Title: Working With The Enemy

Author: Hope

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Takes place in season three. Spike's back in Sunnydale, insisting on helping the slayer takeout Angelus. Much to everyone's surprise, the unlikely partners begin to bond. S/B

A/N: This basically takes the place of Lover's Walk. Angel is Angelus, decide for yourself why, cause I really don't know.


Chuckling, Spike pressed his foot down on the gas pedal, speeding toward that annoying 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign. It was a tradition with him: Come to the Hellmouth, run over the sign, laugh like an idiot. He smirked when he realized they had stopped posting the population in big red letters. He laughed at the satisfying crunching noise the sign made as he sped over it, spinning to a halt. Opening the door of his DeSoto, he fell to the street, pieces of the splintered wood digging into his hands. His smile turned to a grim frown as he pulled a bottle of brandy from the seat of his car, repeating one name over and over - Dru.


Buffy walked slowly down the dark street, alert to everything around her. For the first time since she had become the slayer, she felt completely alone. With all the dangers surrounding them, Buffy had convinced her friends and her mother to go stay in a nearby town a few days ago, hopefully just until she could eliminate the danger - Angel. No, not Angel. Angel was the sweet, broody vampire she had fallen in love with. Angelus was a cold hearted killer, intent on killing her and anyone she loved. Sighing, she quickened her pace, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Kill him and move on, simple.

But why was it so hard?

Of course he was a challenge when it came to fighting, but that wasn't what was stopping her. What was stopping her was the fact that she loved him and didn't want to loose him. But she didn't have much of a choice in the matter, did she? She hastilly wiped a tear from her eye, refusing to cry again. It didn't help, and more tears began to form. She *would* kill him, no questions asked. Wrapping her arms around her self, she continued walking, in search of her homicidal ex-boyfriend. Halting, she looked around. What was that noise? Crying? Her eyes searched the darkness around her, seeing nothing. Curiousity getting the better of her, she headed in the direction of the sound. She turned the corner and spotted the source of the noise.


The blonde vampire was sitting back against his car, his head burried in his knees. An empty bottle of brandy lay on the ground next to him, surrounded by bits and pieces of the trashed Sunnydale sign.

"Pathetic much?"

Spike looked up, glaring at the smirking slayer. His eyes were red and tears stained his pale features. "Sod off, bitch.."

"For some reason a crying, drunken vampire isn't too intimidating." The slayer replied, spinning a stake between her fingers.

"You're one to talk, look at you." He countered, his voice icy. "You look like someone just ran over you puppy." Buffy made a face, relaxing her hold on the weapon. Spike smirked, climbing to his feet. He stumbled about, nearly loosing his footing and falling back down. He steadied himself on the hood of his car, still smirking at the girl.

"Why are you here?" The slayer asked coldly, placing her hands on her hips.

"To kill your sodding boyfriend. S'is fault Dru left....."

"He's not my boyfriend....." She said quietly, looking to the ground. Spike smirked.

"Seems I'm not the only one with a broken heart, glad to see someone was finally able to inflict some pain on you, even if it wasn't me." The slayer was on him in a second, pressing the stake into his chest as she pinned him to the hood of the car. She pressed down on the stake, just piercing his flesh. He began to laugh like an idiot while she glared at him.

"It's not funny, Spike."

"Course it is, luv." He began laughing again. Rolling her eyes at the drunk, Buffy pushed him away and headed back down the street. "'ey!" Spike took off after her, unable to run in a straight line.

"You're a waste of my time, Spike." She sneered at the vampire who had fallen into step beside her.

"Am not, I can help you kill Peaches." He replied knowingly, a dumb grin still playing on his features.

"Right. The drunk, depressed vampire will be a great help." She exclaimed, waving her hands in the air.

"I don't see your little mates helping you. Where they at anyway? I'm hungry....." He craned his neck, looking around for any of the other scoobies. Buffy halted in front of him and brought her fist to his jaw, sending him sprawling on the concrete. "What the Hell was that for?!" He demanded, climbing shakilly back to his feet.

"You're a fucking waste of space, Spike." She shot coldly, turning to walk away. He rushed in front of her, scowling.

"If I'm that much of a nusance, stake me. Fucking get it over with, Slayer!" He held his arms out to the side, welcoming her to burry her stake in his chest, no opposition. She glared at the vampire for a few moments before pushing past him. He chuckled, following after her. "I'll help you kill the Poof, then I'll leave, got it?"

"I don't need your help." She ground out, speeding up.

"Hmm, considering I'm not seeing a pile of Angel dust on the ground, I'd say you do. Hell, I don't even see a whole Angel. Not too good at tracking, are you pet? "


"Look, I want to kill the wanker just as much as you, so for once would, and only once, trust me. I won't try anything, scout's honor." He smirked, raising his hand.

Buffy continued to scowl, not answering him for a few moments. "Fine. But after this I want you gone. Gone for good, no coming back. Adios."

"I get the picture, Slayer. Gone. Now, seeing as the sun'll be up soon, I'm afraid I have to be going." He began walking backwards toward his car, still smirking. "Pleasure doing business with you." He saluted her before turning and walking back to his car.

"Stupid vampire." Buffy kicked roughly at a rock on the ground before turning and heading home. It was evident that Angel-slayage would have to wait for another night.


Yay. I'm trying for something new. No Spike being head-over-heals in love, just the good old bickering that we all used to love between the pair. Please review :)