patiently waiting on top of the truck until our stop off.

"Are you sure it was smart to leave things like that?" My mother asked avoiding direct eye contact but looking at my depressed face cuffed by my hand as I leant on the side railing of the truck door through the rear view mirror in the front.

I let out a groan showing I wasn't in the mood to talk and moved my eyes to the ground to gaze at my white and red sneakers. When was this ride going to be over, the air was getting tense and I was feeling nausea, I needed fresh air as soon as possible otherwise my family won't be the only ones depressed after the eventful today. The driver would have to suffer the smell of puke if he didn't hurry.

My mother let me be and I was forced to endure another thirty minutes worth of road before we were finally allowed to exit the vehicle stopping before our new suburban home in Jiyugoaka. It was a quiet neighbourhood and we had noticed a few children on the streets playing a game of soccer, but I kept my mouth shut about their unsafe activity and let them and myself be. I was now standing before our less Japanese styled home, it was westernised and would take some time getting used to. It wouldn't be bad having a nice and comfy bed to sleep on. That was one thing I was grateful with my mum's job, even when she wasn't working she was paid.

I took my light luggage in not wanting to deal with the heavy boxes of secured items and let the driver bring in our stuff. It was a double storied building and I was getting my own separate room on a different level from my family. How amazing was this, forgetting the Takato incident momentarily I was excited about the future of this place. Renamon had taken the back door approach and surprised me when she appeared at the end of the hallway of the upstairs floor. There was a corridor that stretched pretty far with several white doors offered from the walls. I scanned the rooms briefly and finally settled in one that had a nice sun roof and balcony that I would be able to get a good supply of air from. No furniture was assembled yet so I had to settle sitting on the wooden timber floors for the time being. I couldn't help wonder who had been living in this house before we moved here.

"It's as big as the other house, but seems so much cosier for some reason," I muttered to myself.

Renamon was scouting around the house as well leaving her mark on the area of land to make sure it was safe and far off from any other Digimon's territory. I wanted to tell her that it was alright and no large dinosaur Digimon would be coming to rampage the city. As a matter of fact there hadn't been a digimon trying to materialise in this world since the Parasimon incident. A shiver was sent down my spine at the thought of one of those things having taken control of me at one stage…and depressingly had to be saved by goggle boy.

An hour had at least passed by as I came down the stairs to check up on the status of the house. It seemed like all the boxes had been transferred into the house and that the next week would be spent unpacking stuff that I really couldn't be bothered for. It was annoying the first time putting things in the boxes. Luckily I only had a limited amount of stuff.

Mum was in the living room with grandma and in that short time had already created some tea to celebrate the official moving into the new house. I rolled my eyes at the traditions my grandmother tried to imprint on me, but it was useless and I was about to go for a walk until I heard the doorbell ring. I assumed the truck driver had already left and wondered who could be greeting us at a time like this, somewhere between dusk and the verge of evening.

Saving the effort for my mother or grandmother to get up I answered the door, a lot different compared to the sliding paper and wooden doors we had back in the old home. In my face were a complete set of strangers, were these perhaps neighbours greeting us for moving into the neighbourhood? They had bearing grins I assumed I was correct unless they were just a family of people who tried to offer you annoying phone plans…that was highly unlikely though. I sighed and noticed there were four guests altogether which seemed to make up a whole family. A mother who looked quite pretty with a short bob light brown haircut and auburn eyes as she warmly smiled and who I assumed was her husband standing beside her. I would've assumed she could have done better with his long dark brown tied up hair and his equal greeting smile to his wife. My eyes were then stolen at the two children beside them. One young boy probably around the same age as Suzie maybe slightly older who had a big corny grin on his face that I just wanted to punch out, he was white like his mother but had the same dark eyes as his father.

His hands were behind his back also slightly nervous I was receiving mixed signals and then felt the tension of the older boy behind him. He was on the lower step of the porch so I hadn't noticed him as easily as the three in front. He seemed a lot different from the rest of his family with one hand pressed to the side of his body and the other holding a soccer ball and a partial scowl on his face still not having realised that I had answered the door either ignorant or clueless. He had a pair of black and white sneakers, white ankle socks, long black trousers, and a big maroon monkey jumper that seemed too big for his body complete with a light khaki coloured hat turned to the back, the thing that made me almost hurl was the sight of the big squarish goggles around his hat.

What was this world trying to do, when I thought I had gotten rid of one goggle head I get given another, was this some lame fashion trend for young boys or something? But I had to say the sight of the goggles reminded me of Takato's and a light blush crept on to my face, why couldn't I hide it when I wanted it to. I noticed his tanned skin that had been taken from his dad and his auburn eyes as he finally looked my way. His sudden movement made me lightly jump and then ask, "What are you here for?"

"Rika! That's no way to talk to guests!" My mother scolded, but was then easily distracted as she had gotten out of her seat along with my grandmother to see the new guests. Happy to see some bright faces rather than the gloomy one I filled the house with, she encouraged me to greet the new guests by placing an arm on my back and pushing me forward. That only made me crankier as I nearly stacked it on the way out which would have been really humiliating.

"Welcome, is there anything we can help you with?" My mum asked politely ignoring my feelings completely.

I could only sigh and then stared at the children and focusing on the soccer ball in the older one's arm, it came to thought that the two children had been the ones that had been playing soccer on the road. Thinking about a lecture or two about safety on the road and then was sidetracked when my digivice started rapidly beeping. It was attached to the back of my belt as usual in its allocated pocket. My eyes lit up with surprise as I had to get out straight away and find the Digimon that was about to materialize…though I picked up on the slight tone change rather than the usual three beep sequence that signified a Digimon's appearance.

As I turned away I caught the sound of another similar beeping digivice from one of the guests, not having enough time to ask who it was coming from I ran and left through the back exit. It seemed Renamon had also picked up on the scent of a Digimon nearby as she was waiting on the aluminium fence that guarded the average sized courtyard in the backyard.


"I'm here Rika," Renamon confirmed with her narrow pointed head looking up and eyes closed deep in concentration, she popped them open after picking up on the accurate signal, "It's appearing nearby, approximately two streets away."

"I don't find that a coincidence…" I muttered before manoeuvring to the narrow side of the house to leave and squeezed my way through sneaking past the front door and my family. When out of sight and running comfortably down the road I pulled out my digivice and noticed there were two separate flashes of colour rapidly and consecutively flashing from green to red, what the heck was going on? Steering around the corner Renamon travelling on the households leading me in pursuit of the Digimon, we came round to the fork in the road that bound the coordinates for the digimon to materialize. I noticed the fog and pulled out the sunglasses from my back pocket for protection and walked in ahead.

My tall yellow fox partner now by my side and keeping a keen alert on whatever Digimon was lurking through the thick fog. I took off my glasses when I felt the all clear and looked down at my D-Power to analyse the Digimon. Renamon was still looking around so the odds of picking up on something were low.

Eagerly waiting, I was given warning when a chill was sent down my spine, something was different about this materialisation and Renamon hadn't noticed too much later when we felt the whole shake below out feet. Renamon quickly secured me with her arms and hopped away from where the floor had started to crumble from below our feet. What powerful Digimon was trying to make its way into the Human World?

Renamon dropped me when she felt it was safe, I glanced over at my partner and asked, "You think it's time to take it to champion level?"

She nodded and I pulled the blue evolution card from my card pocket off my belt and slashed it in my digivice initiating Renamon's departure and Kyubimon's appearance. Out of a burst of electrical waves and smoke Kyubimon stepped and gestured for me to climb on to her back. The four legged yellow nine tailed fox announced, "It's coming!"

With her natural dodging instincts she jumped out of the way and avoided the swish of a large reptilian red tail with a golden charm tailing at the end of it. It disappeared amongst the thick fog and I was left to wonder when the Digimon would next strike. Attending my attention back at my digivice there was a quick flash of that unusual bright green and then the popping up of the Digimon that had made its way through the Digital Stream to enter the human world for some unknown reason.

It took a few minor seconds before the image of the creature downloaded and revealed a large bodied digimon covered in blazing red fur and jagged stripes running from its countered white snout tipped with a sharp curved horn travelling down his long white maned neck, masculine four legged body and ending at the twisted tail of it. It had four spikes placed on his neck which blended in with the two pairs of wings on its back, the front being a larger and fiercer looking pair than the smaller ones in the rear.

"DoruGreymon, Ultimate Level, Animal Type Digimon. It's attacks Bloody Tower skewering its opponent to its death…that doesn't sound pleasant and it's more powerful attack Metal Meteor," I read aloud for Kyubimon to take the information to mind and plan a strategy, but what I was curious about was the fact we hadn't had to face off an ultimate level for quite some time. This would require one more step in evolution if we couldn't handle this fight with modify cards.

"It won't be a quick battle, are you ready to go in Rika?" Kyubimon stared at me from the corner of her eyes awaiting my command for advancing. I nodded and she ran off into the mist.

I gripped tightly unsure how this opponent would face off, hearing the piercing screech of a destructive dragon digimon alerted our minds to be extra cautious. There was still no sign of even the slightest bit of the Digimon's silhouette, it was as if he could turn in invisible or was travelling really quickly. Concentrated in battle and thinking about the consequences, if this fight wasn't going to begin soon that someone would be bound to spot us at any moment.

Out of nowhere the white tipped snout head of DoruGreymon ripped through the fog almost at the speed of light with its intimidating horn and tackled Kyubimon from the side, it resulted in me gripping for my life on the red and white candy cane resembling bow around Kyubimon's neck. She finally came to a halt and found myself loose grip from the sudden stop and rolled on to the cement flooring below. For just a tackle, it was really powerful.

Since I hadn't been the one to be directly attacked I got up to accompany Kyubimon, she looked at me determinedly with a stay-back-and-that-I'm-going-in-alone face, and informed me, "Rika it's too dangerous, that tackle alone was enough to send us flying. I'll take it from here."

I was worried for her safety, but having me there to protect during the fight as well would be more hazardous so the best option was to stay on the sideline. There had to be away to clear out this fog, I pulled out the couple of cards I had packed in my pocket and spaced them out with my palm analysing my limited options. The perfect card came into view as I returned the rest and slashed the modify card on the side of my blue D-Power.

"Kyubimon this should do the trick!"

"Garudamon, Shadow Wing!"

The power transferred over and an orange like aura began to glow around Kyubimon, she retracted her muscles and jumped into the air, leaping and spinning in a circular motion as she came to a landing with the attack having taken off in the air. The bird shaped attack flew through the fog cutting through and giving a clear view of the beast, now even angrier that his cover was blown staring at us with his piercing yellow eyes. I got the same feel of whenever I saw Guilmon had sensed a Digimon.

It would have been nice if the attack had struck the ultimate level, but not doing so didn't affect me too much. It only meant Kyubimon had the permission to give it all she got.

"Go for it Kyubimon!" I cheered as she ran into battle.

With cards ready at dispense I watched the battle undergo, Kyubimon started off by circling the large beast slowing him down in following her swift movements. Once given an opening she jumped into the air like she had done previously and spun really fast in the air causing the flames on her body to erupt in a fiery inferno, her body now a ball of swirling blue fire, "Dragon Wheel!" She yelled out as a dragon head appeared and targeted DoruGreymon.

Looking like it was critical only proved to dissolve as it came into contact with the fur on the beast, nothing catching on fire and no damage dealt. I was left to clench my teeth as Kyubimon's most powerful attack was a failure, not only disappointed by leaving a boy without an answer to his confession, but also in the attacks my partner was sending that had no effect.

"Try an attack one more time!" I alerted, with the distance she heard clearly and raised the nine tails as the balls of blue fire grew larger in size and were launched at the opponent. This ended in the same result as her previous attack only annoying DoruGreymon even more.

His turn to attack he lifted a paw and stomped at where Kyubimon had been before evading the heavy foot. Luckily for the yellow fox that his speed wasn't doing him justice and her speed was superior. Proving to be a bigger nuisance the red dragon whipped his tail in time and struck Kyubimon without her noticing.


She had been hurled into a wall as if left to rot. I ran to her aid and knelt down on one knee and lifted her head close to my chest, "Are you alright?"

My partner blinked her eyes confirming her conscious was with her and she wasn't going anywhere, "Do you think you can try once more digivolving to Taomon?"

Kyubimon paused for a moment and then suddenly widened her eyes like she saw a ghost, the meaning behind it was suddenly explained when she tried her best to shove me away but failed to do so and DoruGreymon's strong build tail came hurling at the both of us, this time I had been directly attacked. I noticed Kyubimon get thrown into a wall forced to de-digivolve back to Renamon while I fell my body still flying. There was definitely internal bleeding and it felt like my bones had been broken into thousands of pieces.

As much as I wanted to affirm my partner's safety I don't think I could hang on to my conscious self much longer. My eyelids too heavy to lift anymore I fell to the darkness. My nerves still feeling as I landed into something with a warm build body which soothed my pain a little and collapsed to the unknown figure that had caught me boldly in its arms.


To be continued…


So a new story I've had on my mind for awhile now, a crossover between tamers and frontier if you haven't noticed the counteraction between Rika and her definition of another goggle head in her new neighbourhood. I'll be reacting through different digidestined POV's later on, but for the first few chapters will be entitled to Rika.

As you can see from the first few paragraphs that the story will have its obvious romance trait, but won't be the main focus of it of course, I'll be sure to bring in a lot of action later on, but until then make sure to review and stay tuned for updates, and any questions you have I'll be sure to answer them to the extent that I can.