Rinko's P.O.V.

It was a sunny Thursday morning.

I was busy making breakfast while Nanjirou was at the temple.

It was almost seventy-twenty.

Ryoma still hadn't come down to eat.

I was being to feel a little worried.

Ryoma should have been down and eating his meal already.

I decided to go up and check on him.

I hope he wasn't sick.

I knew he would still insist on going to school even with a fever.

Outside his door, I knocked softly.

"Ryoma? Are you awake yet?" I asked.

No answer.

"It's already seven-twenty. You friend Momoshiro would be here in a minute." I said.

Still no reply.

"That's it Ryoma, I'm coming in." I announced as I turned the knob.

When I pushed open the door, I saw that he was still in bed.

"Ryoma, you are going to be late for school." I told him as I opened his window.

When I turned to look at him, I knew something was wrong.

His skin was very pale and seemed like he wasn't breathing.

"Ryoma? Are alright?" I asked as I came closer to him.

When I touched his arm, he was cold.

And I knew he was gone.

I fell back down on the floor and screamed as loud as I can.

"NO! Ryoma! Nanjirou! Come quick!" I yelled.

When my husband got there, he ran to me first.

"Rinko, what happened?" he asked me.

I was already crying.

"N-najirou... Ryoma...Look at Ryoma." I told him, tears ran down my eyes.

I watched him touch our son's arm and pulled it back as if he was electrocuted.

"Ryoma? No...Ryoma! Wake up!" he held Ryoma's shoulders.

That was when I saw my son's face.

He looked at peace.

As if he knew that his time was up.

This made me feel worse.

My own son, died before I did.

I had never thought this would happen.

I slowly stood up and Nanjirou turned to me.

"You better go outside and wait for Momoshiro to come." I told him as I pulled Ryoma's blanket to his neck.

Nanjirou slowly nodded and went out.

I gently stroked his dark green hair.

"Ryoma, how time flew by so fast. You were so young then. A mere baby. Now you're all grown up." I told him softly.

My son Ryoma was a very sweet boy.

Shy and quiet but very special, just like his father.

Then I went out and closed the door.

I needed to prepare and clean the house.

I knew that Ryoma's friends would all be there later.

After Nanjirou came back in, he called the Coroner and they came.

They took my baby's body with them.

I insisted on staying at home.

Nanjirou then came back at three in the afternoon, with Ryoma's ashes.

We shall get ready for his friends then." I said.

Nanako was still crying.

I held back my tears.

Ryoma never wanted to see me cry.

And until the end, no matter how painful, I will never cry.

As I entered the living room, I saw Ryoma's blown up photo.

I ran my fingers through his cheek.

"Sleep well, Ryoma. Good Night." I whispered to him.

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