"Niles Crane, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Niles replied, looking into Daphne's eyes.

"And Daphne Moon, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Oh, I do... with all me heart I do." Daphne replied tearfully.

The minister smiled as they exchanged rings.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Daphne's breath caught in her throat when her new husband held her face in his hands and gave her the sweetest kiss she'd ever known.

"I love you, Daphne." He said, touching his forehead to hers.

Daphne smiled through her tears. "And I love you, Niles."

Daphne woke with a start, her heart beating rapidly. This was the second night in a row that she'd had this dream.

But why?

And then she remembered...

It was still so hard to believe. After all of this time, Niles actually told her that he loved her. And the funny thing was that she never saw it coming. However when it

happened, it was the most amazing feeling ever; knowing that he loved her. He was the sweetest, most wonderful man and she loved him with all of her heart.

She slipped out of bed and put on her robe and slippers, humming to herself as she padded into the living room to make breakfast for Dr. Crane and his father.

"Good morning, Dr. Crane! Mr. Crane!" Daphne said, unable to stop smiling.

"Well! You're certainly in a good mood this morning!" Martin said as he sat down at the table with the latest issue of the Seattle Times.

"I quite agree." Frasier said. "To what do we owe this happiness? Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain brother of mine, would it?"

Daphne's cheeks flushed at the comment. "Dr Crane, really!"

The doorbell rang, causing Daphne's heart to skip a beat.

"Hmm... I wonder who that could be." Frasier said with a smile.

"I'll get it." Daphne said. She ran to the door and opened it; her heart melting at the sight.

"Niles." She said, suddenly feeling like a schoolgirl in Manchester.

"Hello, Daphne."

He was devastatingly handsome; dressed head to toe in white.

"I just stopped by to see if I could interest Frasier in a rousing game of squash."

"I'd love to, dear brother but I'm afraid I have an early meeting at the station." Frasier said.

"Oh, well. Perhaps later?" Niles asked.

"That sounds like a fine idea." Frasier said. "After this meeting, I'll be itching to hit something against a wall...

probably my head!"

Niles laughed. "Meet you at the Seattle Athletic club around 6?"

"Splendid." Frasier replied.

"Well, I should probably be going." Niles said. He smiled at Daphne and leaned in to kiss her.

Overcome with love for him, Daphne wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Suddenly, she remembered that they weren't alone, and pulled away

from Niles.

"No need to stop." Frasier said with a grin. "Daphne told us about your date, Niles."

Niles looked at his brother in shock. "Oh. Well, Frasier I can explain. You see, I-."

"I'm happy for you, Niles. I really am." Frasier said.

"Really? Well, thank you, Frasier." Niles said as he reached out to shake his brother's hand.

"I'm happy for you too, Daphne; both of you." Frasier said.

Daphne smiled and went to hug Frasier. "Oh, thank you, Dr. Crane. You can't know how much that means to me."

"Oh, I have a pretty good idea." Martin said.

"I'll see you later?" Niles asked Daphne.

"I can't wait." Daphne replied, kissing him a second time.

When the door closed, she turned around; blissfully unaware that Frasier and Martin were smiling at her.