Okay, since this is my first fanfiction, I will tell you that's it's about super smash bros.' Linkx Samus, so I hope u enjoy!

Chapter 1: Invitation

As Link was riding Epona through Hyrule Field on his way back from visiting his close friend princess Zelda and as he was thinking of one of the games he and Zelda used to play when they were younger, he suddenly heard a voice and stopped Epona to see who it was.

"LIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNK" the man in a red hat said as he was running closer to link.

"!" As he turned his horse around to see who called out his name.

"I have some mail for you" the mailman said, taking a package out of his bag and handed it over to link.

As link accepted the package from the mailman, the mailman turned around and ran to deliver some more mail. Link, still in the middle of Hyrule Field decided to wait until he got home in kokiri forest to open his mysterious package. Link now riding at full speed to get back home to open it put the package in Epona's satchel. When he did get home he placed Epona back in her stable to rest from the trip.

As he grabbed his package from Epona's satchel carrying it as he was climbing up the ladder to enter his home. As he placed his package on the table, he sat on his bed for a few minutes before getting up to open his mail.

"Hmm…I wonder what it is" as he opened it only to be looking at a strange contraption.

"What's this" he said trying to figure out what it is.

He placed on the table as he went to get a glass of water when he heard a strange sound. As he turned around in shock, only to find out the contraption has made a small shadowed figure appear put of nowhere.

"Greetings, you have been invited to enter a tournament with eleven other people to test your skills in combat" the mysterious figure said as Link walked over to see what it was that made the figure appear when a bright flash appeared that has blinded Link. As he opened his eyes the Hero of Time found himself with twelve other people. As he was trying to figure out where he was, everyone heard a loud laugh surprising everyone as they turned around only to see a giant glove floating above all of them.

"Greetings and welcome" The glove said to everyone.

"WHERE ARE WE, AND WHO ARE YOU" the fox yelled at the glove trying to get an answer.

"I am Master Hand and as to where we are, we're at one of many arena's you will be fighting at, now if you all don't mind would you please enter this portal so you can enter your new home the Smash Mansion" Master Hand said as he was opening a portal to enter.

"Why are we…"

"Please before asking questions let me show you around and after you have something to eat first" Master Hand Interrupted before the person in the heavy armor finished talking. As Master Hand lead the group through the halls, the final room they visited was the cafeteria. As the new smashers finished their dinner the smashers got to know each other a little except for two that stood out more than the others, and all they got out of the two were their names. Then Master Hand appeared from above and they asked their questions and went to their rooms.