An ikarishipping story! A wild ride through the development between Dawn and Paul's relationship, this story will be unpredictable and fun. I hope anyone who reads it, enjoys it. This first chapter sets up the foundation of my story.

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Dawn's POV

3, 2, 1 ACTION!

Hello and welcome back to your weekly dosage of Sinnoh personals! Be ready to indulge yourself into the lives of the greatest and most gorgeous celebrities Sinnoh has to offer. I, Sebastian Rive, will undercover the veracity behind the eyes of my guests, and will do whatever ever possible to achieve such. Living in Sinnoh is far from the epitome of truth and morals. On the contrary, we are a region full of vicious rumors. Are the "supposed" fabrications of our celebrities' lives displayed in gossip magazines false or true? Well, you're about to find out because you're watching Sebastian's Station!

Tonight we have a star of the highest caliber. A sex symbol, one of the most beautiful women in the world, a seven time winner of Sinnoh's own Grand Festivals, and currently has broken every record set by any other coordinator; she is an icon, a prodigy, and currently single. Please give a warm welcome to no other than Ms. Dawn Hikari!


"That's your cue, go!" Tom, my agent, giddily yelled.

Okay, everything is going to be fine, just breath and relax. I have done thousands of interviews before, but this shouldn't be any different, right? Well, that's what I keep telling myself, but my agent tells me otherwise. This is Sebastian's celebrity talk show, the most watched show in Sinnoh. His show has only reached such a high level of notoriety because of his rather intrusive antics. From asking personal questions to flirting suggestively, he rarely fails to whip up a fresh wave of controversy on his current subject.

Okay, I am officially scared. I absolutely do not want him to embarrass me in front of millions of people. And since he has an annoying penchant for mandating personal questions, I absolutely don't want the validity of my life to pour into the hands of the public. I may have achieved greatness, may be one of the most beautiful women alive, and may be extremely talented, but that still does not excuse the tremors of my life. These tremors have made me lose all trust in others and, most importantly, made me lose the one closest to me, my father. That is what I am afraid of, slipping. However, despite my small trepidation, I highly doubt I will do such things.

In account of my numerous successful contests, I have learned how to act.I can easily plaster a false façade of happiness or an enraged state of frustration, so this should be easy, but….still. Moreover, the fact that Sebastian is insanely hot does not make matters any easier. Six feet, stunning strawberry-blonde, combed back hair, muscles running up and down his toned arms and legs, and a pair of exquisite green eyes that occasionally dare to turn a light grey, this hunk is going to be right across from me. Which will make it exceedingly hard to retain any amount of focus.

"DAWN, DAWN, DAWN!" Tom abruptly screamed into my ear.

"What the hell, Tom!"

"You just blanked out for two whole minutes and have been randomly blabbering, and you're telling me what the hell? Just get your ass on stage," he said before he hastily shoved me on stage.

Within seconds I was face to face with Sebastian who pulled me into a hug. "Why I knew I would be excited, but I didn't think I would be this excited," he seductively whispered into my ear, so the mikes wouldn't pick it up.

"Jesus," I muttered, but then I shouldn't be complaining. I mean I was the one who chose to wear such a revealing dress. The strapless dress was black in color and had a pink ribbon fastened around my waist. It tightly hugged my body, exposing how slender and fit I really am, but due to the dress' level of snugness, my breasts were daring to jump out. Despite the dress only reaching mid-thigh, I decided against wearing tights, but made up for it by wearing black, leather, and high heeled boots that reached my knees. Although, I don't really think that "makes up" for it. To top it off, I wore multiple silver bracelets and rings, a silver pair of earrings, and a pink pendant. Lastly, my long, natural blue hair was left to freely run down my back in plethora of layers while my bangs were neatly tamed and combed stylishly to the right side.

"Go ahead and sit down," he courtly smiled at me. We both sat down simultaneously. I could feel the intense stares of the live audience on me, but with a deep breath I quickly eliminated my anxiety.

"So you're twenty-two, right?" he asked suspiciously.

"Yes, and why do you ask?" Why in the hell would he start off with a question like that?

"Nothing, just that I can tell by the liveliness of your boobs." That's why. I felt like jumping onto his desk and viciously destroying that celestial face with my perfectly manicured hands, which would HURT. I mentally sighed, this is going to be a long hour with him. How in hell would I be able to keep my temper in check? Well if he wanted to play, then I would play. While I was thinking the live audience laughed and everyone watching at home probably laughed as well. I mentally sighed again, this is going to be hard.

"Now why would you bluntly stare at my chest? That's quite rude and low for a man like yourself," I innocently said with a small pout which would hopefully show the audience how he's tainting Sinnoh's little angel.

"It's not my fault you're such a slut," he said with a devilish smile. Hell no, he did not just say that! Slut. God, how much I loath that word. Terrible memories were boldly daring to arise just by the mention of that word, but I swiftly forced them away.

"Since you're speechless I'm assuming that's true. With that said, your dating life makes much more sense now."

My dating life is quite similar to my social life. I have gone through such painful relationships with people that would take endless hours to completely unfold, and I don't want to relive such memories now, especially here. Due to said experiences, I have lost all trust in people and, in turn, have not wanted to develop any sort of relationship or friendship because I'm always the one getting hurt in the end. So, my dating life has basically evolved into a never-ending tangent of one-night stands or short meaningless relationships empowered by attraction. Additionally, my social life is basically non-existent, unless you count going to famous actors' parties and having pretentious conversations or attending the most noteworthy events or hanging out with other celebrities to gossip. I guess then yes, I am "social," but there is no substance. These relationships are fake and are driven by superficiality. I am and will only maintain and further cultivate a devout relationship to my Pokémon. I love my Pokémon. They have always have been loyal and always have helped me thorough my struggling times. They are the things that give purpose to my life. Without them I'm nothing.

Once I stepped out of my trance I replied, "No, I'm not a slut, it's called being fashionable. Though by the looks of your attire you obviously have no knowledge of such."

"Oooo, she's feisty and flirty, you know what that means…she's dominant in bed," he gleamed to the audience. "I like it like that," he purred as he seductively winked at me. If he wasn't so attractive I would have probably of vomited by now.

"Anyhow, if you really aren't a skanky slut, then why do have you seduced, dated, and dumped nearly every actor in Sinnoh?" Okay, so being a world-known coordinator has allowed me access to the most famous men, so why not take advantage of it?

"Well, what can I say? I'm not that kind of girl who enjoys long-term relationships. I might as well end the relationship while I have the advantage. There's nothing wrong or skanky about short relationships. I'm just looking out for myself and don't trust my heart in anyone else's hands. It's common sense, really," I said with the flick of my hair while un-crossing and re-crossing my legs.

The crossing of my legs slightly distracted him which caused him to slip and ask a stupid question. "Soooo….why are you so flirty?" How was I supposed to respond to that? Okay, well I will admit it, I have become quite the flirt. I could probably seduce just about anyone.

I replied the only way I knew how, by flirting. "Well… it's because I can. And why are you so susceptible to my flirting?" I purred as I carefully hastened myself on his desk and let my long, slender fingers indulge themselves into his hair while allowing my blue eyes to explore the realms of his green ones. My touch instantly paralyzed him, causing him to stutter. In result, the audience started laughing.

As I released my hands and sat back down, he nervously started to fiddle with his tie. I smirked, just like any other man, he's so predictable. Unfortunately, he regained his composure and assaulted me with another question.

"Have you always been such a flirt? I mean when you were a kid you did wear exceedingly short skirts and did travel with two guys who were older than you. Whom of which are no other than the current Champion of Kanto, Ash Ketchum and renowned Pokémon doctor, Brock Takeshi. Which merits discussion, did you loose your virginity to one of them?"

Ash and Brock: the two guys whom withhold so many early memories of my primitive years as a coordinator. Many good memories and many bad ones. Sadly, the bad memories outnumbered the good ones, but now is not the time to unravel them here.

Virginity-the one thing in the world that once its gone, it's gone. The one thing you can never get back. The one thing that exemplifies a girl's pureness. The one thing that I have no recollection of losing, and yet it's gone.

"Listen, just because I traveled with Ash and Brock does not mean I lost my virginity to them! Besides, back then I was twelve while Ash was fourteen and Brock was seventeen, come on now," I sneered as I rolled my eyes.

"Well, you could of fooled me. Anyhow, you still didn't answer the question of who stole your precious, little innocence. He must have been one bad boy because it's so clear that you have no innocence left to the point where you could just write skanky, slut bitch on your cheek and anyone who saw it would nod in agreement," he said while leaning in and running a hand through his hair.

Eyes narrowing, mascara smudging. Hands clenched, knuckles whitening. Pout forming, lips creasing.

He just had to fucking leap over the line, didn't he? Is he even allowed to say bitch on air? Censors anyone? It's official, I want to get the out of here, now. This is beyond uncomfortable, it's demeaning. How can this even be qualified as an interview?

"Rule Number 1: If you didn't take a girl's virginity away, you never ask who did. Rule Number 2: Touch my thigh one more time and I'm going to take that stick out of your ass and shove it down your throat. And Rule Number 3: This is a god damn talk show where you ask questions about my career, not my sexual life. There are children in the audience watching for God's sake!" I nearly yelled. Accompanying my yelling, I repeatedly jabbed my middle finger into his chest. Ever since I was a kid I could never control my temper, and nothing seems to have changed.

Instantaneously, his face contoured into yet another one of his damn sly smiles. What now? Ohhhhhh…what? The audience is laughing? What the hell? I was being completely serious during my little rant and they start laughing! Is watching other people's reactions to getting demoralized really that funny? If anything, it's completely trashy.

"Alright, alright, I'll stray away from your sexual life, momentarily," he said with a wink. I am absolutely turned off by him right now. He can wink as much as he damn pleases, but it's not going to do anything.

His little wink quickly vanished and a persona of seriousness was plastered upon his face.

"What is with your constant preoccupation with your unrelenting desire to continuously win contests? You are beyond obsessed, and, if you're not mindlessly dating someone, you're either training for contests or in one. However, now that you have told me that you don't trust your heart in anyone else's hands, is it possible that you fill your non-existent void of human relationships with those of Pokémon? Is it the need to seek refuge from the fear of developing any kind of relationships with people, so in result, you consume your every minute coordinating? Or is it just plain hatred of people? I mean, you have won the Grand Festival seven times in a row, the most any other normal person has won the Grand Festival was four times total. Additionally, every year Sinnoh holds 400 contests all around so coordinators can get the needed six ribbons to enter the grand festival, but you, on the other hand, have collected all 400 ribbons. A record unheard of. A record that could possibly deem you insane. Face it, you're a maniac who's confidence is only skin deep. In actuality, the realm of coordinating, that you believe gives substance to your life, is nothing more that a mere illusion. People shouldn't look up to you, you're nothing more than a girl encompassed by the fear of her insecurities. I don't know what happened during your childhood, but it clearly scarred you. You are not a role model to society, but rather a filthy demise of the world's mistakes."

He paused, but then continued, "Don't think you can wiggle yourself out of this. I have studied psychology for ten years and I can easily see past your little façade."

I gulped. His words stung; pointing directly at my heart, they were sure a critical hit. I can feel the tears coming on. I hate how weak I can be sometimes, I hate it. Quickly, I lowered my head to hide to fear that I knew would be evident in my eyes. I've been in much worse situations, so why should this hurt so much? His words can't possibly be true, can they?

My voice felt weak and the fear of my voice cracking raised. My blue eyes started to feel glossy, threatening me with their tears. No, I can't let him win. First, he castigates me about my social life and now he viciously molests my greatest successes? Closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and re-composing myself, I responded.

"Looks like you're going to have to study psychology a little more, because you haven't figured me out yet. I love coordinating, it is my passion. There is nothing wrong with feeding my own fervent obsession to contests if I wish to become the best. You know why I won all those ribbons and contests? It's because I spent every minute training, not filling some non-existent void. It takes a lot of guts to swirl together my greatest accomplishments together and label them as a failure. I worked my ass off to get where I am today and I did it because of my love for coordinating. I love my Pokémon dearly and will do whatever possible to get them to the top."

Without thinking, I stood up and aggressively grabbed a bundle of his blonde hair, jerking his head towards me. He yelped from my sheer force while his green eyes collided into my blue ones. My cheeks heated up from anger and I continued, "Why did I decide to win all 400 ribbons, well because to be the best you must have everything. But it's not like you would understand," I said as I released my grip and angrily slouched back into my seat.

"You think I'm equivalent to one of the world's mistakes? If anything, I'm a legend in the making and you're nothing."

I usually never release my angry side, but when someone tampers with something so close to my heart, there is no other choice, but to let the bull out.

Despite my sudden splurge of confidence, I can still hear his words of my insecurities ringing in my head and I gulped.

Saying that Sebastian was surprised was an understatement. He probably was never had anyone re-lash like that to the point where the other person was in control-that person being me-on live air. It felt good, but that didn't mean he would stop, nope. With the flick of his hair, he gained his confidence back and attacked me with another question.

"Whether you choose to accept the validity of your insecurities, is up to you. But what is certain, is that due to your extensive coordinating, you have completely cut off all relations to your other friends. Does Kenny, Barry, Lucas, or Paul ring a bell?"

"Like I said, I would do whatever possible to get my Pokémon to the top. And why would you even put Paul in the list of my past friends? Back when I was a kid we hated each other and not to mention, he was Ash's rival," I asked while looking at the clock. The hour was almost over, maybe a couple more questions and I would be free.

"Selfish, aren't we? I don't think your friends, excluding Paul, would appreciate such words. It's quite sad really. Your fear of being hurt is so bad that you abandoned your friendships that actually were worth something to you before. It must have been years since you last saw them, what a shame."

He glanced up at the clock as well and noticed we were almost out of time so he quickly switched gears and asked another question, "What is your opinion on love?"

Well that's easy. I have known the answer to that my whole life and my opinion has never wavered, so I hastily replied.

"Love? There is no such thing as love. What we are all after is lust. Lust is the catalyst that ignites a momentary desire for another, but once the lust is gone then there is nothing. You become bored with your partner, the lust is gone and therefore the relationship is gone. I mean why do you think the divorce rate has skyrocketed?" I said as I straightened out my dress, parted my hair so it was running along the front side of shoulders, took a deep breath, and continued.

"That is why I have no desire to ever get married. The institution of marriage is a joke. How can one person be faithful to the other for the rest of their lives? You limit yourself and, ultimately, life becomes pointless. I do not want to get married because then I would fall into the social norm of society where everything I have worked for is throw away for what, becoming a housewife? Furthermore, the idea of having kids is so utterly insane and outlandish to me that I don't even have to think twice to say that I never want to have kids."

Everything I said was true. I love coordinating so much and if I want to get as far as possible into this career then I can't ever contour to society and get married and have kids, not that I would ever want to anyway. The idea is nauseating.

"Alright well, good enough. One last question. What are you going to do next? You already have won all the ribbons Sinnoh has to offer and the next Grand Festival is nearly a year away. Even though you have won ten contests and their respected ribbons and one Grand Festival in Hoenn, we all know that you have a great detestation for that region so you won't go back and pursue more wins, so what is your next step?"

Just when the show is over he asks a decent question, God what is wrong with this guy.

"I don't have anything against Hoenn, I just don't like that way they initiate their contests. Everything is very casual-no dresses, no gaudy jewelry, no flashy appeals, and not to mention no Pokeball seals. I just don't enjoy it and since I already won a Grand Festival there, I don't see the point of winning any more. However, the Contest Coordinating Convention heads said that they're going to start a yearly contest where only the best coordinators can enter, meaning you had to win at least two Grand Festivals to enter. So I will be looking forward to that in addition to the next Sinnoh Grand Festival," I said. I was about to get up and leave since we had two minutes left, but he quickly intervened and I sat back down.

"Yes, I have heard of this new Top Coordinator Contest, but the heads said it will take at least a year to get everything figured out. Which means you have a year gap before either the Sinnoh Grand Festival or the Top Coordinator Contest starts, so what, you're just going to train endlessly?"

I never really thought about it till now. Since I have already won all the contests, there's going to be nothing to do. But, an idea quickly sparked in my head and I responded.

"I know what I can do!" I happily jumped in my seat which caused Sebastian to laugh at my sudden burst of happiness.

"I heard of this new region called Unova and they have contests so I will go there! I will train amongst the people there, win contests, hopefully a Grand Festival as well, and then be back in time for the Grand Festival here and the Top Coordinator Contest!"

During this whole hour I have felt like crap, but now I feel re-ignited and this new journey is just what me and my Pokémon need for some new excitement!

The director looked like he was giving Sebastian the signal for they're out of time so with his last remark, the dreadful hour was finally over.

"Well you heard it here first folks, Sinnoh's little coordinating princess is off to Unova. And what a coincidence because the first ever flight from Sinnoh to Unova takes off tomorrow! Hope you all have enjoyed this hour segment and tune in next time for another hour of drama. Thanks and good night!"

"Finally, I'm done!" I beamed to myself and quickly ran off stage, making sure to avoid any confrontation with Sebastian. One thing is certain, I am never coming back on this show, no matter how much they pay me.

While backstage I found Tom and swiftly ran up to him. "Hey, how was I?" I asked nervously. I mean, I nearly cracked on air and I really hope it wasn't too noticeable on camera.

"Are you kidding me? He asked you the most invading questions and despite a few stutters and pauses you were great. I'll admit it, there were a few times where I thought you would lose it, but you collected yourself professionally and everything went smoothly."

Everything went smoothly? What? Was he even in the same room as me? I felt like everything went completely opposite from smoothly, but whatever, I've always been hard on myself anyway.

I let it drop and I was going to ask him a question about me going to Unova, but he interrupted my thoughts, "Dawn, come on now we can't stand here forever, you have a photo shoot in a hour, so get your stuff and let's go. We'll talk about your trip to Unova later."

I gasped, I nearly forgot about my photo shoot. Well, that's why he's my agent. "Shit, okay, let me go get my stuff and we can go."

"Meet me in the car in five minutes, it'll be waiting at the entrance," he said as he walked off.

I quickly ran to the dressing room to grab my things, but I was distracted when I heard Sebastian go back on air. What was this a double segment tonight, like some two hour special?

Apparently, this question was evident on my face and a guy backstage answered my thoughts.

"Yes, Sebastian has another celebrity on tonight. Although, he wasn't too happy about it," he said, making no eye contact whatsoever, obviously not trying to get distracted.

I huffed, why in the world wouldn't Sebastian want someone on live air. He loves humiliating everyone. Again, this backstage man read my mind, or rather my face, and answered once again without making eye contact.

"It's because the person he's interviewing has proven himself to be the hardest thing to ever talk to; it's Paul Shinji."

I gasped. Paul Shinji. I haven't seen him in ages. The last time I saw him was what, when I was fourteen? Despite my colossal detestation towards him, I always thought he was rather attractive.

Lucky, Tom came back stage and forcefully grabbed me and hauled my over to the car. Otherwise, I would of probably of forgotten about my photo shoot. On the drive over I wondered how Paul had matured…

Paul's POV

3, 2, 1 ACTION!

Hello and welcome back to your weekly dosage of Sinnoh personals! Be ready to indulge yourself into the lives of the greatest and most gorgeous celebrities Sinnoh has to offer. I, Sebastian Rive, will undercover the veracity behind the eyes of my guests, and will do whatever ever possible to achieve such. Living in Sinnoh is far from the epitome of truth and morals, but rather an unremitting multitude of vicious rumors. Are the "supposed" fabrications of our celebrities' lives displayed in gossip magazines false or true? Well, you're about to find out because you're watching Sebastian's Station!

Tonight we have a trainer of the highest caliber, Sinnoh's own champion. He has guarded the title of Sinnoh's Champion ever since he was sixteen, will anyone ever dethrone him? In addition, ever since he was sixteen he has never faltered to assuage his position as the champion of Sinnoh's PokeRinger tournament. The launch of his own line of cologne may be one of the most lucrative line of products ever produced. His mysterious aura has made him wanted by every women in Sinnoh. Being on every magazine, being in numerous photo shoots, and being the winner of copious pokemon tournaments has made him one of the wealthiest men at a young age of twenty-three. Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Shinji!

"Go!" the backstage man yelled into Paul's ears.

Fuck no, fuck no, fuck no, fuck no. Do I really have to be here? As I walked over to that stupid blonde's desk, I refused to shake his hand, so I abruptly sat down. I know how this guy is, he likes to screw around with celebrities and humiliate them in front of millions of people to cause gossip. One thing is for sure: no way in hell is that happening to me. I tried to get out of this stupid interview, but my moron agent kept knacking me to go to get more notoriety. I am the damn champion of Sinnoh, you would have to live under a rock to not know who I am. Not to mention I've won numerous other tournaments as well.

As the audience's roaring of my name stopped, he commenced this factious interview.

"So Paul, how's your sex life?"

Humph, diving straight in, so be it. This little shit faced twat isn't going to mess with me.

"Great," I said without emotion.

He looked at me questionably and gave me a stupid backwards sly smile, then began talking.

"Oh really, because we have never even seen you out in public with a girl, let alone dating one. Which bears discussion, are you clandestinely hiding a deep dark secret? Perhaps, concealing a serious relationship with another man? I can see it now, you sneaking out and staying up all hours of the night ravishing another man."

WHAT THE HELL? Anger quickly rattled through every vein in my body, causing my nails to tear the leather of the arm's chair. I haven't been seen in public with a girl, so what, jesus. That doesn't make me gay, and if it does then he has a warped sense of reality.

"I only fuck girls, never men. End of story," I angrily spat at him and slouched in my seat. I will not, by any means, make eye contact with this bastard.

"Wow, watch that language buddy. Anyhow, then how many girls have you dated," Blondie asked.

Me+Girls+Dating=Terrible Outcome. I tried as hard as I could to hold my hormones back, but by seventeen I lost and stupidly gave into such a weak vulnerability. I tried dating, but it was asinine and a waste of time. Every single girl couldn't withhold my straightforward, cold personality. Even if it was just a petty little remark assaulted their way, they would always run away crying. There was only one girl who could face even the greatest of my remarks, but we never engaged in a relationship, hell we never even became acquaintances. It was back when I was a kid and all we ever did was argue. Despite her happy, bubbly attitude she was extraordinarily stubborn and would get mad at the stupidest of things-including me forgetting her name.

Relationships. Ugh, I don't need any relationships of any kind, I hate any damn emotions. Besides even being in a romantic relationship is pointless and all the emotions with it are ridiculous-love, love my ass. It's just a distraction, an illusion that fades away when the lust fades away. So, I guess you could say I cheated.

Whenever I get so horny that the urge is uncontrollable, I call up a stripper and have a simple one night stand. That way every one is happy-my reckless need is gone, no time is wasted, the stripper is paid and happy, and to top it off, I do it all under a fake name so the public doesn't get a hold of such information and there is no gossip.

Blondie was obviously awaiting my response, hell I'll make him wait all day if I want to….

"I dated the number of girls I know I've dated."

"Okkkaaayyy…..?" He was clearly getting annoyed. Strike one for blondie-let's see how fast I can make him crack.

"Alright let's change gears… you have been the Champion of Sinnoh ever since you were sixteen, how does that feel? There have been numerous challengers to try to de-throne you, including former Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, but you have managed to defeat them all. What's your strategy?"

"It feels great. There is no strategy because no one will ever be able to defeat me," I sneered at him while loosing my inane tie that was threatening to cut of my circulation for air.

"Cocky, much?" He hastily replied with a stupid look on his face and a smile gleamed towards the audience.

"You're either cocky or weak, and I would never be the latter." What a idiotic remark-being cocky is a fundamental step towards confidence.

"Really, if that is so then why haven't you ever participated in the Masters Tournament? For all of you folks watching that don't know what the Masters Tournament is, well it's a Tournament that only current Champions or elite four members of their respected regions can enter for the title of Master Trainer. This is by far the hardest tournament any Pokemon Trainer will ever come across, as it withholds the world's best trainers. Anyway, you became Sinnoh's Champion at sixteen, but the Masters Tournament had already passed by the time you won the title, but you still have had all this time and you never had even registered for the tournament. Are you scared?"

Okay I have a completely legitimate response to that. Every year when the Masters Tournament came around I always had something important to do, or rather something important to my brother and he dragged me along with him. Fucking Reggie. Sometimes, I wonder how I'm related to him.

"It has been a coincidence that ever since I was seventeen, I have had something important to do that overlapped with the tournament," I responded without emotion.

"Whatever," he paused, obviously not expecting that as my answer. He pinched the top of his nose and sighed.

"Okay, then tell me this. Why haven't you competed in Kanto's, Johto's, or Hoenn's leagues, huh?" he said while he raised both his voice and body and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Is it because your big brother competed in all those leagues and failed when it came to their respected conferences? Are you afraid of following in his footsteps. Or are you just too good to be associated with the leagues that your brother has failed in, so you don't even try? Your brother is a colossal failure and a disgrace to trainers everywhere. Speaking of disgrace, you're probably the foulest person and anyone who has ever come into contact with you is forever tainted. You are a churlish excuse for a human. From your merciless manners to your ungrateful actions, you don't desire all the fame and fortune that you have been blessed with. Even though Reggie is a failure, you don't even acknowledge or respect him enough to understand that he is the one person in the world who actually cares about you. You-"

"Shut yourmouth," I stood up and growled at him.

Little fucking shit didn't stop, but instead he smiled evilly. He knew he had me.

Now, I'm just a ticking time bomb and he eagerly wants to ignite it, but I don't give a damn. He doesn't understand me and he certainly doesn't have the right to talk to me or my brother that way.

"Ohhhh, I'm not done yet buddy boy. No wonder your mother tried to kill you all those years ago-she had to rid such vile filth from this earth before you corrupted anything. Well it's too late for that. And despite the news saying that she died from a heart attack, you know and I know how she really died."

I grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pulled him right in front of my face. "If you don't shut that damn mouth of yours, you're going to regret it."

Blondie slapped my hand away and turned towards the audience.

"You see Paul was made into such a shameful creature by his father who wanted a carbon copy of himself for further generations. However, before he could commence his little plan, his wife killed him right in front of a little five-year-old Paul and ten-year-old Reggie. His mother gave all her attention to Reggie which outcasted Paul, allowing him to lay the foundation for the demeanor that he now possesses. As it turned out, Paul was already born to be cold and mean. So then-"

"Goddamn it! That is not how anything happened. You don't know anything about my current or past life, so just shut your fucking trap," I yelled while my onyx eyes burned into his green ones.

He was about to reply, but I beat him to it. "You have no idea who I am and you are completely twisting the validity of my past life. Everything he's saying is a lie. He's just trying to do it to get a rive out of me."

Then blondie replied, "Well, true or not, you're obviously touchy about your childhood. Who knew you're really a weak, mindless, sensitive soul at heart. Your stubbornness will kill you in the end, you know."

"Fuck you!" I, without thinking, grabbed his empty mug, that was sitting at his desk, and threw it at his face. At contact, the mug broke, generating various cuts and scratches that adorned his face.

"I'm outta of here," I mumbled as I aggressively ripped the mike taped under my shirt and threw it towards the camera.

Once I was out of the studio, I decided to take a walk, even though I just really wanted to go get in my limo and go home. But I know my agent will be waiting in my limo and would endlessly scold me for my little fit I just did.

As I started walking my phone went off. Really, right now? Who could it b-Reggie? Thank god for caller ID.

"What?" I said hastily, "I'm really not in the mood to talk."

"Listen, I think you should go travel to another region, you know, have new adventures and discover new things. I think you really need this, you basically know Sinnoh inside out so there's no sense of discovery anymore."


"I know, you have to stay for your position as Champion, but you can just challenge all the challengers when you come back, there's nothing against that in the rules."


"I know, you don't want to miss the next Masters Tournament. The next one isn't until a year away, so you could go to a new region and train till your hearts desire then come back and take on all the challengers and register in the Masters Tournament. And I know just the region too! It's a new region called Unova and is exceedingly far from here, but is much harder than any other region. It would be fun for you and good for you. Besides, I think you need to get away anyway. The little scene you just caused on TV, yes I watched it, is going to make things really messy."

"Ugh, as much as I hate to admit it, you're right Reggie," I said as I sat down at a near by bench and rubbed my temple.

"Great! Because the first ever flight to Unova takes off tomorrow!" he said happily. Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was probably jumping for joy….like an idiot.

"Fine, but can't I just take my own jet there?"

"No. Unova is a very strict regionand in order to get there you need to fly on their airlines. Besides it will take you at least three days to get there by plane, so I don't think your little jet could hold out for that long."

"WHAT! Three days on a plane?" No way in hell would I sit on a plane for three days, not to mention some stupid airline owned plane. Who knows who I could sit next too….a crying baby or worse some obsessed fan.

"Don't worry this plane is extraordinarily expensive to ride, so there won't be many people on it; it can hold twenty passengers max, not including the people working on it though. Since it's really expensive it comes with many perks. The plane is very large and luxurious and ever has a bar. You'll be fine."

"Whatever…and Reggie?"


"Thanks." Shutting my phone, a smirk was forming on face. Sometimes, Reggie knows me too well and that's when I remind myself why he's my brother. As I walked back to my limo, I pondered what I would encounter in Unova…..