Title: Working With The Enemy

Author: Hope

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Takes place in season three. Spike's back in Sunnydale, insisting on helping the slayer takeout Angelus. Much to everyone's surprise, the unlikely partners begin to bond. S/B

A/N: This basically takes the place of Lover's Walk. Angel is Angelus, decide for yourself why, cause I really don't know.


"Hmm, I was rather hoping to perform the ritual on a full stomach but it now seems that won't be possible." The hooded demon looked hungrilly at the child. Buffy stood protectively between him and the monster. Shrugging, the demon held it's hand out. A thin mist surrounded it and when it cleared, the demon grasped a large green orb in it's extended hand.

"What's with the magic act, mate?" Spike asked, looking to Angel.

"Oh I don't know, Hell on earth?" Angel grinned.

"What?!" Buffy shrieked. Spike mearly smirked.

"This just gets better and better don't it?" Buffy scowled, punching the blonde vampire in the arm before readying her blade for battle. "M'kidding, Slayer, don't get your knickers in a bunch."

"There was *so* no bunching, Spike" She shot out, blushing.

"S'matter pet, you're changing colors." Spike smirked, pointing at the blushing girl

"You should see what color she turns when......" Angel started, grinning.

"Do you mind?! I'm trying to work here...." The blue demon snapped, cutting off the vampire. The trio stopped their exchange, looking at the hooded figure. "Thank you." He resumed chanting, causing the orb's colors to seem to spin together.

"Sorry mate, can't let you do that." Spike swung his axe down at the demon, but to his surprise the blue creature managed to snap it in two as he brought it down. "Bugger. Guess we do this the old fashioned way then." Spike shrugged before pummeling the demon in the face with his fist. The demon snarled, dropping the orb and watching as it rolled on the ground.

"Get the orb!!" The hooded creature shouted as Spike took to exchanging blows with him. Angel took off in the direction the orb was rolling in.

"Oh no you don't!!" Buffy screeched, jumping at him. Catching him by his ankles, she forced him to the ground. Growling, he kicked the girl from him. She regained quickly, swinging at the vampire. The two began to exchange vicious blows, both quickly forgetting about the orb.

"Oof, get offa me you wanker!!" Spike growled, tossing the snarling demon from him. The demon hit the wall near Corey, causing the kid's eyes to go wide in horror. Spike sauntered over as the demon rose. "Don't worry, kiddo. Uncle Spikey's got it under control." The kid whimpered, sinking back into the further corner. The blue creature growled and nailed Spike in the face with a claw, causing the blonde to vamp out. Corey let out a startled shriek at the sight of the vampire.

"What's wrong Sweet Heart? You look scared." Angel grinned. He had Buffy pinned against one of the caverns dank walls. The slayer swung her fist at the approaching vampire. He sneered, catching her small fist in his hand. He twisted it violently, grinning at the satisfying pop it made. Buffy's eye filled with tears and she pulled back, still scowling through her impending tears.

"I'm not your Sweet Heart." She ground out, quickly pulling a stake from her coat pocket. The dark haired vampire knocked it from her grasp, sending it to the other end of the cavern. He chuckled, brushing his hand down the side of her face as he pressed his body against hers. She clenched her jaw, glowering at him. Grinning, he pulled a small dagger from his coat and pressed it against her throat. She struggled to get away, but he held her firmly in place.

"Slayer!!" Spike struggled to get free from the demon's grasp, but wasn't having much luck. Much to his surprise, the demon released him, yelping in pain. Looking down, he saw Corey clasped onto the demon's leg, burrying his teeth into his flesh. He chuckled, grabbing the startled monster's head and twisting until he was rewarded with a sharp pop.

"Any last words, Doll?" Angel asked gently, pressing the blade more firmly against her neck. Her eyes floated to where her stake had landed, well out of her reach. He smirked as her cold eyes fell back to his.

"Only one: pockets." He raised an eyebrow in question. "My coat, it has extra pockets." His face went wide with shock.

"Buffy....." She ran her fingers tenderly down his face before he turned to dust, his dagger clattering to the floor. She absently dropped the stake in her hand, sliding to the floor. Clutching her injured wrist to her chest, she stared wide eyed at her ex-lover's ashes.

"Fuck yeah, Slayer! You...." Spike stopped in the middle of his smart-assed comment, looking at the girl on the floor. Her body was rocking back and forth slightly, tears streaming from her eyes. How could someone as powerful as her look so vulnerable, so weak? Corey poked his head around the vampire's leg, looking at the crying blonde. He looked up at Spike, unsure what to do.

"Is she okay?" The child asked, concerned. Spike returned his gaze to the sniffling girl.

"Slayer?" The vampire took a hesitant step towards her, trying to get her attention. "Buffy?" He crouched down, putting a cold hand on her shoulder. She jumped at his touch, finally looking up. "Buffy, pet, let's get the kid back to his parents, ey?" Her wide watery eyes looked away from him and returned to Angel's ashes. "Come on luv, let's go." He grabbed her arm, pulling her gently to her feet. She continued clutching her injured arm as she marched solemnly towards the tunnel, her eyes on the ground.

"Where'd he go?" Corey asked curiously, looking around for Angel.

"Nowhere, now what do you say we get you home?" The boy nodded eagerly at Spike's question. "Alright then, let's go." Spike began to walk after Buffy, the boy on his heals. Buffy didn't speak, she just shuffled along, her eyes not looking up. He decided it best to leave her be.

"You're going to fast!" Corey comlpained, nearly running to keep up. Spike groaned, grabbing the kid and holding him under his arm.

"So, where do you live?" He asked.


"Sunnydale, ey? Well that narrows it down a bit" He replied sarcastically. "Where in Sunnydale?"

"In a house."

"So you live in a house, in Sunnydale." Corey nodded. "Do you associate any numbers with your house?" The kid looked up at him, confused. "An address, do you have an address?" Same blank stare. Great, just bloody great. Spike clenched his jaw, remembering why he hated kids so. "Do you live by any stores? Any buildings? Anything?"

"The park!!" Corey exclaimed happily.


"So which one is it?" Spike asked the kid seated on his shoulders. Corey pointed to a small white house, dropping the doughnut he had in his hand onto Spike's jacket. The kid had thrown a fit about being hungry when they had passed the doughnut shop, forcing them to make a pit stop. Spike scowled, plucking Corey from his shoulders and setting him on the ground. He brushed the powder from the doughnut off. "Good, now let's get you home before I decide I need a bedtime snack." Corey nodded happily, not understanding the blonde's joke.

"Bye Buffy." He rushed over to the sulking girl, hugging her legs. She smiled weakly, watching as Spike walked him up to the front door of his house.

"Mommy!!" Corey squealed in delight, wrapping his arms around the woman who answered the door.

"Oh, my baby..." the woman began to cry, clutching the child. "Where on earth were you?"

"A vampire kidnapped me and was going to feed me to a blue monster who was trying to destroy the world!!" The woman looked up at Spike.

"Kids." Spike exclaimed, chuckling. "Found 'im wonderin' the park."

"Thank you so much, you have no idea how worried I was." The woman finally stood, still holding Corey at her side. "Is there anything I can do for you, anything you want?"

"Nah, I got to get going. S'late. See you 'round kid." Spike put on a fake smile and turned back towards Buffy. His smile faded just as fast as he walked back towards the girl. He hated kids.


Spike stood from the couch, walking over to the door. The doorbell rang again and he pulled the door open, revealing a rather shocked group of slayerettes. Why was he answering the Summer's door? He wasn't invited into the house anymore, so how had he entered? Had he killed the slayer? Giles rushed him, pinning him to a wall. "Where is she?!" Joyce, Willow, and Xander watched from the doorway.

"Bugger off, Watcher. She's asleep upstairs." Willow and Joyce exchanged glances before heading up the stairs to make sure Buffy was alright. Xander remained, watching Giles.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Giles demanded, tightening his grip. Spike sneered, easily pushing the watcher from him.

"She invited me in, you sod. She asked me to stay 'til you lot got back." He scowled marching towards the door. "Pity I won't be around to torture you lot, but I gave her my word. Help her kill Peaches then leave." He was halfway out the door when he halted. "Do me a favor, tell her I said bye." He clenched his jaw before walking out into the night, ready to leave Sunnydale for good.


"Wasn't the point of our ditch-the-slaying-for-one-night-and-come-to-the- Bronze idea to make her feel better?" Xander asked, looking at the sulking Slayer across the room. She was sitting alone at a booth, staring absently at her drink.

Willow sighed, shooting the cue ball across the table with her poolstick. "She's still upset, Xander. Give her time, she'll pull through." He made a face, lining up a shot. He missed.

"But it's been three weeks, plenty of Get-over-dead-boy time." Willow rolled her eyes, returning her focus to their pool game.


Buffy had her eyes focused on the ice cubes in her pop, not acknowledging anything else around her. She felt so empty. So alone. She could feel her eyes water up again and she quickly wiped her tears away, not wanting to cry again.

"S'matter slayer? Miss me that much?" She spun around to see Spike grinning at her.

"What are you doing here? You were supposed to leave...." She tried her best to sound cross, but failed miserably.

"Did leave. Came back too. Now come on." He extended his hand to her, grinning.

"What are you....."

"Being a gentleman, remember? Now stop pouting and come dance with me." She placed her hand hesitantly in his, allowing him to lead her into the crowd. This time she didn't wait for him to pull her towards him and she burried her head in his chest, sniffling. He ran his cool hand through her hair as they swayed to the light beats.


"Yeah pet?"

"Thank you."

"For what, pet?"

"Coming back." He smirked, resting his chin on her head.


"So, I say we march over there and say, 'Buffy, he's dead, get over it.' and then we march her over here to play pool with us." Xander nodded at his brilliant plan.

"I don't think that'll work, Xander." Willow said, looking back to where Buffy had been sitting.

"Why not?" He asked, looking in the direction her eyes were focused in. "Hey? Where'd she go?" His eyes scanned around, falling on the dancing pair. He dropped his pool stick "Is that...oh god......suddenly I *really* wish I was old enough to buy alcohol....."