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"…and there she was out in the gardens with…with a man," Bellatrix informed, recounting her encounter with her daughter earlier in the evening.

"You don't honestly think little Hermione would have done something do you?" came the curious inquiry, followed with an arched eyebrow.

The dark witch made a face. "That's not the point Cissy!" the elder sister cried, as she angrily bit into the cake that she had the elf serve them.

The ball had ended roughly an hour ago. An emergency had come up at the Ministry that needed their husband's attention; they promised to return as soon as they could.

Leaving the sisters to bask in the company of each other, who were currently residing in the den of Lestrange Manor.

"And then the boy had the nerve to kiss her hand!" Bellatrix added in a huff.

Narcissa casually sipped her tea, also brought by the elf. Silently, she laughed to herself at her elder sister's rant. To others, her sister's facial expression looked murderous, but the bleach blonde knew that the older girl was simply being concerned.

As odd as that word was when applied to the Dark Lord's second.

An amused snicker was heard from the entranceway; causing the two siblings to crane their necks to see the source of the sound.

"I highly doubt the boy would have done anything," commented a woman that looked exactly like Bellatrix, with the exception of her brunette locks, softer features, and light brown eyes.

She then walked over and took a seat next to Narcissa on the dark leather couch; grabbing a cup of tea and cake for herself. "Things would have ended badly for him had he did," came the addition as she bit into her snack.

"That's NOT the point Dromeda!" The eldest amongst them repeated once more, slamming her fist down on the coffee table.

"She should not have been out there with a boy," hissing that particular word, adding emphasis. "…without a chaperone," the death eater stated.

"Hmm…" the middle sibling mused. "I seem to recall you," pointing at the heated mother. "Hanging out with boys un-chaperoned around her age," she pointed out with a smirk.

The youngest among them giggled. "Bella always did have a knack for sneaking away from the elves," she teased, whilst Bellatrix simply stared at Andromeda.

"That's different! I knew how boys were!" The Lestrange matriarch defended the actions made during her younger years. "I knew what they were about and how to handle them," she said.

"Hermione is different, she's innocent and fragile," she remarked. "She doesn't know how boys are and he could have easily taken advantage of her."

Neither of her two sisters could really counter her sentence. While Andromeda didn't completely believe that her niece was as innocent and fragile as Bellatrix was making her out to be, Hermione was—to some extent—indeed those things.

Hermione wasn't so much as fragile, per say, as she was pampered. Not to be unexpected, as she was a pureblooded lady after all, and was born into one of the most wealthy and influential families to boot. She had never been faced with the harsh realities of life, explicitly.

Books could tell and introduce you to all manner of things, but it was an entirely different matter all together to witness those things first hand. As to her innocence, Hermione was still very much pure.

And because of that, Narcissa and Andromeda understood why their big sister was reacting the way she was.

"Well, Hermione is at that age where boys can drive one mad sexually," Cissy expressed, earning nods from both her sisters. They had all been there before.

It was like a change that happened overnight. One day, you're uninterested in boys and think they're gross. Then, puberty hits and once that's settled in, you become interested in them and get heated every time they glance at you, especially if it was a boy you liked.

"And let's not forget emotionally," Dromeda mentioned, referring to how both men and boys could make a woman feel. They could make you feel incredibly loved or they could break your heart into billions of pieces.

Bella nodded sharply. "Exactly," she agreed, placing her now empty cup on the serving tray that a house elf held carefully. Knowing what the punishment should be if they dared to drop it.

"Who was the boy anyway?" the Malfoy inquired after a paused. She didn't recall her sister giving them a name.

"That young Seeker for the Bulgarians," she answered, having momentarily forgotten the teen's name, simply referring to him as the 'boy'.

"Viktor," the Wilder supplied immediately, as she adjusted herself sitting up a little straighter on the couch. "Vladimir and Anna Krum's son," she added.

Beckoning the elf, the middle sibling grabbed herself another, fresher, cup of tea. "Arsen is a good friend of Vladimir's," she explained. "And I've met the couple a few times myself and I don't think either of them has raised their son to be a womanizer."

Bellatrix snorted, chewing on another piece of cake. "The boy is a Quidditch star," she stated. "Girls practically throw themselves at him, and I'm sure the boy has taken to bed quite a few of them."

"I will not tolerate for anyone, boy or man, to play with my daughter's heart and emotions," came the declaration, the underlying threat easily visible and understood.

A few moments of silence passed between them.

"So, where's Hermione now?" Andromeda inquired, as Narcissa leaded against her.

"Her room," Bellatrix answered. "Why?" she demanded to know looking curiously at her sister. Andy was up to something, she could sense it.

"No reason," the middle sister answered with a smirk. The tone in her voice caused the youngest sibling to giggle, while causing the eldest to become extremely cautious, body tensing.

"Just want to talk to my niece," she drew out. "…And find out what really went on in the garden," Her voice taking on a highly suggestive quality to it.

"…." For a few seconds, the Lestrange was left speechless, her younger sisters laughing in outright amusement.

Not many things could leave the fearsome Bellatrix Lestrange in complete silence.

Suddenly, the dark witch jumped up from her seat; startling the poor house elf, causing him to drop the tray, breaking the dish set along with it; causing the elf to start crying and inflicting pain upon itself as punishment.

Fortunately for the servant, Bellatrix's mind was occupied at the moment…so punishment from his mistress would be delivered later.

"Hermione Druella Lestrange!" the mother yelled, as she marched out of the den and headed towards her daughter's room.

The blue eyed woman was the first to calm herself of her laughing fit. She then hit her sister, in mock chiding. "Andromeda Lucretia, why must you tease her so?" she questioned, referring to how Andy always seemed to work their sister up in her protectiveness….which was high already.

The brunette snickered. "Because Narcissa Calista, it's fun," was her answer.


"…and with him on the team, Bulgaria has a very good chance of winning the Quidditch World Cup this year," Vladimir explained to his wife, speaking animatedly in their native language.

Anna nodded in response. While she had been listening to her husband, she was more focused on their son. Viktor hadn't said a word since they left Lestrange manor.

He spent half the carriage ride, though flight was more appropriate, to their castle, starting out the window.

"Viktor," she called, gaining her son's attention. "What is wrong?" came the question. "You have been quiet," motherly concern filling her tone.

"Nothing is wrong Mama," the young Krum assured.

The Krum head spoke up. "Your mama is right son, you have been quiet," he reiterated. "Is something on your mind?"

Viktor gave a quick nod. "I am just thinking of this evening," he informed them. He wasn't quite ready to tell them of his encounter with Hermione, their hosts' daughter of all people, so soon.

Vladimir leaned back in his seat. "It was a very enjoyable event," he commented. "I am honored that the Lestranges invited us to attend," Seeing as how he hadn't been in a position of political power all that long—less than half a year.

"Indeed," his wife agreed. "Did you enjoy yourself Viktor?" Anna inquired of her son.

"Yes, though not as much as I wanted to," the young Seeker admitted. "Girls and fans alike harassed me a majority of the night."

"You are a famous and talented Quidditch player son," his papa pointed out. "That is what they do," Chuckling a bit, as he recalled his own Quidditch years.

"Is that why you disappeared?" Madam Krum asked. "I looked around but I did not see you."

Again, Viktor nodded. A quick glance out the window of the carriage showed the familiar grounds of his homeland; soon, they would be arriving home.

"Was being suffocated, so I went outside, to the garden, to clear my head," Viktor told her. Shuddering internally, as he remembered how one girl in particular—Punsy, Panny….he didn't remember her name—kept trying to glue herself to him.

"There garden did look lovely," the dark haired mother said. "I wish I had a chance to tour it, but I ended up getting caught up."

The young man took a deep breath to help his nerves. "I made a friend," he informed his parents.

"That is good Viktor," his parents praised. "Who are they?" they asked curiously.

The young Bulgarian lowered his head. "I do not wish to tell their name just yet," he said. "But…" already, he could feel his cheeks start to redden. "It's a girl."

"Ohhh…" Vladimir said, a smirk now worn on his face. He then leaned forward, staring at his son. "Now your silence makes sense," he remarked.

A quick hit on his shoulder from his wife, stopped his comments—and possibly teasing—from the Krum head, before the man even got started.

"That is wonderful Viktor," Anna praised, causing her son to redden even more in the face.

The Seeker insisted, repeating his earlier statement of, "She is just a friend."

"Of course," his mama spoke before his papa. "Well, tell us about her?" she asked, truly interested.

And Viktor, for all his shyness, did so without hesitation.

As he told his parents about her—her hobbies and interests, her shining personality—both saw how their son lit up while talking about her. The young man radiated pure affection; quite a feat for someone he had met tonight.

The way he was describing her to them, and speaking so passionately about her, one would think they had known each other since infancy.

By the time they arrived at Krum castle, Viktor was finishing up telling his parents about his new friend.

"Well, she sounds like a very good friend," Anna commented, as their carriage landed, moving along the ground a little bit before coming to a stop.

Vladimir was the first to open and exit the carriage. He then held out a hand for his wife; she graciously accepted. "Genuine too," she added, before being helped out of the coach.

Viktor stepped out last.

"Better to have one true friend out of a million, than a million and no real one," his papa said, sagely, as he and his wife began walking towards their home, Viktor trailing behind.

The athlete had to agree with his parents. Hermione was a true, genuine friend, possibly the only one he would have, out of all his fans and admirers; a sad but true statement.

But Viktor didn't mind. With Hermione as his friend, he'd deal with every phony in the world wanting to talk to him, be close to him, and be his "friend"; so long as at the end of the day, he got to talk to her—that single real one.

A/n 2: Yes, Andromeda is in this story and she didn't marry a mudblood, so she's still on the family tapestry, and is married to pureblood OC Arsen Wilder (I was serious when I said AU-ish). But I just wanted to put that out there to avoid confusion.

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